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  1. 1. Greater Magicite of Wind 2. bLACK mAGIC 3. Salem steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sam116/
  2. Poliswag, best pokemon??? 1. Black Magic 2. NPC 3. Rainmaker thanks 4 giveaway!
  3. +1, it would be rly nice if cupids AND rainbow unicorns could roll ult. While your at it, ULT CATS PLEASE? :3
  4. oh no accidently posted two posts, now sam is the bad boi :C oh and i can add that what Kitty been saying sounds good, i enjoy the rng and grind in DD1
  5. Pl0x stop using 2-5 dots after every sentence.... It is quite annoying... Thanks for understanding, sincerely ya boi Scam...
  6. 10cv if it passes ic
  7. The stuff is delivered to you if the project is funded and the kickstarter ended.
  8. Sam116

    Item Check Thread

    ic this please https://imgur.com/rLhKtwW
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