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  1. Banned for finding fault in donut thoughts Banned because you have an anime profile picture
  2. Banned because i feel like dogs are better
  3. Edge ツ

    Stacks of 99

    The one thing that keeps then from doing 255 is that the text would probably end up taking up more then just that inventory slot and 1 byte is close to nothing if were talking about ram DD2 (As the entire game) takes up 8,785,420,288 bytes. This can be measuered by navigating to your steam games folder, right clicking dd2 and selecting properties
  4. I have no other words then this picture Just..... 700k? without mega death laser of awesomeness? Yes i did take pictures of weapon and stats 
  5. We don't need anyone to remind us that we have players on every part of the spectrum, casual, hardcore and everything in between. Watch the dev stream. The revamp was pushed back due to extensive and repeated player feedback. It's because it's the right thing to do. The aim is to do right by all the players, and the revamp will not be rushed out the door to just appease one type of player or the other. It sucks because you want it now. We get that. I want it too! I'd rather wait and have it done right though. So did the folks that tested it, and we're listening and acting upon that. This is the first person let alone a developer that i can related to in the forms of "Wait and have it done right" Everyone is always like I WANT THIS I WANT THAT. I think it would be funny every now and then to see them attempt todo all of the stuff required to a big revamp such as the Strategic revamp
  6. This is why we dont post awesome bugs like this to the forums lol I dropped to 20fps....... i was having to much fun
  7. Well rip my dream of grinding ev2 to 50 before school haha
  8. As much as people may not agree with me, Having 2 monitors is a pain to handle when your game takes a good year and a half to tab out in fullscreen. With 99% of games fullscreen windowed acts as windows in fullscreen so i can tab out and still see the game while switching songs or youtube vids or such with dd2 this doesnt seem to be the case. Would be nice to see this change :)
  9. Twitch emotes for chat would be amazing I want to Kappa all day and Keepo all night
  10. Cool idea, wouldnt really make sense to implement it at the current state of the game with all the loading crashes and such
  11. If your doing the same thing over and over just to get to 50 wouldnt it be alot worse to raise the cap to 75 or 100 to say. Just considering how linear the levels get
  12. Banned for hurting his feelings by banning him
  13. alright i was wondering cause since i have the power i was think about a 120 or 144 hz monitor
  14. Hello everyone ive been noticing that whenever i dont have vsync on it doesnt matter what settings i use it just caps my fps at 60 and will never go higher at any resolution or window setting
  15. Butter said he would make sure this would be in but just for safty :) What are your plans for DirectX12 when windows 10 comes out and If possible release date on OS X Version of dd2? i was planning on buying/dual booting my hdd for OS X for video production but i want to try to game on OS X So if possible release date?
  16. This game already runs all through there servers nothing is clientside execpt textures all item generation, level progression, game connecting runs through there servers thats the reason why you cant play dd2 if you have no internet connection
  17. 1st. Does this game use any type of directx? 2nd. If so whats your plan when DX12 comes out with windows 10? just a question for the devs if you guys dont want or cant awnser this its alright but just wondering if you can
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