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  1. If only I can 'upgrade' the eggs with few lower grade eggs... :(
  2. I cannot see why Origin is that bad. EA and Steam EULA is virtually identical and based on the test, Origin is less intrusive than Steam. Link1 Link2
  3. My friend who used the autofire program got banned too. *Sigh* VAC had ruined our fun when it banned someone who didn't deserve it. :/
  4. I'm using third person/ over the shoulder but first person view with ranger on Dead From Above challenge works pretty well too!
  5. Yeah before the patch I can join my friend's room with no problem. Now I keep getting "Connection to the host has timeout" Why trendy set us apart T_T
  6. BUT but but what if the invi mob/mana/loot still occurs?
  7. I think I can use this to measure the upload bandwidth used. P.S. 384kbps upload isn't enough :/ Will try it with my 10mbps upload later this week!
  8. When I feel wicked I do use portal gun and teleport the monsters into lava :D
  9. a) intended behavior -- insane is merely buffed If it's intended then they should reveal it on the patch notes lol.
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