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  1. My friend joined a random NM4 game and this happened:
  2. It would be much easier to acquire the required specialized gear for end game content if, for each hero, the ideal item passives were tied to the ideal item stats. For example, for squire the hearty blockade passive should be tied to hero health. Purge evil should be tied to defense power with monk. This way the two ideal stats will always drop together on the same item.
  3. I don't think the ability to reroll pets is a very good idea. You said you wanted pets to be about finding the perfect pets. However, with the ability to reroll pets, there's no longer much of an incentive to continue that search for a long period of time — to keep searching and searching until you finally get that one amazing pet that perfectly suits your build and looks badass. You can simply take a close-but-no-cigar type of pet and reroll its stats, and you have your perfect pet. I think it's like cheating, and doesn't uphold that original vision very well.
  4. Trading is a major social component of many games. It can singlehandedly keep people playing for much, much longer than they otherwise would, and help to make the game more dynamic and feel less empty after you've burned through all that "amazing content." The experience of getting a cool item that you might not need yourself but you know you could make a good profit off of it if you sold it, and then the adventure of finding someone who is a willing buyer, haggling and bantering your prices with the goal of maximizing your profit, and then hopefully coming away with a smile on your face after
  5. I was writing a long post about feedback in the Feedback forum, and when I hit submit I got a screen saying I don't have permission to view the page, and when I clicked back it prompted me to log in again. Needless to say I lost all that writing. I know I was logged in when I started writing the thread because I got my daily influence. Also, sometimes when friends link me threads in the forums, the website brings me to the front page, not actually to the thread, and I have to click the link again. Overall the website seems generally buggy and badly coded. Please fix.
  6. Biglulu

    LSA visuals

    I agree that it feels like the LSA sits there quietly dealing death. It's horrible for nausea. Lightning bolt visuals? Hmm... not sure if you can request that as HBWR is natural and you can either get lucky or very unlucky with how much the LSA does coause random potency. You're getting hit by the LSA. Just don't worry about it and take LSD from now on
  7. Hello. I am level 20 and I played a Nightmare mode game with a friend and received a weapon drop with item power of over 241. I can't equip the weapon. So do I still qualify for the exclusive weapon reward that is being offered? @i_pass_butter @iamison Thank you.
  8. Honestly I think this should be stickied. There are so many people just whining about the wipe without understanding the point of the alpha right now. People need to take a step back and realize that this is not a finished game. Those hundred of hours people complain about losing were to test the game, not to progress in it.
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