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  1. Im in! Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044279811 Im looking forward to new year when im gonna spend time with some of my friends and play magic and other amazing games :)
  2. Oh an offer you cant refuse eh? well then... how about 100 cute fluffy cats? (guaranteed to be super cute)
  3. Oh, if someone is amazing its you. :* #202 Thanks for hosting this lovley giveaway <3
  4. I like how you are nice enough to not combobreak their quoting. COMBOBREAKER! #310
  5. Just cuz <3 Fav memory: All of the times Awp (Sir John) has sold/accidentally dropped really valuable items and gotten REALLY mad about it ;) Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway <3 (now i have something else besides math tests to look forward to next month)
  6. (33 and 99 were alrdy taken) Changing to #340 #330 (love this giveaway idea ;)
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