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  1. Can we please have QOL improvements on Victory Chest Collection​, we fought hard for the win. We deserve to not be denied our loot! #E_B4_G #NoMoreMissedVictoryChests See my post here describing the problem https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/144503
  2. Somehow got my Mystic to be super tiny. Careful, snakes bite in all sizes ;)
  3. Hey guys, not sure if this is a bug or if it's been asked before. I have 2 different shards for the Squire, Powerful Bolts & Empowered Bolts. I tried to equip them both on a Purple Relic, however Powerful Bolts would not appear. I tried the same procedure but with a Legendary Relic, and it worked fine, I was able to put both Shards onto it. So I guess my question, is there a bug here? or a hidden limit that Purple items can equip certain grade?
  4. Well shoot, this is good information. Guess I shouldn't have sold all those legendaries.
  5. Hey Trendy, I'd like to preface this post with a very short story. It's 3:45AM EST, I had finally beaten a C3 mission Solo after failing for 2 solid weeks. Part of this is from the constant patch changes that keep nerfing what players have found to work, and not fixing strategies/towers that should work (Sky Guard), and moving the Defense Range Shard to C3. It's very frustrating to try and play this game when it's a constant moving target. I get it, you have to fix things and update it, but anyways... I went back, got some ascension levels, got some gems, switched up my DPS hero and I beat
  6. Well said, I am super excited to play this patch, was met with some serious confusion, and frankly, I am afriad to commit to any upgrading because I don't know if things are still broken, or if things will change. Feels like wipeagheddon all over again.
  7. Same here, I am looking at my Squire's Sword of Unholy Fire (pre-patch, it sprayed fire when holding up shield) it has 2 Solid blue Slots, when I equip it, I hear a sound, sort of like something powered up. But when I go to check the shards, there are none, and the previously mentioned flamethrower effect isn't there. Currently I am deathly afraid of committing any of my precious gold or medals to power up something that is potentially broken. Please have a look Trendy.
  8. Anyone else having problems making shorter EV2 beam? for me the game tells me that my E key is Unbound, even though I already checked and rebound it.
  9. We're playing on PC, and he already emailed Trendy as I stated. I'll try to get him to post here, but I don't know what good that'll do unless they respond.
  10. Hey Devs, My friend had about 5-6k Hero medals that he has been working to save up, but a few days ago it went missing on his account. He already sent you guys an email but has not gotten a response in about a week. I also tweeted about this a few, but it has gone unnoticed. This comes as strange to him because when he also didn't get rewarded the Caustic Dragon Lich, you guys responded within a day. Now, I get you guys are super busy, but if you guys could find a bit of time to at least address his issue, or at least bring it to the support team's attention, that would go a long way because
  11. I'd be more for new classes that are specifically Male or Female (Different races/creatures?) so that each can have their own personality instead of just a re-model and sell it. Warframe does this right, and while the same question has come across for gender switching option for each Warframe, people still settled on every new character is different. Which is probably why Fighting games and MOBA games thrive with diverse characters.
  12. Sort of related, I am using the same build as above, but Im trying to use Automation with my Squire's Barricades in NM3, they don't seem to last as long. Can anyone tell me specificaly in detail how Automation's repairing scales off of DP or enemy's attack?
  13. Sorry for the messed up links, this forums doesn't seem to parse the short-links
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