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  1. In addition to getting more money back from enhanced items, maybe make it so they give a larger xp bonus when enhancing as well, if they don't already?
  2. They should make it so you choose item type AND class for loot in onslaught, so while there is still lots of randomness on stats you should be more likely to get the passives you want. Giving such a low chance to get an item with the stats AND passives you need, while being an upgrade in general, takes way too much loot grinding for anyone with poor loot luck.
  3. Even if they keep the part where you have to manually take the stuff from the scavenger's inventory, they should at least have him collect everything so you can sort later. As I said before, we should not be required to do inventory management during a match and making it so we either do that or lose money on all the non-upgrades is just unacceptable, especially because the prices for things have been increased again.
  4. I guess that could be compared to raids in the older mmos. Your gear was never just outright good enough to do it, but as long as it was passed a certain threshold and things were done right, completion was possible. It wasn't as simple as your so well geared that you shrug off enemy attacks or anything like that.
  5. From what I have read, you have to manually move things to your inventory in order to sell them.
  6. Just reading the patch notes made me decide not to play. I am not even at the point of farming onslaught or even insane, but the TiB was invaluable because of how much loot drops late game. I could not imagine having as much on the ground as some of the nightmare players, and no reducing number of drops would NOT be a fix. Just get rid of the scavenger and give back the TiB. Was playing off and on despite my friends quitting, but with despite any other game mechanic changes this is the one that could make me never play again. All this encourages is people sorting loot between waves with no reg
  7. Then people complain that it isn't fair they don't get those bonuses in single player, after all why should they get a bonus to loot drops or anything else just because they are playing with someone else? Heaven forbid they do any type of bonus for multiplayer that isn't able to be gotten in single player.
  8. Even were that the case, there will always be something left out as more heroes are added. As the OP stated, if there end up more heroes with a type of barricade, the one with the best will be the only one used for building walls and if that heroes wall gets nerfed the next best will be used, and this applies to everything. The strongest AoE dps, strongest single target dps etc, will be the only ones really used so long as there are multiple ways to achieve the same thing. As it stands, the best AA is the one from the monk, but if another hero is added and in some way has a more efficient AA t
  9. Read before you call another's action stupid. The OP clearly stated that he spoke with iamisom about this, and iamisom is, if I am not mistaken, one of the developers of the game. This thread is pointing out the highlights of said discussion and asking for some feedback.
  10. Huh? It has been stated several times that the only way to get those skins is by buying them in the store, and that they are purely cosmetic. They aren't guaranteed to be of a higher rarity, stats aren't better, they simply look different. Also, there is no way to get the golden skins without farming for the golden eggs.
  11. Sorry, my main point was just simply that it is a pre-alpha and as long as it is prerelease, since players have bought it early knowing it is such, should not expect anything. Not that Im better than everyone else, I would probably jump on the complain train if I had items of the power level being effected, but being that Im not affected I felt I should re-re-re-re-re-remind everyone that wipes of any kind should be expected.
  12. This is considered PRE-ALPHA, wipes or anything similar are EXPECTED. At least this time you get to keep your levels and pets etc. You complain about grinding so many hours to get the exact stats you want, but most games take so much longer than that to get the gear you are after, even though you know what the potential rewards are for a specific whatever ahead of time. While I do not completely agree with the reroll, it does make sense. There are items with passives or stats on them that Trendy did not intend to have said stats, and rather than do a complete wipe to remove them to avoid OP le
  13. Now to just get it to its final evolution. Good luck 
  14. They're thinking about a trading in system where you can take all your powerful katkarrots and trade them in for higher rarities. That'd be better If they just let you reskin them the guys who've already spent a fair amount of gems on premium pets would be upset. The thing with that though, is that this IS an alpha/beta thing, so I do not even understand spending money on a cosmetic thing with a low chance of it giving the strength you want.
  15. Thanks, think Ill just go the freeplay route. Lost most of my will to play when my friends all quit, but I still wanna get that monthly. The item fusion thing is going quite quick, so at this point I just need to grind out onslaught before the month ends.
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