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  1. I'm only posting this because I haven't finished downloading the patch yet. I guess I should ask some questions. Is Abyss Lord OP and what do you think of the new patch?
  2. Has anyone played this game? It's the most similar game to DD2 that I can think of. I actually like some things in it better than DD2. They just released beta of "Orcs Must Die: Unchained" which is basically the same as DD2. It's interesting to see how another team does things. I'd like to see DD2 improve. I like the game enough, I don't want any real major changes and this is just a .. forum thread so I don't expect anything. I just thought it might help to throw some ideas out there. The biggest difference is DD2 has loot / gear so your tower damage scales up from like 15 - 6000. In Orcs you don't get gear and you only get a few upgrades so your tower damage starts at 25 and gets up to like 35. There are a few things in Orcs Must Die that I don't see in DD2. The enemies are balanced better. It's mostly enemies that attack heroes, DD2 only has ogres and otherwise.. I can just like stand in a wave of monsters .. I know the tiny goblins attack you but they throw like pebbles. The enemies in Orcs Must Die are clearly anti-hero or base rush enemies. They have archers that shoot glowing projectiles that are easy to see, you know when they are coming and you know they will attack you. In DD2 the spear guys have a fairly short range so you don't have to worry about them much and if they do attack you its hard to notice the spears.. maybe if they were flaming spears .. or maybe a new enemy that shoots flaming spears at long range and is anti - hero. DD2 needs enemies that can stun / slow /chase down/ steal blue mana? Big ogre sized enemies that the player will know they are coming after heroes. In Orcs the enemies will go after the hero if attacked but turn back to the core if the hero dies / if they haven't been attacked in the last 2 sec. Some enemies go after heroes if they are in range or just go after them and ignore the core / assassin type enemies. In DD2 the ogre is really slow and you have to get close for him to chase you. A small fast ogre that can like throw rocks / run after players that are far away would be good. The traps/ towers in Orcs are more interesting. You can place some on ceilings / walls. There are slow towers.. we have frost tower but something like an oil pit.. that makes enemies take extra fire damage would be neat. There are a lot of traps that pop out of the floor/ spikes / pushing enemies back/ spring that shoots enemies back / swinging chains/ Though I don't know if that would be hard to do with DD2 physics engine? In orcs a lot of the traps are.. traps that spring once and then take 5 sec to reset so monsters get through. In DD2 the towers just shoot constantly / most of them and I think more stuff that springs would be good. I think the spring traps thing is interesting because it insures that some creeps get through for the player to fight. Combined with enemies that go after heroes it makes the game play more active. What keeps me playing DD2 is.. the monthly missions and that it has the tavern / social hub where you can run around. Collecting loot is also something, trying to get max stats. Endgame still needs a bit of work though, I like how nightmare in DD1 introduced new enemies. The extra modes .. that one where you run through a gauntlet of traps and try to get to the finish line was fun. I also like the level design and art style of DD2 a little more than Orcs.
  3. 1: At the start of every round wipe all loot off the ground and put it in temp. Players can pick up what they want and then when the new round starts it goes to temp. 2: In the main menu esc-> options menu have loot check boxes. Players check the boxes corresponding to loot they would like to stay on the ground. For example Legendary, Mythical, Rare or Pet Food, Eggs, Armor, weapons. A player checks the Pet Food box and only Pet Food will drop to the ground, everything else goes in Temp. I think loot removal at start of next round is the best option because only a few items drop in 1 round so it would keep things fairly clean. Check boxes would be nice for people trying to farm specific items. [Edit] oops looks like someone all ready mentioned wiping loot at the start of rounds.
  4. On the Little Horn map if you trigger the barrel trap and then everyone hits ready the round will start while the barrel trap is dropped, the trap will appear to reset but an invisible wall will remain as if the trap is permanently stuck in the dropped position. The player / creeps cannot pass through this wall. It effectively blocks off a lane, it also works on the other barrel trap lane.. possibly works on the gate though I have not tested it. I believe the trap must be dropped when the next round starts. When testing it you can tell it worked because you will not be able to walk under the barrel trap. You may wan't to look at other maps with traps although this is the only map I can think of where the trap would block a lane.
  5. I had another idea.. you could keep the same RNG .. but have a 2nd item drop called Madwick rags / fur / scales. The 2nd item has a 100% drop rate and maybe 2 or 3 drop a game. So if you don't get lucky and get the pet you always get little scrap items. Then you can trade like 30 scraps for the pet. So people who don't get the pet or people who play like 5 - 10 games will be able to buy the pet. Removing RNG and just doing it like a daily mission where players can track their progress would also be nice. Also... Weekend event parkour challenge!? Wasn't there like a "The floor is lava" map in DD1... it would be cool to make slight changes to maps and use those as weekend events though that would take a little while to create.
  6. What you guys are saying is the same as like: saying bring back modded items or bugged weapons because weapons don't feel powerful enough. Hey why not make every weapon shoot 50 projectiles because it feels powerful. I can agree that towers should look cooler for level 50 player but at the same time I don't want to play a broken game.. this isn't Goat simulator or Garry's mod. There's other stuff they could do to make towers look cooler without unbalancing the game. I would also like to have more rpg style stats or have skill spheres turned into an expanded skill tree. Speed being gone isn't a problem or a solution.
  7. I won it in a raffle, it was free. The two heroes got fused together because of a bug and I thought it looked funny.
  8. This just should not happen. There's a difference between a fun challenge and ... pointless grinding. I think for events like this they need to do something like: for every round the player plays without getting the item add +10% drop chance, if the player gets the item drop chance is reduced to starting value. That way after like 10 games they will get it no matter what. If they want to make it more rare have 2 different color versions, make version A something u play 10 games max to get and version B 20 games max. I play MWO and it has weekend events that require a max of about 50 games. Rewards in that are tiered to like 10 / 20 / 30 /40 / 50. A MWO match usually only lasts 15 minutes. MWO is pretty different from DD2 but I think their weekend event setup is good. Also .. the artists working on this game are awesome, all the pets and characters look great. I think with cool little rare pets like these it might be good to bring them back every 6 months and give people another chance to get them. It's kinda a shame that only a few people get to have such a cool pet, I think they are hard enough to get and 1 weekend is easy enough to miss out on that it wouldn't hurt to do it again sometime. I mean if you had a pool of like 25 rare pets... that would give people about 2 chances per year to get a particular pet. I had another idea... instead of just giving people a reward, you could change the maps on freeplay so that all monsters were chrome.. maybe that's not a great example but change something about the monsters .. maybe make those maps only spawn bosses. That way it'd be more like a unique event, I suppose that would require a lot more play testing to avoid bugs but it would probably be more fun for people. Maybe a winter version of a map where the ground is changed to ice and everyone slides.
  9. So I was playing and I was thinking about pet food, I think I had a pretty good idea. I guess this is kinda low priority with all the bug squashing going on but here it is. Make all pet food ingredients like flour, salt, sugar, butter, eggs (some other kind of egg not pet egg?). The ingredients would level up pets like fish do, they would be the same as fish basically. Then add CHEF NPC and he would let you take your pet food ingredients and bake things like CAKE! or grilled fish or waffles? Now these baked ingredients could be used for a couple things: 1) Feed to pet for a bigger xp gain like cake currently does or as Items required to evolve your pet. 2) Possibly add permanent 1 time bonus to pets like +10 damage (like fusing except adding pet food to pet to accomplish this). Adding bonus damage would only be possible once and require crafting a rare ingredients to make the mythical pineapple cake or something like that. 3) .... games like Dota 2 have an inventory slot activation key, If DD2 had an extra hero ability that was an inventory slot.. you could stick food stuffs in it and give the player a temporary buff for eating cake. Though DD2 allready has a lot of ability keys .. because it's 3 abilities + repair/ upgrade /tower 1-2-3-4. .. Maybe a inventory slot that added a passive bonus would be better. So you stick your cake in your food slot and it gives you +10% speed for 1 wave and then it's consumed. It could be used for fighting tough bosses. 4) Also the rare items you cook could be put on display in your player housing. So if you cook super rare fancy cake with lots of sprinkles you could have it on your dining room table or something.
  10. So this is where I disagree with people. Like from my experience late game DD1 was basically build your towers and then sit there for like 30 freaking waves and do nothing other than repair. Late game was SUPER grindy. I can't see how people thought that aspect was fun. I like the idea of bosses every map / ogres that force players to fight. I like having fewer waves so games don't take 5 hours. I think it'd be okay if once we hit level 50 and get high enough gear we sit back and let towers do most of the work but go after bosses / special creeps. I'm level 20 on 3 heroes right now so I don't know how well things are scaling but seems like people are saying it's too hard. I think it should be hard but maybe the game needs some balance tweaking. Some people were saying the lack of speed limits build options... You can go attack power / health... I mean I think it'd be cool if they could split damage into like Fire / Water / Earth so those stats would effect all your towers and some might be stronger vs different types of creeps. Like geyser tower would change to lava geyser or mud geyser.. and they'd just change the color of the water. That might be too big a change at this stage though :/ Speed doesn't really add more diversity.. its just a multiplayer on damage. .. Having element stats would also require ... elemental enemies so player could focus on being strong vs .. rock golems and lava monsters by boosting 2 of their tower stats. .. I guess the way the game is now there's not much choice in stats .. it's tower damage or health. Skill spheres are in the game to add that diversity... maybe the game just needs more skill spheres that give higher buffs vs specific enemy types. Or like an uber sphere power stat on items .. so you choose if u want tower damage / health or a boost to tower damage that only works with your uber tower. .. so you could focus on having strong uber towers or strong regular towers.
  11. I'm glad speed is gone. Damage stats ADD damage, Speed stats Multiply damage. If they put anything else in the game that adds damage they would also have to consider it being multiplied by speed. So it's like .. if they make a mistake and add a weapon that does +500 tower damage .. then oops you've got players doing 500 + their say their base damage of 1000 so 1500. The same mistake with speed in the game and say a player does 100 damage with a .10 speed (x10 speed modifier) and you get a player who is doing 5000 damage. Taking out speed stats probably makes the game easier to balance. I'd rather have a balanced game without speed then an unbalanced game with speed. I agree cannon / fireball towers look a little slow and could fire a bit faster. I don't think speed needs to be a modifiable stat though. Everyone's goal is to get the highest DPS. I don't see why people would care what stat they are upping to get higher dps... I don't. I think restrictions like this force players to use strategy more. With low speed you have to use other towers like walls / ice tower / geyser to slow down creeps. I think it'd make more sense to have some towers fire fast and others fire slow, like having a machine gun tower that fires super fast and a rocket tower that fires slow but does a ton of damage. With speed as a stat you can't do that without game balance being broken.. or you have to scale it back until it's not really worth getting anyway.
  12. I have the same problem. I tried starting a new hero but the new hero has the same maps unlocked and no quests in "Quests & Missions" info box from the start.
  13. I believe I have the same bug. I was playing when servers went down for the patch though I'm not 100% sure what map I was on. I took some screen shots.. I can't advance past Forgotten Ruins. Quests & Missions screen is empty for all heroes even a new one I created. My level nine huntress was a new hero I tried making, all maps up to Forgotten were unlocked for her and she had same empty Quests & Missions box. Not sure why those NPCs from future quests appeared. When looking at Gran Masta it also says "Unlock by defeating Forgotten Ruins map" but I've played that map a billion times on all my heroes. Buying skill spheres didn't trigger quest dialog. It probably was something that happened when that first hotfix came out.
  14. Talking to any npc just gives me the "you need to train more" thing. Gran Masta has no ! quest indicator. There should be quest in forge -> quests & missions but it's missing. I submitted a bug report, hopefully it will work after next patch.
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