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  1. Are you planning in letting us upgrade pet rarity, or somehow else make the cute currently "powerful" pets useful? I love their visuals but the stats are too poor to be used. :( Lightning: When will we get more Ubers?
  2. Will you let us evolve powerful pets into mythical/legendary so we can use those cuter pets of lower rarities? Will you ever remake/make larger maps? DD1 had some huge maps, and the current ones look super small. Lightning: Are you actually bringing us that "buff aura monk" build some dev mentioned on stream? Lightning: Will you bring us a "boss rush" type of map like in DD1, when there are more bosses?
  3. Permanent hidden achievement for saving Quab on NM4 which gives you the Quab pet with legendary rarity. Please?
  4. 10 dedicated loot bags... still defeated by the hordes of onslaught loot This is exactly what I'm talking about. The problem gets even more out of hand playing onslaught.
  5. Email sent, hoping I can be helpful to the devs. ^^
  6. So I thought that the scavenger would let all the loot that doesn't fit into your auto-loot bags just go to his auto-sell inventory, but it seems those items just disappear instead. It's annoying and I've lost dozens of eggs and boxes to this already. Basically he just throws away everything that doesn't fit into my auto-loot bags. Also, if you move around bags in the inventory, the auto-loot symbols disappear until you reopen your inventory.
  7. Okay thanks for the info. Hopefully it comes soon because the amount of loot is just absurd right now.
  8. Mostly I just worry that every single free player is going to complain that the game is super annoying to play because of it. I'm fine with other ways of making money but this just sounds like a pain in the ass for everyone.
  9. Now, since the drop rates are so huge, I suggest that the bag sizes would be increased. And by increased I mean like... doubled. 32 for normals and 64 for premiums. I have bought extra bags myself and still can barely get through one map without 100% filling my auto-loot bags. (Also loot shouldn't go to bags not marked as auto-loot after auto-loot bags fill up, but to the scavenger. I wanna keep my other bags clean.)
  10. I think the biggest issue right now comes when you try leveling new characters solo. It gets painful. Very painful.
  11. A very good idea. I love things that allow us to customize our experience the way we want. And this could allow for even late game characters to have those near impossible challenge maps just for fun.
  12. My legendary sword gives +20 tower speed to ballistas... Now THAT is worthless. Almost any sword is better than that.
  13. Am I the only one who actually misses the first person camera option of DD1? I would like to see this game pull it off properly because there are no super oversized weaponry like in the last game, which were blocking vision too much. In early game with small weapons first person was actually fun! I actually had many friends who preferred it in early game just because of how much more interesting and immersive it was. It was fun. I kinda want it back, done properly. :)
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