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  1. This may be asking a lot but of all the events i want for use the only one i haven't even had a chance at in trade is celebration. Much of my "wealth" in events goes straight into use because, yes, i'm very utilitarian..... and when i see a celeb all i can say is "Dat acc". How is this not a wealth grab? i just told you... i'm utilitarian, and accs can't reach celeb equivalent stats even in a functional way (prim/sec stats = celeb) like diamonds can in relation to magis 'ishs gonna get used. i'ma use it so hard.
  2. that damage is possible with pawn shots (and technically steam saws) but it requires more upgrades than the pawn that is shown in the screenshot. The weapon shown in the screen shot would need to have spawned with over 50k damage with all other stats where they are (shots/sec, proj speed, reload and stats. And i can assure you neither 50k spawn damage nor 600 spawn tdam/hatk are possible(**edit: on ult **edit edit: or ab2, missed that =\).
  3. Incoming wall of text in 3... 2... 1... ============================================================================== sent to sharing: Just a heads up, i'm going to post the following post in your thread tomorrow and I want you to know... I'm not trying to say you'll never be accepted. What I am going to be posting this for is to express, publicly, that there are those among us who will never be able to trust you as long as you don't admit your fault and submit yourself to scrutiny. You can pre-empt this post by modifying or adding to your thread, or you can respond to my post after I make it
  4. What's with the mickey mouse gloves over by where the forge comes up?
  5. I insult [[6489,users]] pancakez all the time....
  6. Guess i should enter this Current best item: 800dam/700hp lab ToT my jester is teh happeh
  7. If there's still space please count me in! SID is attached to profile.
  8. this could be associated with your in game name. certain characters in your IGN will cause the client to fail to create a lobby.
  9. As far as I'm tracking PB has been dealing with RL since after the initial post. I figure its just best to wait.
  10. pb, friend add sent. I'd like some appraisals before i place my next bid. -Laronel edit: actually, in the interim i'll bid a glacier pending valuation.
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