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  1. I was away on holiday so i missed out on the free jester dlc which ran up to the 22nd august, now it is the 27th and there is no dlc for the jester why isthis will it be going up again at some time or is that it i have completley missed out ?
  2. she may summoner the other mobs like wyverns, kobolds, skellies, djinn, sharken e.t.c
  3. Please trendy may you add an in game option to ghost through defences, it feels so good when you use ev walls and you can walk through them can you do it for the rest the reason why i asked is because i am fed up of getting caught on the towers when running away from :warrior: and then get owned by 6 of them because i got stuck. Another reason is for some odd reason if you run off the top of the towers you accelerate and due to this i have ended up in lava :(
  4. I honestly do not mind djinns it actually makes nightmare a challenge and nm is going to get progressively harder with the shark mobs from #3 and chopper mobs from #4 of Lost Shards and i cannot wait it actually gets boring if there is no challenge djinn is what actually makes nightmare, nightmare and not easy, just adapt your build or do it with more than 1 person so 1 can focus on boss and others focus on mobs. But i do agree with 2 and 3 so my final one would be an in-game option to ghost through tower defences as it pretty annoying when your trying to run from a DEW and you get caught on a
  5. I got kicked for being a monk...multiple times. I can't show up to a Monsterfest or Moraggo Survival game without getting the "Sorry, need you to be a squire." line and then getting the boot. Goes for any class that is support apart from huntress as it is dps mainly. My main is now Series Ev as it is fun yet i get constantly kicked because people find her useless
  6. As long as the accessories have some kind of effect i do not mind, like people have said i do not want this game turning out like tf2 (Fashion Fortress 2)
  7. That is how it works, and if your buffing multiple towers and one goes so does the buff beam
  8. They stay up -- but they do still consume Portal Gun energy, so you can't keep them up indefinitely (of course, with a sufficiently Upgraded Portal Gun, you could keep them up for quite some time). If people like, we can release Portal Guns with more upgrades soon :) -Jer Oh please do make it, have semi decent stats as well so it makes it worth using
  9. no it not the dlc it just the patch where they have changed stuff and got rid of some bugs the dlc will be out soon
  10. also have SV = Survival
  11. that the patch not dlc
  12. I wonder why they couldn't just bake that into Tower Damage. That is if she has Tower Damage... Any idea if the other three are different? I know she deffo has tower health and damage because of the beams, one has a counter like huntress traps. I think it may have rate of fire tower but maybe not
  13. ah... But it's the 29th (30th where I am)... shouldn't EV be out already? No because release date is not by localisation or else i would have it as well, the release will be the 29th in the USA usually dlc's get released when steam refreshes which is around 6-8 pm British Summer Time
  14. Is EV out already...? No not till tonight, but i have seen some of the live casts, and some people have put points into the tower range i saw no difference in size or anything so i have come here to mainly ask the devs if they know if the tower range has any effect as i saw no change
  15. Is it worth putting any points into the tower range stats, like how does it effect ev towers ? Does it allow you to place bigger walls, beams (length) making the DU spread out more or does it have no effect on the towers what so ever ?
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