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  1. I really really want to play ... I mean, i have the client installed. The thought of losing my first impression character progress just kills me though.. Gah.. *Conflicted*
  2. I'm sure that they specifically went out of the way and did this just to annoy you. Its not like.. God forbid.. it could be a bug or human error.
  3. My friend has a squire that is completely unaffected by running speed. Other squires with the exact same amount of points in the speed stat will be faster then her, like her speed stat is just frozen and unaltered, even with 700 points in the stat nothing happens. Any idea as to what might cause this?
  4. And heck, I'm not complaining, I'm trying to find a way to pull through. THIS FREAKING ROCKS :P Anyone else that thinks this is fun? Whiners stay out please.
  5. There really isnt a better way, you either add the person, or hope their game is public and look in the custom game store list. Its a pretty bad system, but its better then nothing.
  6. I hate the idea of getting characters moved to local ^_- i dont want to be any part of that hack/mod/cheatfest Nor do i like the idea of starting over on ranked every time that happens.
  7. I'm not casual myself but in their position i can see some things being a problem. As i see it you cant really get to the end game if you say.. Play a hour a day, as i would do it I'd get 20-30ish upgrade armor from insane maps, and then move on to survival for gear that i can beat UMF with. However I consider casual like.. Hour gameplay sessions, and survival is impossible in that time. Unless I'm missing a way that casuals could get their gear without survival? I'm ignoring the market system at the moment, since farming mana so you can buy gear you dont really deserve because you haven
  8. looks like we need a second server without super-loot half the ups double the fun :) back to the roots Oh god, is this going where i think its going :P? Loads of people nostalgiagasming requesting classic servers? Its every MMO i ever played all over again O_O! Just kidding though, I'd love for super loot to just.. Dissapear, i really dislike the current end game but enjoy leveling toons a lot, i also didn't mind trying to get 20^ gear, because it wasn't restricted to one map like UMF is. I know you can get superloot from survival, but i dont see the fun in survival either, very firs
  9. Too lazy to find a road down, i was climbing down the side of a mountain by jumping rock to rock. Right then and there, my very first random dragon encounter showed up. I was ofcourse exited, and slightly scared it would fight me on the tiny rock i was standing on, and started leaping down faster, ofcourse missing my next rock down, and falling to my utter death as my flimsy body crushed itself on the side of said mountain, and then the path below... Bah.
  10. When i started Dungeon defenders loot seemed fair, there where a few endgame items, and me and my friends where hunting for Armor with 20^ and had fun doing so, we had a clear goal that seemed achievable. However, every update we seem to get better items are released, and while this isn't a bad thing i get the feeling its happening way and way to fast. Gear is being replaced so much that it just feels pointless playing at all, when i get something i consider to be really good theres a good chance the item will be obsolete a mere week later, even though it's only been good loot for the pas
  11. The site seems to lack a sort by shots per second option, which in my opinion is far more important then sorting by lets say damage. Could this be looked at by any chance :)? Thank you, i appreciate all the work put into this.
  12. How do you do so? Go to the icon you want on your hotbar, mouse over it, and then hold the number you want it attached to, it'll replace one of your current things though.
  13. Its already in the patch notes :/ * Made Shop searches WorldWide * Allowed 16 players in Shop Taverns, toggles dynamically too if you enable/disable your shop
  14. As an apprentice you'll mainly want to go for tower damage, and to get end game gear its vital to have a monk, you pretty much cant do it without auras, also huntress traps usually beat apprentice towers besides for wyvern killing purposes. I'd try any maps on hard and insane right now, and try to get 20+ upgrade items, once you do that you can try doing survival ( pretty much impossible without a monk ) but survival is where the good loot is. The best loot comes from Insane survival mix mode - But this seems far out of your reach with your current stats. My apprentice currently has 400is
  15. It would be interesting if we could put together something like a backup save for survival that initiated at a later wave. I honestly would hate to give players the ability to save, in that part of survival is the endurance aspect of it. No breaks allowed >=] But it is incredibly unfortunate when there is a DC (for whatever reason) and you have hours of time gone. I will say I always thought that survival would just be a minor mode some people do for bragging. But it is clear that it's an important aspect of the game to many people. We love suggestions on it! To be fair, survival is
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