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  1. Yeah i can vouch for emerald staff's, i have no idea why they had to somehow have there ult rate nerfed for the stat increase, and with even high neg chance than before :/.... I was looking forward to next patch hearing the ult rate would probably be fixed but if it stays the way it is now, i'm never touching that again map for a high stat staff and would rather go back to farming clava's which are better regardless. It's just not worth the time and effort in it's current state for emerald staff's. survival isn't exactly great either... Yeah the carpet's really aren't useful either. as many others have said, it's faster to run to places than use them. As for cr4, the kracken's drop rate is BEYOND abysmal. only 1 per account the drop rate is way too low for that considering the maps difficulty.
  2. 1 traced black satin's peak 29CV as discussed, 31 cubes, and 40 cv in diamonds for 100CV total.
  3. No idea why it's only showing 1 digit :/ thanks for giveaway. Steam profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  4. Agreed that's single handedly one of the biggest reasons i hate farming survivals to actually get survival drops. Seeing a ++ drop then vanish is a devastating blow considering the rarity of it in the first place. So finally getting a drop after potentially spending 10's of hours farming survivals and having that happen is a massive motivation killer. And it's something that only effects mob drops on maps which already have severely worst quality than end of map rewards.
  5. Enjoyed the new desert themed map honestly, fps issues are unforgivable though :/. But other than that i liked it so far, haven't touched the survival yet so my opinion is on the campaign. Dragon fire NEEDS to be nerfed on cr4 that's way too much damage. Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  6. Like others have mentioned it's good your prioritizing your well being over dungeon defenders. Best of luck to you and take it easy. We'll always be here in mind and spirit after all the memories and stuff made. Take care of yourself Senji. :) #1 ult++ builder leather gloves. #2 ult++ builder chain helmet. #3 new patch celebration. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  7. Here we have the elusive seahorse in it's natural habitat.
  8. Obligatory 70CV to prevent low balls (35 cubes 2 single caps and 1 double cap) Edit: I want my full ++ set of dps pristine armor, only need the helmet still :p.
  9. Alrighty here's my entry. 1: Mana Master 2: glacier demise 3: staff of the pumpkin king https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/ <--- link to my steam profile. Build. Monk wearing the dice
  10. I'll go 6 Cubes on the pristine helmet if not too late.
  11. Yeah they're one of the pets that should have been buffed to be ult capable as well.
  12. Yes, otherwise i would have mentioned other ult++ pieces i'm only looking for these two, But primarily the leather ++ boots.
  13. the hammer from aquanos drops on crystaline resurgance 3... which they have a high chance to roll ult there.
  14. Been looking for awhile now to get a good pair of ++ tower leather boots to finish off tower adept. Can offer cubes (have like 3 dozen of them) diamond's though i'm lacking in quantity at the moment (only have a single cap and a double cap right now). and possibly a traced maelstrom i'm also willing to put in only if it's real good quality. I do also have a few pieces of ++ armor i could also put in the trade, been holding them in case i could use them as a trade. 3 stat tower pristine vest with 390's hp and damage 270's rate 40X levels no radius being the main highlight, No longer have the boots. On another note i'm also looking for leather ++ gloves to finish off my aura's but my priority atm is boots for my adept.
  15. Hmm 30 cubes and 1 single cap for 40CV.
  16. Well since thale's said to get as far as possible would be allowed. As for issues i mentioned on the ddrng discord that phoenix STILL doesn't have priority when on a controller, it's minions still take priority over the boss itself. Crystalline Resurgance 3 dragon is indeed targable with a controller now so that's a bit plus. But i don't recommend it due to it being pretty particular to fire at it. but better than no damage whatsoever for sure. Emerald has several issues.. but they've mostly been touched already by others. Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222
  17. 80CV 30 cubes, 4 no caps, and 3 single caps.
  18. 60CV 30 in cubes, 2 no caps and 2 single caps. Just gonna put this here.
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