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  1. Ive never once had to give up a game because i couldnt kill a boss behind the spawn ;) Dead Road, Mage with Ghastly Halbard Every other stuck boss AbyssLord [hold]right click for far.. or [tab] startfire for close ones (crumbled bulwark) Well, first of all I have no idea what tab startfire is. Secondly, I don't see how any of those strats help with killing the siege rollers within any reasonable amount of time. and finally, you can't expect everyone to have the correct heroes/gear or even know how to counter a bug. Please trendy just kill off the bosses after a few minutes. Maybe you are worri
  2. https://ibb.co/hancFa another stuck siege roller.... I wish they would just insta kill bosses that are still in spawners after a period of time till they fix them all since it is taking soo long to fix. It is not fun to keep losing out on shards cause of this.
  3. Ughhh. Really not a fan of allowing enemies to just walk by blockades if there is a small amount of space. Reason being the limited amount of defense units. These new chaos enemies are designed to force u to use either ramster/flamethrowers or a diverse amount of defenses to counter each of their specialties. Having to waste more green mana/du on additional blockades just further forces u to use the op towers without counters since u don't have the resources to build enough other stuff. Dryad trees I feel like should taunt enemies too because its kinda silly having a tree blockade and then nee
  4. Well according to the wiki and other post, the ranged shard is chaos 1 and since the range of towers got nerfed to the ground, that makes it a super valuable shard. Doing higher chaos would give a bit more stats if u can do it without the shard but less chance of getting the range shard. I know your pain. I have gotten to 60 ascension just farming chaos 1 for that one shard and it won't drop. I would love for them to implement some system that either makes the character/defense specific shards unique drop meaning u can't get more if u have one in your bags or some sort of bad luck protection
  5. I personally don't even want to attempt the map that has like 4 cores and spread out super far with really wide paths. walls are way to unreliable to waste time on a map like that just to have an emp orc just walk by without a care in the world.
  6. /bump I wanted to add that you could do a random new enemy from among the chaos enemies with the amount of choices growing as you progress through chaos. So in chaos 1 it would always be the frontal shield guys and then chaos 2 it could be either those guys or the emp orcs and progressively adding more options and difficulty as it gets higher
  7. When I first heard about the different enemies for each chaos tier I made the false assumption that each enemy would be unique to that tier. I really liked that idea because it made it so that a different strategy was needed for each tier. With the current setup, it would seem that is not the case. Each tier currently just chips away at the list of "viable" turrets to beat it reasonably. If you choose to go this route then I would assume making the specific chaos enemies in each tier even more difficult so that the game does not get easier, but more diverse. I have only done chaos 3, most of t
  8. For me on chaos 3 every time an enemy glitches through/past a wall it has either been a tiny skeleton or an emp orc. Walls have had issues since release and I hope they get fixed soon. Would prefer that over a new hero or w/e any day. Also, the dryad tree seems to be pretty horrible at getting aggro as well. More so then some of the other barricades.
  9. I don't know if someone else mentioned it because i did not read everything but you can place your lightning auras in all 3 of the side lanes and most of the ones in the middle on higher elevation to make them immune to the curse for the entire game. Before i had uber lightning I would use a monk/squire/huntress. Monk for auras/buff/anti air(also what killed betsy), Squire for walls, Huntress with all hero damage/crit damage/reduced resistance and the chance to shoot a charged shot. The huntress head shoting the ogres for 32k damage sometimes makes them die pretty fast. Huntress also put down
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