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  1. And that summon can be ANYWHERE on the map. Hell I had a game tonight where he summoned his skellies right on top of the core. Never stood a chance. That's some bull crap there.
  2. See, that's the bull crap part of this. In Chaos 1 Mastery: Gear is gimped to PRE Chaos 1 levels. Why call it Chaos 1 Mastery if you can't use Chaos 1 gear? You have to be 550 to get out of Chaos 1. My heros average 1800, but in Chaos 1 Mastery because of the massive nerfing of gear, they come out at 400ish. So basically your gear is reduced to useless, pre-Chaos crap.It's at the point where I'm not even shooting for multiple stars. I just want to finish the map. So I break all the rules and still can't get there simply because my gear is so heavily nerfed.You have to get hyper shards from Chaos levels beyond Chaos 1 to stand a chance, and even then it is iffy given some of the absolutely wonky requirements and size of the maps.Keep going to other maps doesn't work because they all suffer from the same issues... namely your gear being reduced to nothing, and then some are the size of Russia.Keep in mind people don't all play the same platform. Some of these objectives are just not possible on console... and given that PC to console sync isn't a thing, it makes some of these objectives unobtainable.There are no public Mastery games. I check every night before making my lonely solo game. These levels are too heavily weighted towards multiplayer games. Given there are no multiplayer games, what's the point of that?Hell, most nights there are no games in Chaos at all, let alone the Chaos level you need. Even if there are, you have to deal with people who kick you (yes, even out of the game you just started) because they just want to play with their friend but can't because private games are broken. Not that it would do any good as any better gear you get will be useless once nerfed.I can't emphasize enough how frustrating it is to play the same map over and over just to get nowhere. There's no point in trying anything beyond Chaos 1 because there is no chance without the hyper shard from Chaos 1, and that isn't possible to get unless you can get an average of 2.5 stars per map. I dont have multiple hours per day to dedicate to running the same map hundreds of times on the off chance that the book rider freak won't spawn skeletons right next to the dang core.
  3. Xbox is much the same way. lawlta - so yeah, I was really hoping there was some sort of instruction on how to do it. So I have to invite them to tavern first before the game or some such. I hate to put a bug in on something that ends up just being poor documentation. But hey, bug report site here I come.
  4. Okay, unless you can prove it, I'm calling bull crap on soloing some of these maps. There is just no way to cover that much map with one player. And I again iterate, these are Chaos 1 levels... and not even the gear gained from these very levels can be used. I got a helmet from a Chaos 1 Mastery map. It was gear score 400ish. After I left the map, the gear score was over 500. That just doesn't make any sense. I can't even use the gear I get at this level without its stats being reduced to "why bother" levels. It would be great to hear from the developers on this. Why can't Chaos 1 gear be used in Chaos 1 Mastery maps at full power?
  5. Doesn’t address the ones that are outside the crease (as determined by the marks on the floor) that can be hit but take no damage. Doesn't address the book riding freaks who can spawn skellies outside the envelope. No, I don't want spawn camping, but some spawns are so dang close to core or sub-cores that there really isn't much choice.
  6. The player base isn't big enough (and fractured over 3 platforms) for any of this to make sense. Xbox for sure doesn't have enough bodies for this to work. And until the poor behavior (AFK, kicking other players for no reason) by other players can be addressed (hint: it cant), it wont get any better.
  7. I get that it isn't supposed to be easy... it is called Mastery. But there's difficult, and there is "getting Taylor Swift to stay with a boyfriend" difficult. This is the latter. it is nothing but pure frustration at this point. And like I said, I have no doubt that the developers intended Mastery to be grouped to give best (any) chance at success. However, when there are no public games it cant be grouped. The player base isn't anywhere big enough to try to force group gaming through impossible highly improbable difficulties. Winning the lottery isn't impossible either. I understand nerfing gear and such to make it a challenge (make sure gear matches the Chaos level of the Mastery you are in), but my character level comes out someplace around 400 (vs the average of 1800 I have in non-mastery games). Mastery nerfs the player back to PRE Chaos 1 levels. Essentially, you cant use (because they nerf it) Chaos 1 gear and do Chaos 1 mastery. Which makes no sense. My problem on Ramparts is that wave 4 takes longer to spawn than the 180 seconds allowed. This is likely because things don't die fast enough, but there is only one of me, and I am maxing out the building cap. I try to build closer to spawn points, but it makes building nearly impossible given the distance that needs covered. I have tried any and all defenses I can, and no combination works. I have looked online for how people have done it, but their strategy doesn't work for me (and is often much easier to implement being on a PC platform vs. a console platform), even if I can replicate it. Problem on Throne Room is that the map is too big and I cant cover the whole thing. No auras or nodes, so 2 of my 6 heros are worthless. I have 100+ runs on this, and once have I made it into 4th wave. Defenses fail for seemlingly no reason. I have towers behind blockades (way behind) that get destroyed without a mob in sight. I play casually. I will probably end up quitting if I cannot make progress, because there is nothing else to do in the game. Campaign is over. Onslaught and Chaos are just simple escalation (get better gear, game gets harder, get better gear, game gets harder, etc. YAWN). Mastery has some level of planning and strategy required given the different and changing objectives. But if I cant get past the 5th map in Chaos 1 (I can get past 4th, but not with all 5 stars), there's really no more point to playing. It feels like punishment at this point. I certainly wont be putting money into this game with the current level of impossibility improbability.
  8. You also have to make leveling gear worth something. The resource requirements currently don't make are it worth it. Picking up 5% on a stat just isn't worth the massive gold or medallion investment.
  9. Xbox One player. I take a Chaos 5 deck to do a Chaos 1 Mastery map and it is so onerous that there isn't often no chance to finish the map let alone 5 stars. the tuning seems to be one map for everyone, regardless of how many players there are in the game. Given the complete lack of public Mastery games (let alone one in the map I might be torturing myself with), and the inability to host a private match and invite other players, that makes Mastery on Xbox is a de facto solo player experience. And with certain mastery requirements on certain maps, it is impossible with just one player.
  10. Issues abound. The envelope is that area inside the spawn barrier. First and foremost, mobs can attack from within the envelope but cannot be attacked.Mobs outside the envelope (by a fair margin in some cases) can't be attacked.Mobs camping in the envelope (spear chuckers, book floaters, grenadiers, rock hounds) and still attacking)The answers are simple. Mobs inside the envelope can't attack. They have to move until they are outside the envelope.Mobs outside the envelope must be able to take damage.
  11. Before finishing campaign, I got EV2 shards in every other drop. Annoying as heck
  12. Barbarian suffers from “geez let’s not make this too good.” Tornado stance is next to worthless if you happen to have a light weapon as primary. All it does is reduce damage at that point. LIghtning stance is next to worthless because it kills you so quickly. Mobility is a really big problem. Hawk Strike has to connect. If a mob moves a little bit between calling it down and it hitting, you lose all your wrath. It has to have a wider radius. I know they want it to hit only one target, but it misses too much. I noticed today that whirlwind will STOP even though I have 50-60 wrath left. Depending on where you put your ascension points , that can be up to 20%. That HAS to be a bug. Gear assortment is awful, but I am assuming that will eventually be fixed. Would be nice if heavy swords were medium to a barbarian, and medium were light. I do think I have seen ANY light axes, let alone Legendary. I love playing him. I’m willing to wait for adjustments.
  13. Yeah, it seems the group play aspect of this game is fairly well hosed on any platform you try. I don’t know how you are supposed to get into a game with friends on Xbox One either - you can’t invite to private matches.
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