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  1. You can family share the game to another account and play from scratch while still keeping the progress on your main account. You can use all the DLCs you have on your main account on that family shared account too.
  2. Most fun I've had with an event of any kind, great idea and well executed. Thank you very much :) All images featuring Manyu https://imgur.com/a/hwPo1zl https://steamcommunity.com/id/dangermoose125/
  3. I don't know much about the DDDK or particularly why you're missing a Jester tower, but I do know the public DDDK is not on an up to date version of the game nor can it be changed to do so. The CDT's version has things that can't be given to the public so it hasn't been updated.
  4. The beta for that update is over and that update is now live on steam, you should already have it installed if you have automatic updates enabled or you can find it in your downloads section on steam, though it has been live for quite a long time now, many weeks.
  5. Gaia's Last Gift has to be my favourite event item, feels so amazing to use. Favourite normal item is the Nosferatu, 7 projectiles + that model looks awesome. https://steamcommunity.com/id/dangermoose125/
  6. I don't remember a lot about my past in DD but I sure as hell remember all the great times I've had with all the amazing people in the community since I returned to the game early this year. When I came back to the game I really thought I was going to play for a few days, get bored then quit again. That probably was going to be the case until someone I met in game invited me to the DDRnG discord and the rest is history. My favourite moment ever was playing around with gravity and speed altering items that IHDC made for us (thanks again for that). We sat in a call for 12 hours at least, running around like maniacs on all kinds of maps, flying way outside the boundaries of the maps. We spent the last few hours on Lifestream Hollow PvP yeeting each other across the map with the knockback from our staves, complaining that Escev's staff had a faster animation every time we died to him. The word yeet has never been said so much in one call, my throat still hurt days later. Thank you Manyu, Jeol and Escev for the amazing memory and memories. A close second had to be helping Lolzcoolcat get Ultimate Defender. The whole thing just devolved into chaos until one thing eventually broke all of us. I placed a warrior minion after trying to explain why they're the best minion in the game and within 30 seconds it got stuck running into a wall. We were laughing so hard that I had to leave the call to catch my breath multiple times. Thanks Washboard, Jeol and Lolzcoolcat for that one. I have to say thank you to the CDT for saving this game, it is so much better than I ever remembered it. When you look back on a game you have played in the past you're often blinded with nostalgia and fail to notice a lot of flaws. Since I've come back to the game I've seen that the CDT actually made the game what my nostalgia goggles made it look like, a truly incredible feat. And thank you to the events team for making all these interesting items over the years and setting up a fun time for everyone on your own free time. Gaia's is the best event item and if you think otherwise your opinion is wrong :). (Or maybe this upcoming item will surpass it, :eyes:) https://steamcommunity.com/id/dangermoose125/
  7. I'll start it off with 20cv in diamonds/cubes.
  8. dangermoose125


    Went back for another run so updating my old time :eyes:
  9. Making a final last effort post after all the both private and public complaints and suggestions I've made about content from Update 7 that I feel should be hotfixed in as a final patch. The Free-Range Chicken is simply too good. I personally made the mistake of requesting an extreme overbuff to this pet without ever testing it properly and not knowing really how it worked or functioned inside the game. The damage was really low on it, it got an extreme buff to its damage output as well as an increase on its targeting range, (projectile speed?), and projectile spread all at the same time. This brought the pet to a point that it is beating almost every pet in the game on raw DPS, with its usability pushing it over the edge of OP. Realistically you're looking at an extremely high upgrade Kraken, Wasp or Ultimate Seahorse to ever beat the Free-Range Chicken on point-blank DPS alone. The first problem here is that the Chicken takes waaay less time to obtain a good one due to the nature of entirely relying on base damage spawns instead of quality and upgrades like almost every other pet in the game. The second problem is that it demolishes all 3 of those pets in terms of overall usability. The Kraken and Wasp are both damage over time pets and take quite a long time of hitting something or in the Kraken's case, something standing still in your gas clouds or having to sit in melee range the entire time, to ever match the DPS that the Chicken can put out immediately and more consistently. The comparison to an Ultimate Seahorse is a weird one. We have one of the "easiest-to-obtain a good version of" pets in the Free-Range Chicken compared to the opposite end of the spectrum, an Ultimate Seahorse which has possibly the largest time investment for anything that is actually useful in the game. The large problem here is that the Free-Range Chicken is just straight up more effective than an Ultimate Seahorse. You need one of the best Ultimate Seahorses in the game to even match the DPS of a Free-Range Chicken. Yet the Seahorse still has the disadvantage of a god-awful spread and only dealing poison damage (which isn't that massive of a deal, but still a bigger downside than the Chicken has of dealing all elements). The situation we're left with now, despite all the new interesting pets in the update that fill their own niches, the Free-Range Chicken reigns supreme far above every other option in pretty much every scenario that you would want to use a DPS pet. I've seen some of the best Ultimate Seahorses in the game go unused even in the situations most suited to them, simply because the Free-Range Chicken is way too good at everything. As for changes to the Chicken to deal with it; It shouldn't have such an amazing spread, projectile speed, targeting range and damage output. Some of these things really need to be cut back a fair bit to put it back in line with the competition. Another thing I would like to suggest is the same "void grab" system that was introduced to Sky City and King's Game in this update be added to all of the new maps in the update. I was very surprised to see this not happen with these new maps. After all the positive feedback there was for this change on those maps, I can't see why it wasn't added to the new maps by default. The system teleports items that fall in to the void back up on to the map. This system is really nice to have on those maps in particular because a lot of the items fall in to the void due to some enemies spawning far beyond where there is ground for their items to drop if they happen to die before making it to a platform. I'm very happy it was added to those maps, but I feel like all of the new ones could also use it. All the new maps seem to be struggling from the problem of dropping loot in to the void a whole lot. There is a lot of pits on some of the maps that result in items getting voided as soon as they hit it. Even the maps that don't have these pits have a lot of air spawners outside of the map resulting in a lot of things dying mid air and all of their loot consistently falling in to the void. There is no worse feeling in the game than seeing your armour that you've put the time in to farm fall in to the void and disappear. I have seen people talking about what maps they're farming for armour, and at the moment a large deciding factor has been "which maps have the least drops falling right off the map" which is pretty depressing to see, with how it was supposed to be set up in a way that all of them would be equal. I've personally watched a plethora of ultimate and ultimate++ items fall in to the void, particularly running Spring Valley actually, so it's most definitely not a build choice as has been suggested in the past. Overall I'd consider this still mostly a QoL change that I'd really like to see added to at least the 4 new campaign maps and Spring Valley, it doesn't matter as much on Tomb of Etheria but eh, why not.
  10. Is there anything that can be done about the Tomb of Etheria set bonus consistently crashing your game? Using the set bonus on your primary character and activating split-screen in any way immediately hard crashes your game 100% of the time. I've seen an alarming amount of people asking why their game is crashing from normal play and it is always met with people being told about the bug followed by being told to just not use them. This really feels like a pretty poor excuse after there was a lot of time put in to making the set that everyone loves, followed by changes to the set bonus due to community feedback that everyone eventually came to agree on. I'm personally a big fan of both the accessories themselves and the new set bonus and really don't want to have to completely give up on using them since it stops me from playing the way I normally play the game. As much as I know there is supposed to be no more changes at this point, if there is anything that needs to be done at this point, this is definitely the most important thing to deal with. The game hard crashing from playing normally is a pretty huge problem that I feel really needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  11. dangermoose125


    Decided I was just going to go for sub 9 for now and was rudely interrupted as I finished my last run. I guess this works. ty Wash :heart_eyes: I refuse to kill this boss with only DPS so only so much I can do to make waves faster. Characters were actually tboost, DPS monk, builder adept and guardian summ. https://steamcommunity.com/id/dangermoose125/
  12. Also agreed on Nesso. Putting it on Deeper Well makes it unusable instead of just being a decent niche pet if you get a really good one. An excuse to actually play Dread Dungeon would be nice too since I really enjoy the look and setup of the map but have nothing to play it for. The map feels like the CDT era version of Deeper Well to me so it feels fitting to put it on there instead.
  13. I agree with Manyu on everything presented. The change to the ToE set completely ruins how amazing the accessories themselves look, please revert it back to the sandstorm effect from previous betas. The sandstorm, even for those who may not like it, isn't nearly as intrusive as a massive asymmetrical eye on your back. Also not a fan of model change on the Chicken Baller. Colour change is great but I think the change made to the shape of the tip of the weapon made it look even worse than before. As has been mentioned previously, a new model would be preferred but if it's too late for that, either some more changes to the current model or reverting to the original with the new colours added would be much better than leaving it the way it is on the current beta build. The only thing I can say I passionately hate here is the new icon for the Wasp pet... Its just awful. Not much more to say about it. Would much prefer the previous icon even if it was a little bit weird. Please revert or fix it :( Overhead view of that thing is not very flattering.
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