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  1. Same for me and my GF. we got this message : 3101 : could not successfully authenticate with steam. Please try restarting the game. Contact support if the problem persists.
  2. hi all I can see, when i attack with my huntress, if i primary attack not in the head, i have 0 crit occur, no crit. I must headshot for have Crit (always crit in head) So i can guess, its like before, for crit, Hit the head only. Its what you wanted ? Also i notice, crit chance work in the body only for "other damage" Like "water, fire etc.." bonus damage on weapon. Thx for reading
  3. 10 mins for download update, and after ... PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY LOL
  4. Hi ! - Can you let the community, people who you trust, to translate the game for you ? (in French, german, + maybe italian ?) - If you think about it, maybe launch a precise event for recruit 2-3 people for translate, who will win Gems after give a good hand for translate ? (because i guess, people prefer be chose through a "competition" and have a "reward") Sincerely, Kadiak
  5. I'm fairly certain that localizations are in our plans, but they may not happen for some time. What languages would you like to see DD2 translated to? As he wrote his english is not that good I have sent him a PM with a translation of your answer. Just in case. ^^ About the translations: I think we, the community, could give you a hand here. (Of course there will be the need of supervision - but we could help you save time here) From what I think popular game translations are: german, french and spanish. I have no idea about asian audience and how many people there are playing DD. Yeah of course, i can give a hand for translate the game in French, this is not hard, and for free, it can be faster instead of recruit someone for do it. plus, community have experience with the game, so it's easy to translate all things in the game. What do you think about this ? [[4370,users]]
  6. This dude, i dont comment your idea with quote like the others, because i dont like waste my time (and I lost it by reading all post), They have patience with you, i don't. Its why i dont argument all of your fking tard idea. (yeah i can only insult, when I see a guy be as stubborn, who thinks his idea is worth, saying just as much crap for being right.) Anyway, this idea will never see the day, only in your dreams. Best regards, Kadiak.
  7. Once again, you exhibit your total lack of comprehension on how this system works. It's getting to be pretty pointless to respond to you. You clearly don't understand the suggestion and no amount of explanation makes it clearer for you. Plus you evidently just ignored the bit about adding a handicap, but whatever, you're the only one that can improve your reading comprehension skills. You may also want to look up Communism. It doesn't mean what you think it means. The reason people don't "get it" is because you've derailed the entire topic with your nonsense. People are responding to your points, which I've shown over and over again, are not valid. So, good job on confusing people. Good job, you read the title, but completely failed to read the thread. Why not try reading the idea before you criticize it. Might make you look like less of a fool. I read all, and its the same, i disagree about this system. I'm okay only with an anti-afk system improvement but not that. I dislike an idea of reward about "what you do in the fight", if you dont like to see player who Slack, afk, or dont play 100%, then make friend in the game, and go private game. Your system idea, is too complicated to make. Really, make a system who will take all type of game play, by stat, really ? Come on dude.
  8. "XP and loot should be distributed based on character performance" i read the tittle, and i laugh. Sorry but, if you want active player, put a system like this is not good. I only think about that : 1┬░) Im a stuffed player, i build all, i got all reward. k thx. Other player ? get ***ed. 2┬░) Squire tanky way, no reward ? damn but i tank ! what ? i did no hero damage or defense damage ? okay thanks... 3 to infinite┬░) Blablabla you can imagine easy other things who will tell you this idea suck.
  9. dont lie ! you prepare onslaugh update in secret ! hahahahaha... sorry :P
  10. yeah i wake up and launch game, i dl an update too, but what is it ? We don't know ... :p
  11. hi ! :D Thanks for anwser my first question in Devstream 25 (about color chest etc) it was so cool ! :D now my 2 question : Do we will have The +"x"%crit damage stat (and lifesteal) fix or not ? (we cant stack them, like on my huntress i have 2 sphere+30% crit damage, weapon stat 100% critdamage, hands stat 98% crit damage, but it appear to take only 1 stat, not all stat, its so sad, same problem for lifesteal) In future, Melee hero will they have critical hit someday ? (because only range hit have crit hit when they shoot in the head, so melee hero, maybe item with %crit chance by hit ? because they cant aim for head.) Thanks ! ;D
  12. If it was a limited offer that expires on 5 may, you cant have it. Imagine all players who bought collector edition after 5 may, with no -50%, and the others who buy with -50%, they don't have prenium bag offer. And you want have it .... ? Really ? LoL.
  13. True, it can help for sell or manage inventory, its really needed. win a lot of times with this !
  14. You made a good choice, especially since you get somewhere along the lines of $70 of in-game currency. Sorry gigazelle , but i dont understand this part "Especially since you get ?somewhere along the lines of? $70 of in-game currency" I'm not pro in english, can you say it in different way ? x')
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