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  1. The Forge is actually just where you view your inventory, Hero Deck, Characters, and Collections. Their is no real forging of items at the forge. Upgrades happy as the lady near the Seamstress.
  2. Very cool ideas. Definitely like the idea of being able to generate a force field to hold back the enemy for a little bit while you repair.
  3. So I have seen some talk about new weapons being tested by the Trendy Team and though I would put forward some ideas for what I would like to see come out of the different weapon types. These are just some random ideas I came up with feel free to leave your own or comment on others. 1) Squire- Large Harpoon Launcher: Changes the squires basic attacks to ranged and secondary attack sets him in a fortified stance where he can't move but his attacks now pierce targets. 2) Monk- Prayer Beads: Switches the monks main attack to being ranged and secondary attack now channels a heal to nearby players. 3) Huntress- Daggers: Main attack now melee and secondary attack applies a temporary poison buff to her primary attacks. 4) Apprentice- Spellsword: Main attack now melee and secondary attack sends out a beam much like the squire ability.
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