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  1. I just watched the dev stream. Same old stuff, all hot air and no substance. We've been watching the same thing for how long now? You might as well just pre-record it and replace the relevant upcoming teasers. I'm not sure I learnt anything really. Yawn. Can you make the Abyss Lord summon Elliot? He could sit in a lane and waffle platitudes at an incomprehensible rate causing the monsters to turn around and run back into the spawn point. A sort of allegory for why players leave the game. Okay, that was mean. I'm sorry. A bit.
  2. Remove it ASAP. Everyone's happy if it's gone. People who want it removed can play the game and have fun and the rest of them can just limit themselves to four heroes as if the hero deck were still in place. Simples. Everyone's a winner.
  3. Nothing there sounds childish. Unless you're trying to suggest that any kind of complaining is childish.. We've written all out our constructive feedback so many times already that not many of us can face writing it out again. We've been over it, given good solid suggestions to fix things or simply pointed out game breakers in a perfectly reasonable manner. You can't expect people to keep writing the same things over and over again. It feels like banging your head against the wall.
  4. Holy crap loving that you don't have to watch those god-damn cut scenes every time! Thanks!
  5. Can you just remove it? We've talked endlessly about how it hinders gameplay. How it disadvantages solo players who have access to less heroes than groups. How it destroys team play, not encourages it, because you can't guess what you'll need in a game and if no-one has the right heroes players leave and the game fails, this hurts people not playing in organised groups. How it goes against the spirit of DD1, making DD2 feel restrictive and boring. Worst of all how it just feels like it completely kills the fun. Especially in solo. I like group play but I used to play quite a lot of DD1 solo and not being able to bring along all my heroes makes no sense to me. It makes the game super boring. As you release more and more heroes it's only going to feel more restrictive and more of a fun-killer. Best to just accept that it's not the right path to take and remove it at this stage.
  6. People doing the cosmetics can't do the balancing job. There are different teams in a game creation team btw. :P I completely understand that. However, the people who are steering the game's direction seem to be steering it towards their revenue streams. No harm in that, they have to make money. But if it results in a boring game that people don't stick around to play then they won't make money anyway. I would quite happily spend money on this game if it was a fun game but in its current state I would not put any money into it at all. I'm just not confident in it being a game I will really want to play in the long run. That's sad because I remember when I discovered DD1 and it blew me away with just how much fun it was.
  7. You're quite lucky then -.- When I ask "do you have walls", people usually say no or "yes, but only 200k-". "SA then" -> he places a tiny SA that can't even cover one lane on gates. "Frost?" -> 30 FP-, no FF staff. Hard to trust others unfortunately. When I meet someone who has decent stuffs, I am lucky and happy. I second this! If it's not this then it's three DPS huntresses leaving the game. Go team!
  8. Massively sceptical of this ever being a good game the more I see of their plans. You can add all the heroes you want but it's still a boring game, unlike DD1. I have no faith in their ability to balance more heroes given that in the last year they totally failed to do that with the four they have. All I see is "buy more costumes, ***es".
  9. DD2 is definitely allowed and the game files are just dandy. I have already submitted this as a bug through the tavernkeeper. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this as well.
  10. I keep getting this error when looking for a match. I really haven't been spamming matchmaking at all. Today I just joined a random NM4 game, found out that I was the only one in the match and left. Trying to leave gave me this error. I then had to spend 20-30 seconds staring at the spinning spiral. Then on getting back to the tavern I went to try and find another game and got this error again. What the hell? That doesn't seem like spammy behaviour to me! Is it just me or is matchmaking in the worst shape it's been yet?
  11. The monthlies are a super drag. I don't enjoy having to do a lot of one thing over and over. I did the first few but haven't done any since as there's little motivation. This months pet is just their standard blob pet with some horns on it. Not inspired.
  12. The loss in revenue should more than be made up for by the increased incentive to buy multiple costumes and a larger happier player base. That is totally true and here's hoping that's how they're thinking about it!
  13. That removes one of their revenue sources though so I doubt that will be a viable solution for them, as much as I agree with you. So long as the default number of slots allows enough heroes to do the maps (which it currently does) I don't think it's PTW anyway.
  14. Funny how one of these posts pops up routinely. This is a good one though. =) It does assume you can stop people just flat out AFKing... ;-P
  15. That's not what he's complaining about at all. He's arguing for both solo players and players who are playing multiplayer but haven't got an established player base of people to play with - "solo-queuers". You're deliberately trying to sideline his argument with one you just made up. You're not even answering the counter-points he brought up to your arguments. Why not?
  16. You are obviously being dishonest. Having access to every specialized build at once would give a clear advantage. It is self evidently true. ...but this advantage already exists. The better players with organized groups have Frostprentice, Fireprentice, CannonSquire, WallSquire, Traptress, Lightning Monk/Purge Monk, and maybe Boost Monk. And Tank Squire, DPS Apprentice, and DPS Huntress. That's not even including the more niche things like PDTress and Blazetress. The better players I see? All have many or all of these specific builds, not just one of each builder. And they often run with other people who similarly coordinate their hero decks. So who exactly is hurt by this lack of access? Solo players and solo-queuers. Exactly the people we don't need to be keeping down. Joining the queue these days feels like playing the lottery--I need at least one dps and can't possibly cover all the bases by myself, so I have to guess what everyone else will have felt inclined to bring. Is this really the status quo you're so committed to defending, considering the "clear advantage" already exists among the top players who're already profiting massively off it? That's a great point too. You do have to guess what is going to be useful. I hate those games where you turn up and someone asks if anyone has a good waller/trapper/cannoner/frosties/seren monk and you have to say yeah I do but not in my current deck. What a major yawner. I don't see how the hero deck fosters team play at all but it's great at killing the fun.
  17. Exactly! I was doing NM4 content solo with four characters so there's nothing dishonest in what I said. You don't need 21+ heros to win. Fact. It's just boring as hell being limited in what I can play with after I start a game. Having to head back to the tavern and restart so I can switch out heroes is a total buzzkill. And what advantage anyway? Who do you think you're paying to win against? This is a co-op game.
  18. Also, you don't need all those characters to win. You're obviously being obtuse.
  19. People who want to remove the hero deck are the vast majority. However few people who stopped playing the game bother coming here any more so you hear a massively imbalanced representation of the real opinion on the matter. 99% of the people I used to play with hated it with a vengeance and couldn't see why we'd been given this arbitrary limitation. Especially since it wasn't an issue in DD1!
  20. Aye probably true, Chappy. The broken game mechanics are more of a frustration for me as well but I would love to see the end game becoming more varied this year. I know they haven't really fleshed out the end game yet and I'm interested to see what they do with it. I can't say I'd be tempted back before the game has become more stable though.
  21. They really would be glad. No-one would miss it at all. And if they did they could just limit themselves. Everyone's a winner! Kill it with fire!
  22. I really hope they are too. If you're sat in end game then there's a real dead end to the fun factor. I've been at end game for months and stopped playing. So far nothing has tempted me back. Surely Trendy must address content for end game players as that's where people are going to quit their game. Surely not a good idea for a FTP game? I'm bored as hell with traps/frosties too but a change in the meta will only leave you bored again a few weeks down the line...
  23. If they remove it everyone will have more fun and literally no-one will miss it. They didn't listen to us in 2015. Will Trendy listen to us in 2016? We just want to make your game more fun Trendy!
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