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  1. Happy Holiday's everyone, it's been a rough 2020 so hopefully everyone is looking forward to a new year. for a new chance of things to happen. Have a good one everyone. Keep on defending defenders. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093049222/
  4. 1 double cap and 7 cubes. so 22cv
  5. Decided I might as well auction this cause i'm not going to use it. It's the same one escev wanted to purchase last year. End date, 1 week from now so august 27th. Rule's if you managed to get yourself blocked you are automatically banned from the auction. Accepting diamonds 5/10/15 Not accepting cubes/coal Events: Party hats 120cv Magicite 110cv Eternity 40CV Other's.. Magicite Turkey on treadmill All 750's tower stats, no idea on their value. Otherwise i may accept other ++ gear if offered. Right to refuse to sell if not happy with final offer blablabla t
  6. Might as well continue the trend of +35 cv bids.. 155 cv in diamonds.
  7. Looking for a chain helmet with 1100's+ ab1 and goodish to great sides. Offering up to.. 160cv in diamonds and 12 cubes. depending on stats. May possibly offer my mail tower helmet or plate dps boots for a 1:1 trade is well if it's really good. ** boots are 110x hero damage and i think 60x ab2 if i remember** mail helmet is 120x tower damage if i remember with high 500's rate and okay radius.
  8. If it was a helmet i definitely would be lul...
  9. Updated got my ac of spades. and i think everything is up to date for the time being. I may try to go for plate dps pieces but only if i end up farming something other than boots. Priority is still chain ab1 helmet in the 1100's.
  10. Sorry haven't been around the past few days due to natural disaster etc. will get to trading armor now. Edit anything above this post is basically considered sold unless bidder changes mind etc.
  11. Is that on each one or? cause every single one has an individual bid.
  12. Want to auction all of these armor's to get them out of my inventory. Rules can't be blocked cause it means you are forbidden from trading etc with me. Most of these the buy out will likely be between 5-10, though a couple of them are higher. But accepted currencies are below. diamonds 5/10/15 8 coal = 1 cv Auction will last basically until they're all sold. 1 2 3 Trade Pending 4 5 SOLD 6 SOLD 7 Trade pending 8 Trade Pending 9 10 11 Trade pending 12 SOLD 13 SOLD 14 15 Trade Pending 16 SOLD
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