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  1. This is one hell of a game.. I am just hoping you see thro me regardless of my actions and give me a dlc code to give my friend.. This way we'll finally be able to play something we both like togheter PS: A reason people has stopped playing this game is because of all these dlc dropping by, not saying its bad but you should rather make a pack instead of 23 dlc this will make it seem like major dlc instead of many smaller ones which can irritate people the money way:D
  2. What would then happen to the costumes?
  3. Id like to buy 6 and 3 for 5 billion Steamid: Lovee236
  4. Huntress here, 1m dps + and got an very decent app guardian. my wep is fully upgraded 254 disc thrower and my armor average. steamid: Lovee236
  5. spiders are cake.. that is if you are a huntress. :D
  6. A very good thing would be to set a mailbox in the tavern where you could send both items and money to friends or other players and or send an item wich you only can accept if you send him back x amount of money.
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