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  1. Thats not how you get trolls to stop being trolls. They're trolls they only care about frustration and anger in others that is their reward. being nice and non destructiv is no work, You wouldn't give an child 20$ for every day it didn't insult you would you? You're arguing ethics over effectiveness. If I did pay said child 20$ a day to not insult me, where I grew up, you can bet that child would keep his mouth shut and enjoy his or her 20$ a day. But i'm not talking about actually paying players. Talking about raising shop gold prices 10% and adding a system that you can earn up to 10% more gold by being a nice person.
  2. Why reward players for something that should be normal? It works with dogs and kids. Pretty much anything that you want to obey you you can win over with rewards in one hand, and punishment in the other hand. It's the same concept as giving little Jimmy 50$ every month he gets A's in school. If a person see's no reward for their work then they will stop working.
  3. So I just entered match making, found no other players at the time went in to the throne room to set up defenses and wait for players. After setting up 3/4 of my defenses a mage joins, this mage decides we don't need anyone els so he hits ready button starting countdown to start of game, forcing me to hurry in place the last of the defenses and prepare to lose. This player did not even cover more than one lane. mind you this map starts 6 lanes and is capable of going to 8. Not only does this mage only just cover one lane but when he sees that he messed up and can't fix his own stupid he leaves the match making me 1 person in an active 6 lane map. This player wasn't even decent enough to ride out the loss that he caused. I would like to prevent more stories like this by Putting in a system that rewards players for not getting reported by a small amount and making it easy to report players that will leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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