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  1. What I think you should do is go join an NM4 incursion liferoot map on public game. You should try to get a higher ipwr 240 + gear before patch comes out so you can get the accessories.
  2. So this is what it really comes down to. You don't enjoy having to think about things. You want dps heroes to be easy mode. You want to run around one shotting everything because it feels good. Of course if we get the game re-balanced this way then dps heroes will be massively abused. NM modes are supposed to be about challenging players to play better. Part of playing better is using your attacks and abilities smarter. Redline said it right, every dps hero has a huge advantage in any lane even if its the wrong type for their abilities. I would even add that apprentice may be magic damage only but yet he can perma-tornado a lane preventing them from attacking for the mostpart. I disagree, I think only squire and monk have huge advantage in any lane over apprentice and huntress. Monk and squire can push enemy back where as apprentice and huntress has to slow them down as much as possible. And beside, a tornado can't knock the enemy up if they have the trait of no knock up.
  3. Its not something you get , its something you earn through the time grinding.
  4. Is it really worth farming 240 gear though? Unlike the full wipe, most player will now have all 4 character ready, strong pet, the frost passive player will definitely have in their inventory which is the most important piece to the progression. It'll only take like a couple days to get people from NM1 to NM4.
  5. The gears are harder to get now with the passive and more or less I think of this wipe as getting feedback on player progression to getting from NM1 to NM4. My thought on this is that it'll only take a couple days for player to get back into NM4 since its not like the tower are being balance especially the frost tower.
  6. What we should do right now is grind gold and level up pet, and then when patch comes out, getting to nm4 would become much easier
  7. Why would you think people even be multiboxing at all? I think Multiplayer bonuses makes sense since it encouraging co-op.
  8. Wait, doesn't this sum up saying you can only have a dps monk or huntress?
  9. Really, I thought about this too as well and here's my solution for you. Replace your monk spot with a combat character and let someone else build a sky tower.
  10. it happen to me, but came back on
  11. I don't think what the post title is true. For starter, the reward should be trash if you who is a high lvl character playing a low lvl character map. If you're doing nm4 onslaught though ,while the iPWR lvl may be less than incursion, you have higher chance at getting the stats you want from gear the further you process.
  12. You don't need Monk for aura, you need Monk for Anti Air.
  13. I think troll blood is ok, however there need to be a cap in monster HP especially for onslaught. It good enough to just spawn more boss with high hp rather than a boss whose HP is insanely high because of high level round.
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