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  1. I would like for those of us who are no longer farming shards, to be a way to disable shard rewards, in exchange for extra gold or materials.
  2. The forum is dead - long live the new forum! Hey everybody. Cheers for a new chapter in Dungeon Defender history, also with the new big update around the corner. Best wishes to all you players out there, and to the hard working dev team. M.
  3. I agree. Let´s make armor drops interesting again. Some of the more fragile heroes, could benefit from having a set of flawless armor.
  4. You can´t have 2 boom mods on one defense.
  5. The crowns were from an event spanning 7 weeks. Week one was C1, week two was C2 and so on. People competed to become top 10 every week, to receive the crown from that appropriate Chaos tier. If I recall correctly one Mastery chaos tier at that point in the game, took the best of us around 4.5-5 hours to beat. (I don´t know how long the tiers takes to beat now, with mods, and tweaks, haven´t played it since.) Some people teamed up to have an advantage, or used the Dryad, which at that point was a super strong builder. I personally never liked the Dryad so I didn´t use her at all. I´m pretty s
  6. Does having both Fire and Lingering Hellfire double up the lingering dmg on frosties?
  7. I also assumed fire was better, but I don´t remember why I came to that assumption, maybe the lingering hellfire doesn´t make the tower a "fire" tower, I think the fire icon on the tower is missing when you equip the lingering mod only. This is just me guessing and trying to remember , cool if you update your post after testing!
  8. Anyone tested whats better? Does the lingering damage double up on frosties? I used to test everything myself, but me and the game are in a "it´s complicated" status, and have been for the last year or so. M.
  9. Burst. Sustained. Multiple targets.
  10. Who could possible hate on this? More FUN pls, Trendy are you listening?
  11. Click here for more info. Ha ha wow!!!
  12. Trendy sure have been in silent mode lately. At least here in the forums. What are you guys up to?
  13. Dreizehn you have my full support on this topic. I have been meaning to create a thread about this, but never came around to doing it, so I´m glad you did. I agree that we shouldn´t have to use normal bagspace to pick up the mats (I bought the mat vault to free up bagspace) and then go do the extra chore of transferring the mats to the material vault, each time in town or tav. They should definetely be transferred to the vault directly at the time you pick them up. (Don´t even get me started on the shard dust you manually have to transfer each time you dust a shard) They should definetely be
  14. How do you make them hit the Roller when you want them to? Unless it is the last unit on the map... Or do you place the tower on the side of the lane and use the flamethrower function instead of Smite? The rollers will die as the last thing on the map, you can check my video in the roller thread I made if you want:)
  15. How I handle rollers in C7. Use it or lose it. Trendy don´t "fix", - afk'ing is not something "bad". Not when the game is this grindy. (sorry) M.
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