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  1. Remove all the OP legacy gearWith our new loot changes, we have a new passive clamping system. If things go as expected, the old legacy gear passive numbers should be clamped down to the new maximum percentage, effectively negating legacy gear. We're still testing this out, but the initial results are positive. maybe i'm just being a hater at this point and tired of the politician style wording of trendy. but i couldnt help but notice iamisom COMPLETELY ignored the hero deck needing to be removed part... for the love of god and all other tower defense games. at least remove it for solo playe
  2. Myself and many of my friends have stopped playing because the gameplay is either broken or volatile, not because there isn't enough content. This seems to be a common theme on the forums too. What motivates you to choose which items require developer attention? You have been saying you are talking about solutions to the hero deck internally for a long long time now. Has anything come of these discussions and when can we expect to see a solution? Lightning: Will you remove the hero deck completely? Lightning: Have you made any progress on fixing mobs stuck inside spawn points?
  3. I'm not being disrespectful to anyone. You're being disrespectful assuming I think I'm better than everyone else. You have to resort to petty little jibes because you know your point is invalid in the face of my argument. Time to remove that deck. Unleash the fun!
  4. Ah, but if its removed, then maps won't be balanced around the limited selection. They'd be balanced under the consideration that there would be many heroes available. It'd be like saying "well you can play DD1 without a summoner if you want to." Some of those maps are balanced with the expectation that the summoner will be available, but the summoner is paid DLC, making those maps unwinnable without the summoner. But you can play DD1 maps without the summoner! It's just more of a challenge. That's what people who want to keep the deck thrive on. And if they actually manage to beat it they
  5. But the people who want to keep it can just limit themselves to four heroes if that's what they enjoy. Trendy should just remove it.
  6. Ban everyone who advocates keeping the hero deck in game then actually start listening to your audience, like you claim to do?
  7. The Training Dummy build has a passive that increases the Dummy's health based on Defense Health. The build adds ranged attacks to the Training Dummy. With each hit, the Dummy will begin powering up, which once it's full, it will activate a portal that will send an enemy back to the spawn -- even Ogres. It won't be 1:1 health with Hearty Blockade, but the damage/utility vs. health tradeoff should be much closer now. Remove all the OP legacy gearWith our new loot changes, we have a new passive clamping system. If things go as expected, the old legacy gear passive numbers should be clamped down
  8. This this this a thousand times this. Just god damn do it and do it quickly. No-one cares about new bosses at this point. Just fix the game itself first and here are the best two ways to do it: Kill the hero deck with fireRemove all the OP legacy gearGet on it!
  9. DD2 is boring so I'm playing other stuff. Hoping Trendy code the fun back in.
  10. Just because something hasn't been done about it doesn't mean complaining about it is a waste of time. If we don't complain and let them know we think it's the stupidest idea in the game they'll never remove it and fix the issue. Maybe it's a big deal code wide to remove it and they don't want to take that hit when so much else is broken? You obviously didn't consider that, how stupid of you. It doesn't add to the game it detracts from it massively. People who want a limit should not hold the rest of us back. Those people can limit themselves in their head to 4 characters in the name of fun. T
  11. Kill it with fire. It's a stupid stupid idea and it's time to acknowledge that and move forwards. I hate joining public games and have someone ask me if I have a good 'x' character only to have to say 'yeah but not in deck'. Total mp killer. Total sp killer. Total fail. Kill it. Bury it. Forget about it. GG.
  12. Yup seeing a lot of these today. Missed it from the patch notes too. ;-)
  13. This is a really cool idea for the hero deck. Only allow say 4 slots to have bonuses and then allow any number of heros to be accessed. =P
  14. Are you doing end game? Presuming you are if you're playing insane. End game pays out very little amounts of XP. Freeplay hard is the best place to level your characters.
  15. There is a guide on Steam called 'Optimising your Wyvern Tokens' that gives a quick run down of how many tokens you can expect to receive for each daily. I'm at work or I'd link it. It's reasonably accurate. Not as good as simply adding in a mouseover I agree but it's a useful resource.
  16. Hi tdb. I like to credit people with the ability to read between the lines and accept that I might not write everything perfectly. This is an internet forum not a legal document. It's pretty obvious I'm not trying to tell people what is and isn't possible, simply describing what I find to be the case. Can you refrain from posting self-congratulatory grammar nazi posts as no-one wants to hear this rubbish and keep to the issues please? Thanks.
  17. Obviously I don't speak for everyone. Obviously I wasn't trying to. Sometimes when people say things they are just speaking their opinion. They're also aware that others might disagree and not share that opinion. No-one on this thread is trying to decree what anyone should think here. Glad you were able to enjoy the game and fighting to get to where you are. All of the people I know have stopped playing now because the game isn't interesting. That's a shame. I don't find grinding away in solo fun. I know a lot of people like it. Fair enough. I'd like to see the game playable at the level I wan
  18. I'm not sure why you say it can't be done solo. I play almost entirely solo. I setup, switch to my huntress, or even my monk if I feel frisky, and can solo all NM 3 maps excluding incursion. Actually, the only time I play my squire is when I'm farming for better HB gear, which I have been doing this week with the increased loot drops. Don't say it isn't possible, because I do it all the time. Okay Bob. Well done to you. I can't do it solo with my DPS chars in the deck. I need to have all four heroes kitted out for building. Never mentioned squire though so not sre what that has to do with i
  19. I've heard people say, and I heard it confirmed on the stream that pet levels are tied to waves completed. Whether that's the only factor I have no idea and if difficulty makes a difference I do not know.
  20. It is, you're right. But leaky barricades puts me off actually investing time no matter how good the loot is. I'd happily play with the current loot if I could do it with friends. And I'd like more freedom to play. I love playing my DPS chars but you can't do it at the moment because you can only solo. So for me loot comes after all of the above. I take your point and it is something I'd like to see addressed but these issues are far more pressing for me.
  21. The game is getting very stale even with the extra loot drops this week. No-one will want to play it when you turn these extra drops off, this is what it should be like all the time. Going back to the old drops is unthinkable now. I can't find upgrades with loot all over the map. I'm not going to bother when I only get a handful of items per map. Can we get some idea of when the next patch is due to land? Here's some ideas for your next patch to make DD2 fun again: Fix the barricades leaking.Make multiplayer viable again - solo is boring everyone senseless.Remove the hero deckThanks!
  22. This happens to me all the time. It's my single biggest source of frustration with the game and often makes me rage quit the game. Losing a hard map you sunk time into because of this is so infuriating. I had to laugh on the steam this week when iamisom said it hasn't changed but it's more prevalent since the patch because the current mantra is now to build blockades. Hah! We've always built them and before they held agro. Now it's bugged to f*ck dude and need fixing asap! Science fact.
  23. Right now about 25% of the towers in the game are useful. Hoping they fix that before adding in more heroes. I would guess not for a long time. I'm certainly hoping they're not wasting time on new heroes with so much broken in the game.
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