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  1. would be nice to see one of the devs post here to show that they atleast give a #!@$, haven't seen them post or share their opinions for a while now....
  2. diablo 3 did the same , 2x legendary event , people got used to the loot and couldn't be satisfied with any less so the devs had to leave it in. lets just hope trendy is smart enough to do the same.
  3. Or increase it to 8. nah just remove it please. XD
  4. you can report a bug without to be harsh. and without insulting every trendy dev. the most threads are just complaining without any constructive criticism. that dont help everyone. who said anything about bugs or insulting the devs? let me give you an example : they replaced the tib with the scavenger , a person who does less than the tib ever did. and they expect us to be lab rats and test it and get frustrated on the way. so we did and we gave our honest opinions about it.. can you blame us for doing that? its not that we are harsh , its that the scavenger is just that bad.
  5. do you think a problem with 1-5 people complaining about will receive the same treatment as a problem with 100 people complaining? trendy always have a priority list, if we dont show them what frustrate most of us it won't be fixed any time soon. and whats going on the forum right now only shows how bad things are and how fast these problems need to be addressed.
  6. ye i guess its time to take a break , been playing all day yesterday but after the hotfix i just can't bother anymore. oh well...time to go play some metal gear i guess
  7. they either make it to op or utterly useless.... how about somewhere in the middle eh trendy?
  8. you forget to mention that stupid useless scavenger.
  9. the idea is so bad , whoever thought of it should be fired....
  10. how can they screw so many things up at once is beyond me.....please remove the alpha and put back the pre alpha text . things right now feels worst hen they were before.
  11. i can't bring my self to like the hero deck , 400 hours on dd2 , i lived with it, tried to understand it, thought of ways to make it work but at the end , seems like the best solution for me is have it removed. i like to spend time creating so many character's each one to fulfill his own role, having a limit of 4 hero's active while having so many hero slots seems just absurd to me. so what the plan here? keep increasing the hero deck every time a new hero is introduced just because 1 class will be most likely left out permanently because he just does not cut it?
  12. ye i agree , i don't understand why they made easy mod easy , they should stop balancing nightmare and focus on easy difficulty instead.
  13. oh okay , that's good to hear.
  14. please tell me this is not legacy gear all over again....
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