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  1. This would be so good and surely so easy to do? Better yet don't make those skills replace things. Make them add on to my toolbar. So I can build either. Or use either ability. Also add hero quick toggle keys. Super easy quality of life addition.
  2. Or how about just making NM mode balanced for multiplayer properly? At the moment it's only possible to do the high end solo, which is where everyone is now.
  3. The amount of rings I get makes me rage. How many dps chars do you think we have? Haha The same applies to weapons. We don't need a thousand weapon drops when all we're looking for is the build weapons. True story. You probably wouldn't even have to start fixing passives to certain stats or other crap if you just gave us more armour drops to begin with. More trash for sure but more chance of something useful! It's highly frustrating seeing the skew of stuff drop that didn't even have a chance to be useful.
  4. Here's what Blacksmith said in reply to someone on his blog: "Thanks for the reply! Similar to our process with Nightmare, we are currently actively working on the economy. Before if you remember gold was really plentiful and we had a lot of comments of it feeling useless. Now we tried a more aggressive approach and eventually we'd get it in a good enough place! TrendyJayT is actively working on that stuff!" Gold was fine before. I had 1.5 mil and was happily waiting to sink it into a decent pet and rerolls. Since NM was so easy I didn't need to upgrade anything apart from perfect gear. If yo
  5. The leaks the introduced in Alpha are the biggest issue right now. The new difficulty is hard, for sure but I'm making progress slowly. However, when you spend ages working hard on a map and then you lose to a bug like this it's infuriating. It happens SO much now. Not just over barricades either. On Greystone Plaza the right hand 'Greystone Terrace' lane leaks all the time. Most often goblins but when an Orc Lady leaked on wave 7 NM3 and killed the core I rage quit. Didn't happen before, I don't understand why this was changed? FIX IT!
  6. Sounds fun [[77157,users]], wish I could try it out haha
  7. Random drop. They need to address this. They tell us they want us to farm NM for these builds but then make the actual weapons that enable them drop so rarely. There's a greater chance than normal this weekend with the event but I have still seen nothing. How am I meant to try these builds out if the drop rate is so low? Still haven't seen the monk weapon myself either.
  8. Can get into private tavern. If I try to join a friends game I get a Steam error message - 'Game status is unavailable'.
  9. Currently sat with infinite black loading screens. Have seen this mentioned a couple of times on streams today. Pretty annoying. Solo all day and as soon as someone logs on to play duo I get this. Grr! Can someone kick the servers, please?
  10. I feel like things would be dramatically improved if they just adjusted the balance and reduced the amount of DPS gear. Who needs all those ability rings? I don't need a half the drops to be bits of dps armour. I have two dps heros and I have a ridiculous slew of dps gear. I can't even play my dps heroes, I have to have all four slots filled with builders to play solo. I know that in the future there will potentially be dps builds but right now there aren't. Even when there are they will not be the majority of my heroes. I'd like to see more proportional drops. Give me rolls on tower gear ins
  11. My NM2 Liferoot does not get a daily bonus applied to it? The little upward chevrons with the chest are missing from it. This is the third day in a row it's been missing. All the other maps I have played have been reset. Is this working as intended? Or is it a bug of some sort? Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Is anyone else experiencing a massive increase in mobs jumping barricades? I've only once had an ogre jump a barricade pre patch but since alpha it seems ogres could compete in the olympics with their new found skills. I've seen it happen half a dozen times now. Barricades just don't seem to be holding the enemies back anywhere nearly as efficiently as before. In fact they're leakier than a porcupine's colostomy bag. Sometimes the mobs are stood in front of the barricade walking forwards into it instead of attacking it. This seems to lead to them eventually pathing through, around or over the
  13. Yes, it is. And currently I'm finding it easier with 1-2 players.
  14. It's easier to solo maps than play 3-4 player, it seems.
  15. Thanks [[93890,users]] but that's not it. The blaze baloon now fires a phoenix straight upwards. It's the huntress build. I can't find any info on where the bow drops though...
  16. So I want to try out the huntress build. Where do I find the weapon (is it a weapon?) that allows me to set off the cool phoenix effect? Random drop or specific place?
  17. I log in to do my dailies and match pets for the monthly. That's it. It's just not fun any more. Eagerly waiting for a fix though as the game is fun when they get it right.
  18. Reassuing to know they are aware of the issue. Not reassuring that they didn't find this. Surely one play through would be enough to see this? The mind boggles...
  19. Yeah this is really frustrating. In public games I am often the one with the best build stats and yet we get rolled easily on wave one. All my friends stopped playing the game. Which is telling. How am I meant to progress into NM. I haven't seen an upgrade since the reroll. I'm still wearing my rerolled gear because I can't find ipwr 240 drops regularly enough to find actual upgrades. Items below ipwr 240 just do not cut it. Difficult to see the jump up into NM1 given the sudden huge ramp up in difficulty. I don't mind NM1 being super hard, it does create a challenging end game but honestly
  20. Is it any good? I can't get the weapon to drop from Malthius so I can't try it. Am I wasting my time trying to get it now the cheese has been fixed?
  21. I'm playing a game of onslaught, curretly sat at wave 17. The map is full of loot, as usual. However, what I didn't realise is that instead of placing items that no longer fit onto the map into the temp bag they're being put straight into my main bags... Hopefully this is a bug as it's intensely annoying! My carefully ordered bags have now been spammed full with all sorts of crap. I'll have to spend ages on bag admin sorting out what were items I wanted to keep and what is random garbage. Not cool! Please can we fix this? Items on the map that are overflow need to go to the temp bag.
  22. More maps like this Trendy! Did this the other day for a daily and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a push over. I like how there are the healing circles get deployed across the map as the waves advance. Really mixes things up, I had to get creative to finish it. Would like to see more maps like this in end game.
  23. They're down again. No-one can join games. Another swift kick please?
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