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  1. please remove difficulty from game so i can sleep and win
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000030568/screenshot/631856881934384999?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000030568/screenshot/631856881934380432?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000030568/screenshot/631856881934390214?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000030568/screenshot/631856881934395328?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000030568/screenshot/631856881934401361?tab=public add me on steam if ur interested in any X_GoD_X
  3. looking for 40ms worth each slot really otherwise its worth just asking friends to hold giraffe for us
  4. flaming..lol was stating fact ur guys arnt clever. See how u wanna see it, cuz u do it to make mana+item yet u can make 4x the ammount what u make now. With just pluggin a controller in ur computer and sell the girafs on the forums instead of spots and i farm hard mostly tryed insae twice it aint hard it just repair fest but twice my steam crashed at 18 and 21. And if u call this flaming/trolling guess u never been on many forums.... uve got to wave 18 and 21 and ur telling us what to do? i can afk to wave 21 and i still fail this run almost everytime when im paying attention. infact we h
  5. ppl who sell this spots are stupid. Just hook up xbox controller/gamepad and add 3 characters from ur account and voila u have 4 insae pets keep killing the market with flooding pets.... I get 4 giraffs doing 1 run and i am not selling spots and make more mana from 1 giraff then i can get from selling 3 spots... So have fun ****ing urself over what the hell are u even doing in this thread stop flaming and wasting every1s time and get out.
  6. would be nice if u had a bit for services too and a filter for slots like a numper and ^ or a number and V
  7. lmk if u need this X_GoD_X is my steam add me if u need me
  8. pretty sure i got an a good leather chest with 9td and 20 ups could check if u want add me to steam X_GoD_X
  9. to many pages to read it all so i dunno if these things have been suggested but i will say them anyway 1, should have in filters tiers of weapons/armous also the type of armous plate/mail ect.. 2, should have stats all in same place and just have 0's under the 1s it doesnt have this way u can scan up the list and look at the specific stats ur after other then this, it is a really good idea just need ppl to use it
  10. wow holy crap thats a good pet if that wasnt in shop i definitly woulda thought was hackd gl selling it
  11. somehow i was thinking this would be perfect towers got all excited X_X
  12. needs 12 ^ to be good for traps and it doesntr really have good tower stats either as u can get 10-12 on all 4 towers if u dont care what guardian it is
  13. HAHHAHAHAHA.. mana dupers gonna dupe. yea sigh but tbh no1 has done this b4 its worth atleast 40m imo
  14. both sold for 40m each ill let u know if i actually finish it and put up the pic of my giraffe lols
  15. upto wave 20 atm will take me roughly 3 hrs more taking offers atm i think only 1 is available atm as sum1 has offerd me 45m for the other but are afk will get back to you about this so currently selling 1 slot nothing under 30m if over 30m would prefer items
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