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  1. If you're just looking for Mythic gear, Insane Survival in Mistymire or Aquanos yield pretty decent drop-rates for Mythical items in the later levels. For mythic gear, I'd probably shoot for the 200+ range in the stats you desire. 180-200 upgrades preferably. That way you can decently up your resists and stats. And if it's armor you're looking for, solo as your summoner. That keeps the drops to strictly armor so that weapons don't drop and push the lower-rated armor off the map. I'm usually on late (I live EST) so if you want some help setting up a build, I can lend a hand :) Add me on
  2. An average singer with autotune. She's not a bad singer WITHOUT AutoTune. Dunno why they felt the need to AT her original release :( This is the Acoustic/No AT version of her song Also, Carly is cute, but if we're talking about Celebrities, I think Emma is absolutely GORGEOUS ^^
  3. last part of the last book was horrible. it felt way too rushed. like the author was all "Plot Plot Plot Plot...OH!! 50 Pages left to go!! Ok, Eff You, Eff You, Eff You, You're Cool, and Eff You!! I'm out!!" O.o
  4. Yay for helping out in the community!! <3 I'm in for this! :D
  5. Good Luck DD!! Stay Safe and return home to us!! I'm happy to have been able to participate in many of the events you've hosted!!!! Keep Strong and Stay Proud, Marine!!! <3
  6. For some of the maps, yes, those stats are decent enough for NM campaign runs. Once you get into Survival though, Wave 20 will break you. At Wave 20, the monsters are basically doubled in everything: Double speed, damage, etc. I would recommend farming Mistymire and Aquanos on Insane survival to get some better Mythical items. At least to get ALL your tower stats to around 1.5k. And as the prior posters have stated, you want more than just the Mage. Monks are a godsend when it comes to slowing down and reducing the amount of damage they do against your walls. Huntress gas traps are amazi
  7. Building your own isn't really an option if you want a laptop however. 100% agreed on towers though. I always build my own. Although these days it's less of an issue as everything is so cheap and fast anyway. Still, it's fun!Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I've never seen someone build a laptop from scratch. And I never see "Laptop Shells" or anything ever being sold anywhere. You pretty much HAVE to buy laptops pre-made. So I guess DarkSoul's snarky comment just has no bearing, since this was an issue with a Laptop, not a Desktop.
  8. This is why kids you SHOULD NEVER buy company made computersDon't buy company made computers? As opposed to what?
  9. [QUOTE=cronik;616691][/QUOTE]Haha I love you!!! :D
  10. Sometimes I get mad when I want to share with a friend a sandwich I made and I put the plate on the couch and the dog comes up and eats it before I can share it. I guess next time I should probably put it on the table where I know it'll be safe from my dog.
  11. Ok, I'll give some trys to Mistymire later. Thank you for the adviseI can also help you out with some builds, if you want. Can add me (steam id in the siggy box below)
  12. I know it's possible on Insane, but I think I won't find upgrades there. I tried King's Game pre-patch and I could pass wave 20 on NM easily and I could find some great upgrades too, but now it's impossible. Maybe with that "Slightly easier"... but, yes, I think you're right =(Aqua NM and Misty NM isn't so bad. Misty especially since the crystals are closer together, and they drop good Trans armor. Once you gear up Trans armor and start peeking into the 2.5-3k range, NM King's won't be so impossible. ^^
  13. I want to try the new Difficulty NOW! If I can survive wave 20 with my 2k Squire, I'd be very happyWhich Difficulty will you be playing on? Insane is quite possible with 2k gear. If you're trying NM, then don't even pretend to be disappointed when you can't. NM with Mythic Gear, good luck. That's like trying to compete in NASCAR with a riced-up Honda Civic... -.-
  14. ......what's wrong with Clown's:eek:
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