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  1. Hope you get well before DD:A comes out, would be fun to see you on there ;) 1. Salem (CATS) 2. bLACK mAGIC (CAAAAAAAAAAATS) 3. Plate boots (Not a ss but close enough :megachicken: ^^ )
  2. I have had this issue for over a year now, as you said it happens in traven and the whole character + pet is blurry. (havent tried to fix it or change setting cuz i dont rly mind)
  3. Sam116

    Contest [ENDED]

    I got this cute little Acen! (Heres trace so u guys know its the real one )
  4. Sam116


    Can i use screenshots from when i ran this a couple years ago? :^) Also im reservng this spot ;^)
  5. These are the event items im willing to trade for a Salem : Gamma(2x), Mana Master, Waterfall, Iratox, Ploutonim I want two Salems total, so first one to trade gets too choose first ^^ Depending on what items you want we can do 1:1 trade or 1:2 trade (for the Mana Master i'd like more then just Salem, couple of cv or smth) All the my events are traced.
  6. Would be nice if the boss got buffed aswell then, its pretty easy atm.
  7. Ill buy the mail helmet 324^
  8. wow added a minimun bid i see, 10cv and 53 hacked mana
  9. 1cv and one coal pepega
  10. 1. Greater Magicite of Wind 2. bLACK mAGIC 3. Salem steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sam116/
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