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  1. I'm sorry Trendy but I have to go.  I wish it had not come to this but you've left me no choice.  Reskin on old maps is fine.  Even the inception of mobs into the game that could disable or cripple defenses was tolerable.  Continually implementing systems and drastically changing how things work about once a year I guess is ok....to a degree.  Moving forward with a game changing mechanic even though you know it doesn't work as intended (diminishing returns on stuns) was borderline.  But I regret to say that after 3400+hours I've finally had it.  You have found yet another way to sell the idea that disabling defenses is an amazing thing to offer through the dragon encounter in Drakenfrost.  I'll be the one to say it...we're sick of finding workarounds to make the cornerstone of the game (towers, traps and auras) work.   My combat phase has evolved into running around making sure defenses aren't borked and frozen into a game losing state instead of slaying masses of mobs.  Bummer.

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