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  1. I've gotta say I use a Barb in onslaught and it's taking me up to 18+ strikes to light a torch (gilded burning strikes). switching to a monk can be significantly faster but so is my mortality rate. This is too long with frozen defenses, fast bosses, slow immune lady orcs, and assassins that stop me from re-igniting the torches. I tend to replay until the rng says i can survive the round, it doesnt matter if my defenses can kill them in a second if they are frozen... I would say to keep the mechanics (god know why it is there in the first place) use 3 torch phases where Fire neutralizes th
  2. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/148166/any-plans-to-scrap-dd2?scrollTo=1299126&page=3#1299126
  3. yes. the stronger your weapon / armour / relics (if equipped) the better loot and stronger weapon u can purchase.
  4. In every successful game you slowly gear up and do the dungeons/ maps / events relevant to your current ability. You are supposed to play in chaos 1 while campaign / chaos 1 geared, however you are not supposed to jump to Chaos 3 because there's a builder. This holds true if you are 1000 ascension or 1 ascension, if you are too weak to contribute then ascension isn't going to make up for it, Gear will. Thus we have Chaos Trials to give u gear according to the gear you are wearing. If you want a real world example: would you start a course in sewing or anything and go straight to the advanced
  5. Hero crit chance is the only important one, if you wanted to go hybrid it would cost you an extra 60 ascension total (20 in the utility tree). Most people are at the stage where they barely have enough points for Def Crit Chance and Range Gambit (thats 20+50 in utility and 210 total). Just do what suits your playstyle
  6. LM Fissure will most definitely be disabled. Try Flame Throwers / Cannons / Ramsters / frosty tower with a single pdt at the wall.
  7. I used GW as the active hero with my builders on the other 3 slots, I got approximately 4x less relics over 50+ maps. She is now retired.
  8. Obviously, i am talking about core and sub-objective health being increased. This feature has saved my life numerous times and I'm loving it. I would go so far as to say it should be permanent. Forum is open for discussion.
  9. you do know after the first map the Req. Ascn. is reset to 0 no matter what.
  10. they look like epic packs, i wish they were still around
  11. When it transferred from P2P to F2P there was wipeaggedon. We got lots of stuffs
  12. Very nice! Have you noticed that people with 300+ ascension are still stuck at c5? I'm not sure the reason but I believe c5 is the biggest hurdle due to unclear loot progression being a combination of rarity and sell values and upgrades and stats (you addressed unclear bit, but who reads forums?*rhetorical qu.). I have seen numerous people struggle with c5 and it's sad.
  13. This could be problematic. However, this is a action-tower defense game. Learning how to build towers and how they work is part of the game.
  14. going on a similar line of thought, i wouldn't mind seeing xp potions. Whether these be bought using premium currency or DM. Though they aren't necessary, it could be a fun feature for ascension grinding or power leveling... especially on a bonus weekend event.
  15. We have always had the option to join our friends through steam friend - join game function. There is absolutely no punishment. We can also join our friend who is in a pub game, so its not even restrictive for friends+pubs. no no no no. Ascension is how long u played the game, not how geared you are. Gear reflects worth while ascension is a great decorative thing we show our friends.
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