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  1. Hey everyone i'm an old member of this community and i cannot tell you how i love this game and still do maybe i don't play it much these days but i still love it just as a friendly thing if you have any Old Screenshot that brings up some good memories to you plz plz post it and tell the story behind it if it does have one :D This is an old screenshot of i think is one of the events or one of the challenges that some ppl make in the forums , it's a Candy Land :D
  2. hmmmmm that's a pretty good point lol i'll add that later on , in the middle of final exams atm
  3. UPDATED Added the new Event items from the event "[Event] Lunar League" 2018/04/20 . Link to the pic without a name : https://i.imgur.com/G6RDHss.jpg Updated both links of pics with and without names on the thread :)) , Added the Spearmint as well to the link with all event items in the thread (sorry forgot to add that earlier) thanks to Black Mambo for lending me one of the two events ^^ Cheers kg4q
  4. Updated Added the new Event item from the event "Wandering Heart" 2018/03/07 . Link to the pic without a name : https://i.imgur.com/hvfWaL4.jpg Updated both links of all event items with and without names in the thread as well sorry for the delay update Exams and stuff ^^ Cheers kg4q
  5. can't change it now really sorry :/
  6. Big thanks to Black Mambo № 5 for lending me the other even pet :D
  7. Updated Added the new Event items from the event "Presents for the good little girls and boys" 2017/01/21 . Link to the pic without names : https://i.imgur.com/eahwmmq.jpg Cheers kg4q
  8. Hey guys i've made a Emulator guide about a year right here Emulator Guide but it works for most ppl but for some ppl it doesn't work at all is that cuz of the new patch or ? also if you know anything about this let me know plz
  9. UpdatedAdded the new Event items for the 3 Events : [Event] Forest Blitz , [Event] Halloween Rush , [Event] The Great Turkey Defense (2017) .  Link to the pic without names : https://imgur.com/a/5Cvwp Cheers kg4q
  10. I'm so glad that this community is still alive even tho i don't play paladins alot anymore Feelsbad but still i'll join this event
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