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  1. So the devs don't even understand their own questions.
  2. They need to let us mix and match sets, otherwise there's no point buying more than one set. Letting us use dyes would be good too. Pet skin transfers $1. Transfers the stats and ability from one pet skin to another. When i see paid pets, i just think about how long it'll take to level them and also being gimped while leveling them. I'd rather a transfer system.
  3. What did "control the community marketplace" mean? Was it buy and sell cosmetics on the steam community market?
  4. The playerbase is quite small and will keep going down during xmas sales. There was as many people during some periods of the closed alpha, yeh the game had a big spike upwards when it went f2p but it didn't hold. http://steamcharts.com/app/236110 This game has been worked on for 3 years. Look at how little has been done since it was a co-op and moba game. They switched to co-op only and have done very little gameplay wise, graphics have improved big time but i prefer gameplay over graphics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92r8dGBNqeg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LbMSuUD14I
  5. It's impossible to program something without bugs happening. The bigger the code the more bugs youre going to experience. Id love to see you code a game and release it to 100k+ people and have your game bug free. Come back when you do because youll be the greatest programmer in the world at that point.....oh wait youre just a nobody that doesnt know anything when it comes to programming. I buy a lot of early access games on steam, so i don't need to program my own game. I'm making a comparison to other games. This programmer isn't very good.
  6. I have 485 hours in the game and I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE PURGE EVIL YET. I'm convinced it can't possibly be working as intended and am hoping that this loot update changes things. :/ Try send a bug report. I had never had a chilling staff drop. Sent a bug report about it and i was pretty pissed at the time so didn't play for a bit. The next time i logged in i got 3 chilling staffs on the first two maps i played and none since.
  7. Heh, maybe. They spend so much time fixing bugs the inept programmer puts into this game. The game is moving almost as slow as duke forever.
  8. We need 6, 4 builders and 2 DPS, one app and one huntress. Let us switch during combat to cover both resist lane types. They said they won't do it for ages, just vote with your money and stop playing and buying items. The players are now hovering around 6-8k, it was 4.5k during closed for a month period. Maybe when it drops below closed beta they'll do something about it.
  9. mokn

    NM4 Betsy

    They used the exploit, the chat log is sarcastic. The fight vs betsy legit takes over 15 minutes. There's no loot on the minimap for anywhere but the boss. There's 3 bosses during betsy and a ton of mobs that drop a lot of loot. Who cares tho, the game is a grind. 54mil hp on a boss that does the same thing over and over and 90% of the time one mob will walk around the barricade during the fight losing the map. It's pointless doing it legit. That is why the bug is still there after they were alerted to it on the steam forums a month ago. The bug can be fixed when(if) they fix the walls, unti
  10. Yeh the grind makes the game boring, it's their way of keeping people playing as they don't seem capable of making end game content. The game also needed some competitive elements like leaderboards. Then they needed pure strategy mode for people who just like tower defense. The player active numbers are almost back to pre F2P.
  11. NM4 isn't hard enough for some people. Most games have content that takes people weeks to beat. Trendy had the bugged dragonfall and people beat it in the first few hours. They need to add NM5 with cosmetic only rewards, with extremely hard maps that most people can't beat 1:1000 or so can beat it.
  12. The gem packs in the steam store can bought as gifts, people could trade items for gems, P2W. Yes leaderboards are coming with cosmetic rewards, which is competitive and makes it P2W. The loot system shouldn't be so bad we need trading. Stat rerolls and passive rerolls are needed.
  13. The initial building takes too long and is boring for everyone playing especially the other 3 waiting, i wouldn't mind blueprints. That would save you a heap of time and let you play any map.
  14. Fix the barricades. Should be number one priority. No hero deck for solo. No luck based loot system, gear is too important in this game and when there's such a large gap between lower and upper nm4, 250k walls vs 380k walls for example, it's hard to balance around such a huge gap and will hurt leaderboards when they come. More diversity in strategy. Pure strategy mode. Server browser. DD1 maps back into the game.
  15. No, the only thing that's lost is the hp from barricades when you rejoin. Build barricades after you rejoin the game and you won't have to waste some mana repairing them. If someone leaves the game and doesn't return, then yes all passives and gear are lost but that is not what i'm talking about....
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