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  1. Recently came back to the game after awhile. In the lobby there are people with blue/pink orbs shields around them, almost appears like a force field. What the heck is that?
  2. What I'm saying about increasing level cap, keep the lv50 requirement for end game, yet make it to where after level 50 grinding for a level there on out is harder and you get a few stat points per level from 50+ (not nearly as much as you get them leveling to 50 though)... So it makes it to grinding past 50 optional, yet not too op. That seems fairly simple enough yet requires nothing complicated like introducing a prestige system... Honestly I'm tired just going after gear, boring AF, I liked DD1 because most of your stats depended on your char, and having well equiped armor with it was a huge bonus, now its 100% reliant on gear and the IPWR system (which I hate)... for so many reasons. I honestly think DD1 is still 3x more of a game than DD2. I wish I never played DD2 because it makes DD1 look god ugly. That is the only thing with DD1 besides its hacked lobbys and endgame play when you're instantly killing everything. Just my opinion though.
  3. I HATE that this timer runs through build time. Does not allow you to have enough to to maintain all lanes, upgrades, and continue and doing this in a lobby frustrates me because people fail to grasp that when that timer goes out, its automatic loss... and I don't know how they expect me to finish waves in a few mins or less each. If it paused during build phase, I could live with it. I like they are challenging us, but combining timer with build & combat phase just aggravates me.
  4. No, absolutely not. The last thing the game needs is for all the heroes to have the same dps. They fill different roles. Squire is a tank. Huntress is sustained single target with cc and a burst line attack. Apprentice *should* be primarily aoe burst through his abilities. I don't have a geared dps apprentice to check that, just going off how his kit seems and his passives. If he is just a weaker version of the huntress, I'd hope they change that with the revamp/bandaid buff that's coming. Monk is, like the huntress, more of a jack of all trades. He has melee and ranged attacks. His kit has a knock up, a knock back, and an aoe buff/heal. So, dps wise it should probably go Huntress/Monk > Apprentice > Squire. Burst damage should be Apprentice >>> Huntress > Monk > Squire. I see what you are saying... I'm skeptical though... Seems like building a dps monk or apprentice is a waste of time, not even worth it, just use them as builders, thats if you dont have any new characters... I find that my abyslord, ev2, and my squire to build nm4, everything else (monk, huntress, apprentice) isn't even worth my time anymore. Ev2 replaces the both huntress and apprentice roles (freezes enemies and dps) and abyslord replaces monk (for the most part) for AA and dps, monks lightning auras and AA's arnt even used anymore because of how bad they are... I rarely see Idel Flow & Purge Evil Sentry Aruas used... and I only see boost auras used to increase blockade health or boost skeletal archers...thats it... So a dps monk is < A dps Ev2 So a dps huntress is < A dps Ev2 So a frosty Apprentice is less than < A properly built defence Ev2 And squires... Well... I never see them play their tank role or out in action... They are wall builders... and that is their only role in end game it seems... I have a Ev2 Builders and a dps Ev2, and I have a Abyslord builder and almost have another one for ability power... As I have seen... Squire, Ev2, and Abyslord is all I have used in end game NM4, and as of the moment... I find the rest of the characters unimportant or worth any more of my time. You can try to justify roles, but in the end, the monks/huntress/apprentice roles, it seems to me (in my opinion) is not even valuable compared to the new character's roles.
  5. I feel that having a level cap in general makes the game seem like it has an end... I don't see the point of playing when you are equipped with full out legendary gear, have the new heroes, and playing any map... The game lost purpose... NM4 eventually becomes easier/boring because you hit a dead end. And leveling is boring? Lol I loved DD1, never got tired of leveling my hero and my gear! Now it just getting legendarys with just the right stats after grinding for hours and hours... Now thats boring sir... Just my opinion. But yes, they need to add new and more challenges, and i feel that putting on caps to keep things "balanced" is a joke. Nothing in this game so far is balanced. Example: Dps Squire Vs Dps Huntress, Apprentice, Monk ... Huntress wins... If things were truely balanced, any dps build should be equal to another... but it isnt... And it seems to me the new heroes just through and shook the balance off even more. They seemed to be trying to maintain balance in the game and saying they were trying to keep balance but with every update, I just don't see it yet. Alpha I know, been playing since early access when the cap was only level 25... 317 Hours played total. I'm at the end of the road on NM4 running out of things to do but help other players get nm4 gear... I liked DD1 because you could just go on and on, seemed like there wasnt an end... I made it to level 73 there... I wasn't quite sure there was a level cap. And to the playing the same maps over and over... They do need to fix that... They need to add a way to were players can't just spam kill a boss for 2 or 3 hours to get from 0-50 in one day. I think they should increase XP rates on NM end game modes because you need be level 50 to play those maps anyways and its more of a challenge than spam killing a boss on normal/easy :P Again, the game does need major reworks... and I feel that restraining players isn't a way to go.. I feel like I practically beat the game... and I love this game too much to simply quit on it yet it is hard for me to keep playing without a purpose.
  6. No. We have the majority of DD1 players who are quitting, and the majority of new players who quit almost immediately... You just don't see the massive amount of new players who don't stick because they don't care about this game and never talk about it. I have talked to several fairly new players in game.. not on the forums... In game there is a lot of hate in the chat sometimes...
  7. I couldn't agree more with gigazelle. Covered everything, all my opinions... Some of this stuff pointed out was a problem since early access before the character wipe. To the heroes price.. I have to say... If a player wants to do this 100% legit, its a huge turn down... Looking at a months work of quests and grinding, pointless and boring if you are just going to do the same for every single one of them. I have played nearly 300 hours... I read the majority of the comments... and I do have to say... Some people here haven't been playing nearly as long as the the original poster (gigazelle) or currently as old as the several defense counsels. I discourage those who are complaining when they are fairly new, and they have no idea what early access was like... Don't get me wrong, it has improved a lot. But Trendy asked for the defense counsels feedback, they asked for ours, and we are giving it, but I myself personally feel ignored. I don't expect issues to be fixed over night. I like to view myself pretty patient. I have coped with Trendy's decisions, like or dislike, and stuck with them. I can't force myself to play the game anymore, and pay for features that I can find in cheaper and more completed games. Now what really gets me is that several points are pointed out repeatedly and they have been set aside for so long, some perhaps too long. Theres some that are minor, some moderate, some even major. Even on dev streams, I noticed they barely mention or barely point out bugs people are talking about, and said they would fix soon, and it feels like many weeks or months later till it is actually fixed. Many defense counsel players don't even play anymore... Even myself (I'd say just short of 2 years) have been playing this game based off of future hope and development of the game. Many of us have been supporting Trendy for ages (Bought DD1, Early Access, Skins, Extra Bags).Now why are the majority of the experienced DD1 players and defense counsels not playing the game as much, or at all? We have experienced players on one side going "meh" but one side (which the majority haven't even thoroughly played DD1 or reached NM4 Yet) going "whats wrong?" and very quick to back Trendy. Yet vice versa also, I notice several complaints from new players who haven't even scratched the surface of the game. I really think they should reconsider where the game is heading, perhaps make it more strategic and not strength vs strength, perhaps remove the level cap or extend it, because I feel the recent releases of new maps, some new gear here and there, and more heroes, able to level all heroes at once (Very Pointless For Experienced Players), and not to mention that after NM4, you sir are in a loop hole of doing the same thing over, and over, for no point at all, whereas to DD1 the game progressed with you with no limitation really (to a certain point it turns over really OP). Are new maps, a few cool items, and pointless xp gains for maxed out level 50 heroes, new heroes that eat your wallet or spend forever grinding for outweighing the negative effects that its having on several people? How many people have actually been playing this game ever since it was released? How many people here claim that grinding for gear or for new heroes for hours on end are out there right now doing just that? Perhaps I'm being a bit biased here. This wall of Text here is merely observation and opinions I've held back for quite some time now. I honestly can't wait till the full game comes out. I bet spending many hours playing this game, and being here with DD2 and Trendy since its very beginning will pay off eventually. Although I might be upset with decisions they make, and may have different opinions then several people in the community and Trendy itself. I have been supporting and been loyal to Trendy since they released DD1 on xbox360 despite on some things I Have commented before. But I honestly, I currently can't force myself to play DD2 at its current state. Yet my opinions on the subject are biased. I love Trendy and Dungeon Defenders... I have nothing held or against any players or Trendy for that matter... And I'll stick around here and there to see if things get better or not... I'm sure they will over time...
  8. Playing the PS4 in general, not the DD2 version
  9. I've played countless hours of DD1 on xbox360 for as long as I can remember. I always felt that I was being awarded for the time I put into it... I have 266 hours logged into DD2... I feel like I am just repeating the same thing over... There isn't a point. Leveling heros all at once, XP gaines for every level 50 character you have in your deck... All great... But I did that before that even came out. I have been playing NM3 for so long now, unable to find a lobby or progress into NM4. What happens when I finally do? What is the point in playing when I know I'm as strong as I'm every going to get? For new characters? For better pets? Around 100 hours I have lost point in the game... I would have, and willing to put more hours into the game if I felt that I was progressing. I still find joy in the original, but after playing DD2 and after playing on PS4 for awhile now, the graphics are a turn down, and the lobbys are either dead or modded... It would mean a lot if you guys added something besides more gear/maps/characters and leveling faster... I feel like once you hit 50 and NM3 and NM4, the game lose meaning and gets boring fast... In the mean time, I'm going to go find another game to play, I can no longer force myself to play currently. I think the Level Cap and other things needs another look... Other players probably made this suggestion, didn't really look. Hope you consider. Nice characters and maps though... Wish I had meaning to play them :P
  10. They won't. They done f'ed up mate.. On their dev stream, they talked about replacing it with more stats... lfmao. Nothing can replace defence speed...
  11. Also, I'd write this thread off. Defense speed is written off by Trendy as it seems. Watch their latest dev stream. Its as if they don't care that its gone. (because they don't) Good game... (not)
  12. I see you're still stuck in the "spam lightning auras" mode for lanes. Skyguards work wonders for her. 4 skyguards on the two stumps in front of her, fully upgraded kill her in a few seconds on campaign. Lanes you're going to have to use something else with your LA's. No wonder you're having a hard time if you think you're going to win with just lightning auras. He said 5 lightning towers. He's not just using lightning auras. He's comparing how weak and useless they are compared to other defenses.
  13. Before: Boom boom boom boom booom, Yey fun! After: Boom *waits* .... *blockade dies* .... Boom Just kidding, Lol. Over exaggeratinga lot. But still, its ridiculous on how slow they are.
  14. Half of us want it back, 1/4 of us don't want it back, 1/4 of us don't care. Split community. Gotta love it.
  15. Personally... After deciding for a few days...and making it to level 33 on my squire. I have decided to quit dd2 and spend my time else where. It simply isn't worth my time. I spent 90 hours on the patch before this, and 16 hours on this one. I don't enjoy it. Too much running around, and whacking and slashing. I'll keep in mind its pre-alpha and things can change. As in the mean time, I'm kissing it goodbye till things are fixed (if they are). *heads off for dd1*
  16. Not everyone likes the same things you like. I LIKED having heavy defenses at the cost of player DPS. I don't want to run around like an a-hole trying to catch kobolds before they blow up my barriers. So, please, don't tell other people how they should enjoy the game. Some people want to be Theodin and others want to be William Wallace. Neither playstyle is "correct" and the game should accommodate both. The exact same thing could be said to you guys, your doing the exact same thing. I'm following what the devs gives us, but you guys on the contrary just complain and want it redone. On the contrary, Some of us are not complaining. We just are simply suggesting an old stat back, and it doesn't have to be "redone". In my honest opinion, we have to FOLLOW what the devs give us, we don't have much choice. And It looks like the community is greatly split on opinions for this article. I'm wondering if trendy has even read anything, or looking for more people to post here, before replying officially. Like "We have taken consideration of adding it back" or "We are not adding it back" But whatever. Most people from DD1, Tower defense was fun. It is not fun when you have to go around whacking and slashing all over the map because your towers don't do crap. I might as well go play a MMO RPG game like Terra or Rift, if I wanted that. I'm just asking for a tower fix, not running all over like a mad man. It is truly killing the meaning of Tower Defense in my opinion. So, I'm highly considering about going back to DD1 till this is fixed. If it isnt, I can kiss dd2 goodbye, the original is still better in my opinion.
  17. Lot of thought was taken place. And I agree. I don't think the Devs will add defense speed back. But... If you think about it. It shouldn't break anything to what they have done to rid of it. Defense speed still exists with spheres, so I assume another wipe wouldn't be required. However... I do agree with you that they probably won't admit they made a mistake.
  18. I'm going to keep boosting this thread. Idc. It was a good aspect to the game.. So... if you are considering posting a comment, I'd suggest you to read ALL of the comments.
  19. Um, how exactly are you playing? I'm playing solo with a builder huntress and it would be impossible to defend most maps if my defenses didn't kill most of the enemies. In ramparts (campaign normal) I even failed once because the lady orc minibosses marched over my poorly built defenses. I adjusted my strategy and was victorious. I assure you, defenses are still doing the majority of the work. I had no problem in campaign. Its afterwords when I have issues. Once you start free play, its unreal. I see onslaught and end game pretty near impossible to complete, without being completely maxed out in level, and gear. Oh by the way. The gear i've seen when im level 30, to upgrade...isn't even in the 20's anymore. Most are level 5. How in the world are you going to get anywhere with that?
  20. *Sigh* Defense Speed. One of the most loved stat in the game. Is gone... Pretty much. Question: Is this even a tower defense game anymore? It seems more like Hack and Slash to me. You remove one of the most important aspects of the towers. Speed. This alone killed the game for me. Not to mention your combos you spent so much work on, is now worthless, due to this nerf. I feel that towers are just a small minority and inconvenience to mobs now. The aspect of the game has drifted away from Towers. As it so seems. Towards to Heroes [Hack & Slash] Which for me, isnt even close to being fun for me. So... My review on this patch: And I know its pre alpha... But its my review and I'll continue to be patient Pros: New difficulties Level cap 50Pets4 cards in hero deckI for inventoryImproved match makingCons: Not a fan of the loot system yetGold is hard to getMight as well get rid of towers and just get blockades'Archer and Wizard class is so weak now... Its unreal.Got wiped for this crap.Spent 100 hours on this game for pretty much nothing So as for me. I'm just hacking away through the 30's now, hoping what I'm doing now will benefit me at all in the future. Good Game Trendy... Take a look at DD1 for inspiration please.
  21. "The new update has been sent out to everyone, but the game team is still doing some testing before flipping the switch. I'll update the stickied thread when the game is available for you to get your eyeballs and fingers on. Keep in mind that, if the game switch is flipped today, there may be additional patches today as we continue to roll out the rest of the Loot & Survive update. Soon, Defenders. Soon." Soon? I been refreshing this page non stop for nearly 8 hours! Ah the torture!
  22. Well, I just bought dd2...I was greatly impressed...until I ran out of maps to play 12 hours later...  So my suggestion? More maps: My idea on how it would work The first map list took me from level 0-22, and the 2nd map list took me to 22-25... So..I was thinking was... the first map takes you to 0-25 right? Well...too keep players playing and entertained... would a map list for people level 25+-50 be a good idea? Also..I had this idea about bonus maps... like... the original dd1. But...I think it should be unlocked with gold on something. Idk... But... Amazing game for pre-alpha! I just hope you guys do add more features to keep players playing though! It feels like I already did everything :(
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