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  1. if you want to see the gilded max stats, do the following: 1. take the shard WITHOUT upgrades 2. go to the upgrade menu and look how much you gain for upgrading it 1 level 3. now look how much you would get for maxing out. 4. add 4 times the amount of point 2 (what you get for 1 lvl) to the max value. 5. done. in general: shard with low amounts of upgrade lvl benefit more from gilding than the ones with high amounts, since it is always 4 extra lvl. 14 instead of 10 is more of % bonus then 28 instead of 24.
  2. what do you mean? that would be 30 shard packs á 5 shards = 150 shards! didnt you pray to RNGsus?
  3. Its a new week and another group of drakenlord weapons have no frost dmg on the secondary attack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcJmk6W-YnE (video of juicebags showing the new weapons for this week) affected heros: monk, mystic and abyss lord (no frost dmg on primary attack aswell). this really sucks for all 3 of them. monk and mystic are only "halfmelee" and die really quickly when going melee into huge groups. denying the AL frost dmg completly makes the drakenlord weapon 100% useless on him. pls fix! (and pls fix now, because im still waiting for my broken canister -.-)
  4. Whats the point of fissures, if the only thing that made them unique/useable gets removed? i am a flame aura user and the only things that made fissures good, was slightly higher range and stacking. i was never a big lavamancer user and after this update i wont become 1 in the near future.
  5. i think its fine, that good mods arent a lottery anymore. and that grinding now finally gives you results. my problem is, that 8/10 and 9/10 are now completly pointless. there is no benefit to reroll them compared to 1/10 and 2/10. but you want 10/10 aynways. collecting a 8/10 tenacity will become the same as collecting a 2/10. you will reroll both anyways, so there is basically no diffference in value. i would really like to see a % bonus chance for rerolling 9/10 mods to become10/10.
  6. Hey, i saw the dev stream and the new way to reroll mods. 1 question: does it matter which quality the mod had before? it seems to be a bit unfair, if the chance of getting a perfect tenacity is the same, when the mod was 1/10 or 9/10 before.
  7. with nuke monk, i can kill them in 1 hit. that wasnt the issue of the thread. it was about the limitation of heros dealing with rollers. the adept has no way other then autoattacking the roller, while her bubble doesnt even work against rockets. the thread isnt about crying that i cant kill rollers. i have no problem with that on my favs. it was about the design choice to make a) rollers who counter defenses, also able to do high dmg to heros in higher onslaught. b) not giving every hero a tool for rollers. and yes, normally i use barb against everything and it works, bc barb op. but when i try to switch things up and adept fails so hard, it is quiet frustrating.
  8. you mean using barb? he can tank and kill basically every ground mob and is immune to assassines too. he scale amazingly with HD and AP, while having a super good hero health conversion. im not saying the adept should be as good as op barb, i just want her to do serios ap dmg to rollers, while her bubble does what it is supposed to do: "Creates a pulsing shield that reflects all enemy projectiles and periodically stuns all enemies within."
  9. yeah, the thread isnt really to call rollers stupidly overpowered monsters that ruin the game. its more like they are annoying without reason and playing against them is antifun. the rockets arent needed at all. rollers have their role in game without dealing stupidly high dmg to heros, forcing them to run like chickens to dodge dmg. but the worst is just forcing you to swap. i really want to play some adept, but in the end, you just swap back to barb or GW to kill bosses. i really dislike that. rollers already keeping me away from afk farming. but then they even limit my choice of heros. ap adept doesnt work at all and in higher onslaught other squichy heros become not viable too. why would i risk dying to rockets or assassines, when i just can play barb, who counters all and everything. And yes, of course you are right. with the right hero, rollers are a piece of cake. and when i use "the right hero" aka monk, AL, GW, barb, etc it is really easy. i just want to say, forcing me to use heros (sometimes you really cant place a tower behind them) and then limiting my choice too, is a bit too much.
  10. 1. the rockets do dmg, just take a standart c7 squichy hero (huntress, eve, apprentice) and take 2 waves to the face. its is some dmg, but it becomes even more in higher onslaught. most high rollers lanes are just aweful to play against. your dps hero has 350k hp, but 1 rollers does 200k and there are 4 of them. ofc it becomes a piece of cake, once you get a barb. but forcing you to play special classes just for 1 type of boss isnt a good feel. 2. i know, that most heros have tools for rollers. i just take my monk, press 3, press x for pet, roller gone. my point was about heros like adept when played as ability power heros. where your primary attacks wont do much dmg, but your high power abilities dont count as weakpoint hit. so all you can do is swap, which sucks tbh.
  11. hi everyone, i play dd2 most of the time as an activity alongside studying. my main complain (aside of defense rate drop chance!!!) is the roller issue. whats wrong with them? 1. the rockets haunt you across the map for no reason. really across the whole map! 2. rockets do too much dmg in c7, but in onslaught at higher floors it becomes laughable. wanna fix a lane or got a steam message from a friend? well, your squichy dps is now dead. the dmg of those stupid rockets way too high. 200k+ dmg from 1 barrage of rockets from 1 roller even before floor 100? total bs. i thought the rollers are anti defense, not anti hero? just cut the dmg by 90%. yes, just do it. the identity of rollers isnt hero killing at all, that is the job of assassines. 3. the adept´s bubble does not reflect rockets. yes, they go straight through, doing full dmg. 4. speaking of the adept: what should an ability power adept do against a roller? nothing does dmg. solution: every form of dmg does full dmg (or more), when the cursor is on the weakspot of the rollers. i just blasted your stupid engine with arcane lightning. game over for you. tldr: the roller is way too good against heros, when it is already too good against defenses. nerfing the rocket dmg by a lot would fix it. have a nice day :) ps1.: please dont tell me that bosses are too weak. bastille master and rollers are way too strong, while the rest is just lackluster. ask yourself: how often did you lose bc of bastille master or rollers? and how often to all other bosses combined (ok, chaos 4 boss is strong too)? most of my builds are medium aoe dmg on long paths builds, but i cant even remember the last time i lost to a tuskar, whos hp regen is supposed to be good against that. ps2.: yes, i know you can dodge rockets by moving or just use tank class, but a: its a loot game which should not require 100% of your attention just to react to 1 type of boss, and b: a game should not dictate your hero choice. have you tried playing huntress or eve on floor 70+ with 3 headstrong assasines on your a...? i mean, i use barb a lot. but sometimes i just wanna use a squichy class without getting deleted by rollers, etc.
  12. i got the same with a perfect piecer. i mean its not as wanted as tena, but hey .. but then i realized, thats a canister :((
  13. wonderful piece of art! yes, i can agree that the projectile speed is way to slow. this or the glacier projectile could explode where the initial target died, to provide some aoe dmg against following air units.
  14. i am pretty sure, cannon ogre gets completly reflected by reflect beam. its a hardcounter to them, just like to sniper and quibly. but keep in mind: 1. if the cannon ogre is phased, the barricade wont take aggro and the ogre will run through. solution: place some bait behind the reflect beam. 2. if it is a double lane, there is a chance of getting cybork bosses, who will disable your beams :( in general, cannon ogre insta kill most heros and towers, but they take down highend barricades rather slow. so if they dont have have any mutators like phased, wall leach or vampiric, you will be fine just using a barricade with protective downgrade. (but i just played to floor 82)
  15. i have 3 defense rate shards on my account. 1. dropped randomly when shards were introduced 2. random from a onslaught win 3. the only 1 i grinded for: me (51500+ relics, etc) destroying C4. i won 27 matches in row, yes 27! with winbonus and dusting i opened 55 C4 packs. in the 54th was the 1 rate shard. please tell me how a new player should find motivation to do stuff like this?!
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