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  1. I'm stuck at the end of normal freeplay. I can't seem to get high enough iPwr items to allow me to start playing hard freeplay maps. I'm collecting *** items just for their iPwr lvl so my stats are actually really awful at the moment. As if it hasn't been said enough already, this system is so so broken. Any tips for getting over this hurdle? Done Betsy normal many times and not seen any upgrades lately.
  2. Come on Trendy nevermind weekend events, lets have progress towards our ubers instead! =)
  3. I've not heard anyone mention this one. I have a lvl 31 hero and was expecting the slots marked 'lvl 5' and 'lvl 20' to be unlocked but I still only have one slot. Is this a known issue?
  4. Even my onslaught rounds mission is bugged, doesn't just seem to be the kill ones.. No progress on any of them.
  5. Are these bugged? I have a mission to defeat 2000 enemies with auras but having played two maps solo successfully using only auras the counter has not moved off zero. Do I need to be in a specific game mode? I neeeeeeeed to start collecting my wyvern tokens!
  6. Yes, to be honest that might annoy me. Best off waiting, can't wait for release!
  7. What are the premium inventory bags they mention? Honestly, does seem like you get much apart from early access. Which I guess is their way of saying 'support us'. Not convinced I'd play the game unfinished for that amount of money, even though I loved the first one.
  8. Okay cool, what sort of stuff do I get though? I'd like to be able to see if it's the kind of thing I would buy with my money!
  9. I read that DD2 is going to be free to play but can't find any solid information on it? Is it true? If so any idea when? I'd like to play the game but don't know if I should buy it if it's going free to play!
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