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  1. Good morning ladies, me and some friends planning a LAN party for the upcoming weekend and we were looking for games up to 6-8 players which can be played in network. Yesterday I found the Karathiki Jungle Mission Pack and was wondering, if it is possible to play the game without any internet connection? Any experience?
  2. any official statement? (Had the same issue yesterday but today it seems to work)
  3. Hello Dungeon Defenders Community, yesterday we (sister, brother, me) started playing Dungeon Defenders on PC and today I already have the first question. We only have bought the basic version of the game and we are already afraid of finishing it during the next days. So which are the 3 best mission packs? THX :skeleton:
  4. Morning Ladies, question is easy. What is the maximum amount of mana my char can hold? THX and have nice start into the week. Zentriefugal [XBOX Gamertag]
  5. I promise you, we're more interested in the patches that fix issues than we are in paid DLC that you are working on. Please get the game we paid for working *as advertised first. Is there a list of the issues? We've played for the whole last week, raised 2 Level 70 chars but didn't found any problems.
  6. Trap hunter: Max trap HP max Trap dam max Trap range then 50/40 or 40/50 - however u want, the in cast time / reset rate 50/40... 40/50... 50/50... what exactly do those numbers mean? And how much is max? :) Sorry but I am absolutly new with this game. THX Zentrie
  7. Hey guys, first of all... this forum needs a class area :) Ok, now to my question. What are the main attributes to skill a trapper? Last night I tried to build a bow dps huntress but it faild completely and could not even pass the second dungeon on easy. No I want to try a trapper but I am not sure of the game mechanics and what to raise. Is it useful to increase the raius of my traps? I mean, dosen't this cause chain reaction? Or let's take the explosion trap, if it only triggers as someones stumbles in its area, why the hell increase it? And how about the trap charges, how many should I have? It would be nice to get help from some adept Huntress. THX Zentrie
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