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  1. Let Trendy know that they should release Hero as they are needed not what players like because to many wont agree and let us the community be more involved in gameplaychanges
  2. if u call 100 less per month or 2 is stable then ok ^^ and u can defently see how the old times when it still wasnt free2play had way more players then now .... all those players propably feel the same way as i do. Back then the majority of players that had the game played it. Now its just a joke T.T
  3. Yeah its good for powersruge and gate but other maps like the new one are just to hard with it. they completly took away the attackspeed from the passivs and im realy sad about that
  4. THIS IS ALL FROM MY OWN PERSPECTV AND YES THERE IS ALOT OF COMPLAINING (im sorry if there are any mistakes because my english isnt that great) Playcount is getting lower and lower and i have some theorys why ! : First of all i wanna mention that if the playercount goes down like that we will go back to the time after the last wipe (Monk serenety bug) and only have around 400-500 players at max. So first reason is propably because ppl cant stand the changes that Trendy makes. I myselve am fine with the Balance of stuff like Proton Beam or PDT but that 10 extra Mana on Harpoon was just to much to use it effectiv on most maps. Furthermore Trendy tries to power up the old chars but the only thing they realy accomplish in my opinion is changing their setup but dmg keeps on being the same. Trendy should use the community and tell them whats going to be changed so those ppl can give them advice (That worked for Proton Beam after Trendy nerved it into the ground). Another reason could be the new Heroes. Ppl always want new heroes but at the end they wont even use them and think that the game is getting boring. I dont wanna blame Trendy for this one but they shouldnt make votes for new Heroes. They should just release a Hero that would fit into the game rather then one that the community likes. I myselve would realy like to see Barbarian in the game but right now that would be a bad thing because we kinda got 2 DPS chars in a row (EV because she has highest DPS in game and Gunwitch). I see alot of EV running around for beams and stuff like that but Gunwitch thats just a joke. It was the first Herovote and like everybody voted for her. Now after she got released they see that she is a DPS char with not that much DPS and rather play Huntress or EV. Thats why i would appreciate it if Trendy would go ahead and do no more Herovotes because ppl just go for the outter look. If Trendy intends to do more Herovotes give use atleast an overlook to all the towers and abilitys that you would have in mind or even a little showcase(gifs). This one is just for fun: Trendy doesnt like Barbarian so ppl that like him quit. After the first Herovote gone so wrong for the Barbarian ppl tought that he would be released after the lavamancer because there was no statment that he wouldnt. But Trendy had the idea to only do the lavamancer and put the barbarian into another vote. Not telling the voters that was kinda bad. They could atleast have given the barbarian a headstart for around half the points he had in the voting before . I myselve only play now and then because playing with the current Heroes is just getting lame. Currently we dont realy have a meele DPS but as i said earlyer we already have to many DPS chars now . You could use Monk but they just implemented his new staff that makes him a ranger too. Squire has his Sword and that gives range aswell. Barbarian would have been the perfect Hero for that. If they would make him kinda like in DD1 he would totaly be fun in DD2 but most of the ppl dont realice that and just want op towers or boobs (Im sorry for those ppl that had other things in mind ^^). This kinda is i think all of the stuff thats on my mind. If you have something else then i would like to add it to the list Me while reading hate XD
  5. Is Hearty Harpoon still a thing or did they already remove it ? Havent seen a single Hearty Harpoon drop since they released it i think. Couldnt find any information so i had to make a Thread. Btw if its not in the game anymore someone should update the wiki because its still listed in the passives
  6. i saw alot of stuff so i dont know. you mean the soldier and the goblin ?
  7. Here is mine ^^ was kinda tricky to get there its throne room if u didnt notice ^^ 
  8. As far as i can see the current votes are kinda low compare to the laste ones. maybe thats because noone has any left or they just wanna use them on the barbarian XD But yet no replies from trendy themselve. wanna hear their opinion too
  9. Would be cool if he would get those but i guess he wont use the current weapons
  10. Maybe but otherwise he will just be pushed back till late 2017 or even longer And? I want him too, but honestly way more psyched for Gun Witch, Lavamancer, and Man and Machine. I honestly hopes he beats Mystic, but if he doesn't, oh well, that just means that the community at large didn't want him as much. What happens when they use your method and a character you want loses because of it? Also, your method would essentially guarantee that the loser of a vote would be made, if not the next initiative then the initiative after that. Which kind of defeats the purpose and could lead to a character winning that most people didn't want. that what this threat is for. to see the opinion of other ppl aswell
  11. Maybe but otherwise he will just be pushed back till late 2017 or even longer
  12. Warning: Maybe bad grammar First of all the stuff down below will never be getable because noone wants the barbarian.... atleast most of the ppl that dont know how fun a full ad brawler can be So IF the barbarian wins would you rather like to see him use Rage or Blue mana ? We all know how to get Blue mana but Rage could be obtained by just hacking on your enemys. And maybe even give him a buff when his rage is full (woah that would be cool... maybe even a bonus passiv on his weapons for when he fills his ragebar). From the pictures i guess he will have some kind of axes what in my opinion is pretty cool. Well if he has axes why not give him an ability where he throwes them and let them pierce all enemys in a straight line (cool) And i guess we all hope he will yet again get some sort of lifesteal so he can just stand in hordes of enemy and tank it all by himselve (if you want to see that in action you should try DD1 ^^). And at last the most important thing that most ppl wont aggree with is that he shouldnt scale with ap atall !!! in my opinion he should be a full ad crit hero and scale for that realy high... espacialy crit ( maybe a skill that buffs his crits or as a passiv for items (that already exsists but maybe a special one for barbarian ( to many clips))) Thats most of the stuff i would like to see on the barbarian if we ever gona see him ^^ trendy could give him atleast the votes from the last votings so he has a slight chance to win and we wouldnt have wasted our influenze points that much. Here are additional ideas for his kit: (posted by SpiderDanX) Barbarian should be able to wield the defenses themselves! The defense he picks up will determine his ability: *i.e. Barbarian actually fights with the tower in hand or becomes the tower, but can move around. 1 - Pickup cannonball tower = Barb now becomes a bowling ball & bowls over enemies. 2 - Pickup Squire Wall = Barb is now a moving wall & pushes enemies back with him 3 - Pickup Huntress trap = effectively becomes a kobold + could avoid dying if resists are high enough 4 - Pickup Apprentice wall = Stun enemies with each hit for 1s + slowed attack speed 5 - Pickup Blaze Balloon = Slowed movement speed + Gets in a Hot Air balloon & drops fire from above + Limited movement. 6 - Pickup AL Ramster = Walking, fighting flamethrower 7 - Pickup Evie Reflect Wall = Barb in now a robot. Gains increased resist stats + immune to projectiles. (or maybe invincible for 3s after picking up tower?) 8 - Pickup Monk SA = Barb is now the mobile version of the SA with a smaller aura & is unable to attack. Or instead becomes "Cleric Barbarian" & sends healing beams to targeted Heroes. 9 - Pickup Evie buff tower = Cleric Barb Version 2 & debuffs enemies + lower their resist stats. [[11081,hashtags]] [[11081,hashtags]] [[11081,hashtags]]
  13. If you increase lvl again to say lvl 100 how about we add a secondary lvl like in monsterhunter ? if lvl 100 is max lvl and u get it you can wear all items possible and when u get lvl 100 u get a secondary lvl that starts at lvl 1 and tracks how much xp u gained and can go up to say lvl 999. That secondary lvl wouldnt do anything to your charakter besides showing other ppl how much u played the game.
  14. Do you guys consider lowering the mana cost for the 420 Blaze Ballon ? 50 is way to much to build them effectivly in nm4. Im thinking about 30 so you can place like 6-8 of them per lane lets say on the map liferoot. with the phantom bow the phenix flys up and triggers the others and so u get an inifinte chain and that can be pretty funny. but as i said the price is jsut to high.
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