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  1. Couldn't it be that they are (like most f2p games in early access afaik?) operating on a loss throughout their alpha/beta/kappa stages and if they have their final ace in the hole (full release) flop they would be in their death throes? How long do they pay for the studio space, server space, employees, etc when the game isn't able to pay for all of it? And if they're planning on adding enough thoughtful dev time to make the game actually good then they'd save release for after that to get the most sticky boost in playerbase.. right? If I were optimistic I'd see this as an admission it jus
  2. Reminding us all that, in order to be helpful, we should be more realistic and not ficitional We should all take notes on the real situations you presented us with up above, there were many. Like how emp flame works, .15 faster than this or that, analysis on overkill, the actual (not made-up) dps of different cannons vs the actual (not made up) hp of monsters, the 100 million crit damage tower with 10 sec atk speed, how much damage CC is worth, ...and many more All very scientific, and very helpful, indeed looking forward to the next thread where someone, takes the HP of every different ty
  3. The drop off can only be due to frosty nodes no longer stacking since they're measurably better now than before They're so crazily game changing I'm like.. sort of at a loss of words that you're saying they need to be buffed. Yes, maybe it's a little tougher with your flame auras - I've seen glimpses of your build in your videos and you still maximize their #s in the lane yeah? causes them to be off to the side (due to "aura too close to another aura" thingy)... making it harder for the frosty to connect. Perhaps it would rewarding for you to try frosties while centralizing flame auras
  4. Does Destruction synergize with Frosty Power? Last I heard it didn't, but I don't have the shard to test it myself. Never heard anything about this but it's definitely possible Checked it out just now, same everything as above except destruction instead of duet aaand no change, still 39k regular and 229k crit! So destruction actually doesn't work with frosty and I'll be keeping duet in just to better guarantee towers are getting the buff Ok, checked this too and w/o power transfer I get 0 change to crit damage under a frosty So, idk where you got this from but it doesn't seem to be right
  5. Indeed, I had actually thought I somehow had destruction on my frosties which is why I went back in game to check and make that edit since it would mean I'm getting the 34% from frosty destruction and not the 34% from crit damage on the fissure but, ya, I'm a monkey and didn't have destruction on frosty. Would make positioning them a bit easier on some maps w/o duet
  6. Nah, I haven't tried w/o because it didn't make sense, mathematically, to do that It definitely works with power transfer, my fissures do 164k and crit and 23.2k regular in tavern, and (checked just now, you motivated me start at least a c6 game up lol) with frosty it's 229k crit and 39.3k regular frosty app has 15778 DP medallion with nothing relevant in ascension points & shards: duet, range, frosty power lavamancer has 11526 DP medallion with 4803 DCD/DS & shards: power transfer, crit damage+34%, attack rate so it added 64k DCD which is equal to 6,400 DCD (fissure has a 1:10 scal
  7. Yeah, I agree if we're talking about frosty (or anything with HP for that matter that isn't a wall) it's kind of wonky in C7 because you either want to not use those towers or trick kobolts into suiciding on bait towers or environment but.. idk if the devs should be introducing monsters that disrupt the balance of the game so badly and then bringing all the towers the monster is meant to disrupt in line with the new monster. It's like this weird cycle of problems whose solution creates a similar problem that needs a similar solution... etc I see it like, Devs want us to have more difficult
  8. Yeah, agreed. I mostly assumed you meant what I elaborated on, just thought it was a good quote to expand on for other readers Yeah... I think they're trying to capture the essence of that with unlimited chaos tiers. But, like you said.. tough on them to keep with it (and given their ability to keep up with more-mundane things like balance it's... well, these chaos tiers are like a house of cards to me) It's like they copied what makes D3 pretty cool (paragon-ascension and greater rifts-chaos tiers) but totally flubbed it. Imagine if D3 had a limited number of greater rifts and each great
  9. The DP:DCD ratio is the same (1:5) across basically everything the 50% DP still amounts to +30% DCD if you're using power transfer (which everyone probably is for their damaging towers). Perhaps it's even +40% if defense crit damage shard's +34% is able to increase the DCD damage given by power transfer through frosty power. Makes a humongous difference for me in-game when I can spend 30 DU to increase the damage of 4-5 towers (fissures/bees) by that amount I don't think boost aura gives +30% DCD. Unless the +20% shard for boost auras give 20 pct points making it .3 or increase its .1 to .
  10. oh, that's what you got out of that post? No, I implied I want tower selection to matter more, not less. It's perfectly possible to allow more strategy into the game, even with the current poorly-planned out maps, so long as a team is capable of spreadsheeting towers, analyzing that data, and is creative enough to differentiate them meaningfully across attack rates, damage, effects, ranges, etc Flame auras aren't just a 2nd option, either. That's crazy exaggeration lol. But if you want to laud it as a victory for trendy then uh... we'll just have to agree to disagree then
  11. Hm, I'm pretty sure +50% DP on towers it can buff is still extremely strong and it's one of the better towers in the game because of that shard. It's true the tower is almost worthless to upgrade, should just be a larger area per-upgrade (doesn't it already do that? really hard to 'test' it) But the tower is simply a game-changer for clumped up defenses that can be placed in a lane and on difficulties w/o cybork. Like dryad bees/cloud, fissures, and to a lesser extent flame auras and flamethrowers - lesser because the positioning is tougher on them (flamethrower because they have HP, and f
  12. It really is a shame (for dd2) that tower selection isn't making it into the tiers of importance for anyone Can beat the content with flame auras with enough stats so long as you're not a monkey and can "place them" lmao Am I a minority in wanting a this to be a TD game that incentivizes players to focus on strategy type things (which towers to use X which tower to upgrade first X should I upgrade or build another tower X where to place tower) or is just maxing DU with any one particular tower immediately and barreling through the content cool with everyone so long as we keep getting new C
  13. Sometimes's it's perfectly reasonable to ignore community feedback. A majority of us don't have the end-goal in mind when we're commenting (I know I don't) so we can only say what we like and what we don't like, currently. Maybe what we don't like makes sense later on.. and what we like makes little sense later on. It should be the case that the lead designer will usually know better than the players what the game needs next, what it needs to tune, remove, etc Plenty of feedback has been taken seriously though and sometimes patch notes are directly copied from community suggestions and/or
  14. serious? You're not ignoring that fact? But your example is one where the ascension level between two different difficulty relics is exactly the same? That is literally what I said you didn't think about when making the statement you made. Why did you say "I not ignoring that fact" and then ignore that fact in the example... I understand the difference between a linearly increasing value and a parabolic one. Really... I do If all the chaos tiers were out, and they stretched into infinity.... you'd be right and I wouldn't have said what I said Yes, that's exactly it, you get it! So you can
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