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  1. I am noticing that new gear drops have MUCH lower resists than my existing gear. I have level 23 gear that I got while leveling that has 3X the resist as level 38 gear that is dropping now. It is nice that other stats are fixed on the new drops, but this just makes heroes really squishy. These huge stat swings are not good.
  2. The gold sphere IV counts for all kills, not just hero kills. When I solo with it, I get the gold drops from tower kills too. I no longer use the XP spheres while leveling. Gold is much harder to come by than XP. I do believe that it is not 15% like it states. It is closer to 5-10%. The amount of gold collected just does not add up. At 15%, I should see 1,500 gold for every 100 enemies. For a typical wave while leveling in free play hard, 300 enemies, I should see 4,500 gold. Instead, I see closer to 1,000-2,000 gold per wave.
  3. In DD1, the apprentice wall removed elemental affinity. They should remove monster bonuses in DD2. Also, there is a 3rd wall or at least I consider it a wall: the training dummy. They need to increase the damage done by training dummies. They don't do enough damage or take enough aggro. While they are at it, why is does the game track damage done by the spiked blockade but not the training dummy? If I had my way, the "base" wall would be the spiked blockade. The arcane wall and training dummies would have at least 80% of the hps as the spiked blockade.
  4. I think there is a balance issue here. Only the Huntress and Squire have towers that do physical damage. I think they should change all Earth damage to physical instead of magical damage. That would give the Apprentice a physical damage tower and the Huntress would get a 2nd physical damage tower. The monk would lack a physical damage tower but that is fine since the Squire lacks a magical damage tower.
  5. Currently the hero crit damage stat is 1:1. Each pt in crit damage increases the damage done by a critical hit by 1. When compared to just straight hero damage, the crit damage stat is terrible. Hero damage affects every attack, including crits. Crit damage only affects critical hits. Yet the stats are equal when it comes to spheres and item stats. Each hero damage sphere is the same as its comparable hero crit damage sphere. The stats on gear is about the same as well. Simple math goes that with a 25% crit chance, the tier VII crit damage sphere will increase the average damage per atta
  6. I do regular Incursion Crossroads. You get 3 Ogres for doing 5 waves.
  7. I'm not sure how accurate this observation is. I seem to notice that pet affection goes up faster when leveling characters in free play and incursion than it does in end game. Maybe it is somehow tied to the amount of XP gained? If so, that is a mistake.
  8. I am leveling my characters. I am not going to even attempt end game content until some things are fixed. On the leveling side, the 5 daily map bonuses help a lot. They got that one right at least. I wonder what happened to the loot bonus that I saw on the first day? It is all XP now.
  9. My memory may be off but I seem to remember the little mini-achievement awards during a map used to give a lot more gold. I could swear that killing 15 enemies at once used to give 150 gold as a reward. I just saw it scroll past on my screen and it gave a whopping 5 gold. The other rewards seemed to be in the 50-150 gold range. No wonder I feel so broke all the time. I have to equip the gold medium spheres to get a meager amount of gold per map since the +gold secondaries were reduced to next to nothing.
  10. The funny thing is that I am going to earn enough tokens for my Ultimate before I get enough gold for a large sphere.
  11. Things left on the ground at the end of a map are lost and you get nothing for them. If you want to sell them, you have to pick them up and manually sell them now. There is no more auto-sell option. That will get you a little more gold but it won't fix the issue with outrageous prices and very little gold to spend. It is like the game changed to the Weinmar Republic's economic system.
  12. I just rerolled an empowered stat to try to get an all tower stat pet. The old progression was 100, 250, 500, 750 etc. Tonight I gave it a whirl and it went 100, 2500 then I stopped. I checked another pet and it said 7500. I am thinking someone misplaced the decimal point where in the reroll tables.
  13. Some people are adults with jobs. We can't play Dungeon Defenders for a week straight...
  14. Just before they took the servers down the 2nd time, I saw a normal mob drop a legendary item FWIW.
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