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  1. This is why we can't have nice things. Also nice job, keep it up.
  2. Yet it wasn't a week ago, they were saying they could not re-roll, and keep the same stats. Conflicting enough. I'm not sure what to believe. They like to annoy us....
  3. When you have 2 toons at 50 it doesn't take long at all to get more to 50, with 3 you get a minimum of 105% xp boost. It takes like 2 hours to level a character at that point. When you have done it like most of us where the XP spheres didn't even work and no matter how many 50's you had it still took 12 hours or more to level to 50, we get a little upset about releveling characters. The first one takes forever, the second fairly long, then speeds up. Plus its really hard to just level one character at first, especially solo. You usually need at least 2 to build a decent defense early game. The
  4. Well not everybody is a healthy youth that can spend hours playing. My friend has shoulder issues and can't play games that require a lot of mouse movement for too long. I have back and neck problems and it can be hard some days to sit through an entire game. Allowing for an AFK build lets us enjoy the game in the same way you would doing both, or someone that wants a hero only defense to enjoy the game. Just because you don't want a certain play style doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the game. I hate games that make me play one way only. With the Ubers and Passives, its very possible to make
  5. I'd have been ok with a gear wipe only. I am highly against any character/pet/sphere wipes at this point. I think the gear wipe would have been best, as then I'd know I have to progress though in the normal fashion. Right now I'm kinda stuck between trying to slowing grind out some better gear at NM1 or go back to Insane and try to completely regear with better stats rolls and passives. Especially since the normal enemies still aren't dropping gear waves 2-end. From the time I've spent playing, including pre-loot and survive, I've maxed 8 toons, bought 5 Ubers, completed the monthly, leveled m
  6. This make sense before the changes to the new passives. I can't speak for what the % range is at NM4, but since the NM1 range is ~0.09% boost/piece of gear, the frosty passive is worthless now. With what [[30942,users]] and [[82405,users]] said, it makes sense just hope the game is really balanced once we get back there. Now I didn't mind the idle builds, I think all three play styles should be viable. 1) Hero DPS only, blockades only. 2) Mix of Hero DPS and Towers (what most people seem to want the game to be) and 3) Tower only defense (heroes aren't required to do anything, maybe occasion
  7. So what's up with the new iPWR ranges? The NM4 maps drop 700 gear at the high end of the range with the map requirements being 1000 for the block 3 maps. So are we not suppose to ever get to the max ipwr, or will there be some other way of getting gear? I'd really like to hear from the devs what their plan was on that.
  8. 2 of my 3 dailies I have collected are now special enemies, I have killed 1 but can't seem to figure out exactly who it is. Blue ogres don't seem to count, so is it only the named guys like quibly, tuskar, and malthius?
  9. Also hero abilities were more powerful feeling in DD1 and I think I remember tower tiers not being in it until later. I personally like this method better because I don't need to worry about if I use my character can I still do my defenses, and with the public games I could see people jumping in a completely ruining a game by jumping around too much and spamming abilities. On the other hand, Mana regen sphere anyone? Tier 5 before wave 1....
  10. Pets should never be wiped again, with people unlocking limited pets like thunder-O, the new sword guy, madwick event, it would not be fair to wipe pets and take those away from people. They could give people who had it an egg back but what about all the time people have spent leveling them. Even the characters shouldn't be wiped at this point. At least not until we get around full release then I could see a reset to level the field for everyone to start fresh. Sphere's would make me a little sad as a lot of time was put into dailies to buy the Ubers I have. I think they just need to lower the
  11. Its funny because it like this now for build distances: LSA/LA miles apart Physical traps feet apart Chaos traps milimeters apart.... Oh god I can still put 30 traps inside the basic space of an LA.....
  12. It's all in the gear and like the guy above said, passives aren't right on legacy gear at all. It all makes things so much harder right now. Do what you can to gear gear and it *should* get easier.
  13. Well most of those posts are probably more gear related, since we have all spent so long idling NM4 content we forgot how much harder it is to do missions with poor equipment. I'm pissed that its back to farming wave 1 bosses for loot. I was really hoping the play would be more balanced, and that I could (while being somewhat slow) solo few waves each game and gather items to equip and move through the NM difficulties.
  14. Why oh why did they even think about raising the price of spheres? I'm glad I already bought almost all I want but its unfair to those who haven't. Also, we're right back to the same **** of pick the hardest map and farm wave one boss for loot to increase iPWR. Don't know why I expected that to change....
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