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  1. Can someone kick the servers a bit please? Thanks!
  2. I'm finding the match-making system to be a bit frustrating. Rather than get people together it is keeping me from creating the multi-player experience I want from the game. My main bug-bear is when I want to play a certain map, I go to the war table, choose the difficulty I want and hit Find Game. It dumps me in a game with some muppets who won't give me the mana and insist on a poor build that wastes everyones time. Fine. Whatever. They want to play the game their way - I get it. I'll just quit and start another game. But I can't. Unless their game is full I just get dumped back in with them floundering around to failure. This is particularly frustrating when the game mode represents a significant investment of time such as onslaught. I know there has been a lot of chatter about match-making and improvements that could be made to it. It needs to be addressed. The current system has an enjoyable level of simplicity to it but if it doesn't allow me to control my gaming experience and it leaves me incredibly frustrated because of it. Either some way to start a fresh game or to mark the current game as a game I don't want to rejoin would go a long way towards solving this.
  3. I don't see what the issue is with people grinding one map? You don't have to grind with them.. If I have to grind I want it to be easy. What's wrong with that? Once you start with end game you don't want to go back and play the game again, that is super dull. You want to level alts up quickly to try new builds. If anything the XP bonuses for already having 50s are too small... And we definitely don't want people levelling in End Game. That would make it awful. End game should be as it is, for people already levelled to 50. It's hard enough finding people to play with without having lowbies in there to contend with! Especially as we don't have control to kick people.
  4. Well now you've teased I'm most excited about them getting it up on YouTube...
  5. I actually really like that there are combos in the game that are hard. It keeps things interesting. It's nice when you look at the waves and think well that's going to be tough and you have to re-adjust your strategy to beat it. Or it shakes up your solid defences and you have to rebuild parts. When things are hard it makes victory all the more satisfying!
  6. I agree with this. It's so easy to complete a quest or a challenge and not even realise you've done it. Sometimes I find myself looking at a lock box in my bag thinking hello how did you get here? Then I realise I completed a daily.
  7. Here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/541907867774826312/ =)
  8. it would be nice to have a third type of game where people can join for when your friends arent online but that you can control. I just had a game with a guy who joined a game i'd already built, then started mouthing off at me and demanding I do things for him like he was a child. Really needlessly aggressive. I'd like to be able to kick those folks. Instead I have to suffer them when I'm the one putting in all the work. It'd be nice to have some mechanic where you become a 'games master' and you get full control. Being able to kick people and toggling who has the ability to build or not. I agree it's hard but right now it's really frustrating!
  9. Is that something you can currently do or a suggestion?
  10. It really does need a change. If I start a game and build I want control. I want to be able to boot afkers and morons. Pretty please?
  11. Started doing NM4 and finding it hard to get pug's that can play together to advance. Look me up! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018369002/
  12. How do they work? Should we have three each day? Or is it one per day stacking up to three?
  13. Things like this keep the items interesting though. If everything scales linearly you end up with a very bland item system. You don't even have to think before you swap items. Plus there's always that rare moment when you're going to find something with the stats and passives together and that will be a sweet moment.
  14. I'm getting a lot of failed game joins today. I go to start a game and it counts down the displays 'Joining game...' in the top left, then just never joins. I stay next to the war table indefinitely, until I return to the title screen when I get the error 'GameSessionUserLeft'. Sometimes this happens several times in a row and the only solution is to quit the game completely to break it. Intensely irritating! Seems especially bad today.
  15. You seem to have failed to retrospectively give me my shellium shards from already rotted eggs: Doesn't even say rotted egg. Please can you give me my shards? Ta!
  16. No option to reroll it or I would mate. I'm stuck with it. VERY annoying.
  17. Yeah still not getting them here. I have a kill 2000 enemies with auras quest still left from the three I originally got but cannot complete that one....
  18. Actually I feel like a full deck might not be enough. I'd like one of each class but three squires. One tower dmg, ond tower hp and one tank. Can't do that with the hero deck... I'm in a bit of a limbo where I am finding it very hard to get games to join with other people. I end up soloing most of the time. Would rather play with others.
  19. Lightning strikes is still really good. Sucks I can get enough tokens to get it. I feel like it's really holding me back. Wish they'd just prioratise this one and get it sorted.
  20. I would say I'm happy with the direction the changes are going but there's obviously a lot of work still to go. I think Trendy know this. Currently there's a lot of things that are bugged or haven't been given full attention. It's early in the development cycle and it still shows. I would still say I'm having a lot of fun with it!
  21. Some good ideas there. Due to the fact that I've been picking up absolutely anything with a higher iPwr lvl (usually trash) I can't get anywhere on even the first level of hard mode. I've already tried that in private and currently it's a no go. I'd have to farm up some actually decent gear. I've pretty much resigned myself to grinding to 50 because that least then I'll have levels when/if they fix the borked iPwr system. Though to be frank, the grind is so grindy it's pretty damn tedious. Looking forward to some balance being introduced. I don't mind a long levelling system so long as it's fun to play inbetween those level ups!
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