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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045364788/screenshot/614967448713826393?tab=public Accepting offers
  2. So in other words, anyone who doesn't have a trap huntress or an aura monk is COMPLETELY SCREWED in this patch. I think you are terrible at arguing, because you are proving our points. Edit 1: P.S. I am leveling a monk as we discuss. Edit 2: If this is a strictly multiplayer game, take out single player as an option. If anything, those who did all the insane stuff when squires were kings and have insane gear are going to defend these changes since they can now still solo stuff, but everyone else is forced to find a game where one of those people is in... otherwise, it's just a little too fr
  3. Blizzard knows nothing about balancing; they know everything about class rotation. Considering how the OP said "Look at how Blizzard balances" I think it was a pretty accurate statement. Also: 'Same exact content'? Have you ever played WoW through more then one expansion? Have you? Only thing that could be considered 'new' is the up and coming pokemon game. Every expansion was more of the same.
  4. Would you rather the patch take longer to come out? Either you can get it 2 business days after the previous, or you can get a bucket of playtest time in each patch. What do you think they're doing with their time when not patching? Faffing about? What kind of stupid question is this? I'd rather a patch take longer to get out if it means it'll get tested. It's a no brainer. That said, I'm happy to play test a quickly released patch, just as long as it's clear that it's being asked of me.
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045364788/screenshot/612715011120762441 Steam name Mudskunk. Taking Offers.
  6. I can also confirm that it autosells when you click return to tavern. Did this at the end of Glitterhelm.
  7. Thanks Unspecified, Will give it a shot tonight.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045364788/screenshot/612715011091563786 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045364788/screenshot/612715011091559425/?
  9. In all of my raiding career, I can't recall a boss fight that took longer than 20 minutes. You're right, I was referring to progression raiding (BWL, AQ40, Naxx40) etc. Where we'd wipe on a boss for hours on end. That sorted. I still like this challenge, and the people complaining about the length of time it takes I disagree with, and think they just feel entitled to everything in the game without working for it. That said, people with complaints about the SKILL required to complete the challenge I feel are justified.
  10. Thanks for all the help if anyone else has advice / pictures they could show me of good setups please do ! What I gave you is all you need, I promise.
  11. FYI, you can stop in the middle of a raid in WoW to take a break, for say, bathroom... Or food. A boss in WoW is 5-15 minutes usually.... Not 1.5+ hours. FYI, I was referring to classic WoW raids, which I actually enjoyed. Where a boss WOULD take 1.5+ hours.
  12. It's pretty fun until the game deletes your reward or doesn't reward you at all. Then you've got less mana than one insane ramparts run to show for your 90+ minutes of goblin destruction. Well that's not an issue with the challenge itself, is it? Besides, they already said they'll make it up to you.
  13. At green circles: Spinny Machine (OR Spike Blockades) Backed up with 3 Ballistas. At Purple circles: a single Ballista. Win. NOTE: The additional ballista on the eastern side is to point backwards to protect the inevitable stray mobs that wander up the path. Optional: Ensnare/Str Drain auras at each choke if you don't have the dps to kill the red ogres fast enough. EDIT: Got a bit more time, here's what past experience has taught me. The northern point is fine with just 2 ballista + the wall/spinny thing. The eastern point is a good spot for a slow aura, put your towers as close
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