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  1. I've seen too many threads lately that're used for product promoting and whatnot, that *** does not belong on a gaming forum. Being able to report threads so they'll eventually get removed would be swell.
  2. I can get behind the 100 DU, since the Nimbus is fairly powerful, but I would like it to be able to stack on enemies like every other tower in the game.
  3. If you're gonna remove the Nimbus' tiny AoE and reduce their range to kingdom come, then at least make it possible for multiple Nimbuses to attack the same enemy and not limit one nimbus to one enemy. A cannonball tower (single target tower) isn't limited to only firing on their own individual enemies, cannonball towers will fire at the same enemy.
  4. This could really help us report issues more detailed when it comes to "invisible dmg" to the Core or secondary objectives. Or even dmg to our heroes so we can see how much dmg enemies exactly dish out. Like press a hotkey.. P for example, and you'll get taken to a screen like the Escape menu, and you'll see the rounds in tabs with all the dmg that was done that round. So from left to right: "Round 1| Round 2 | Round 3| Round 4 | Round 5 |. And under these the will be a dmg feed like under round 1 it'll show. Round 1: Flamethrower: 10k dmg - Goblin Orc: 600 dmg - Arcane barr
  5. Title. Can't find a session, always times out.
  6. I have seen people say you can only get better gear if your current gear is the best you can get when doing trials, and only then when your gear is as good as it can get (on all chars in your deck), then you can get good drops that is better than your current gear.
  7. Title. Why make unit collision a thing? Things just keep getting stuck.
  8. C3, halloween map. Goblin Siege got stuck again, and we did basically no damage to it through the spawn door. We only didn't quit cause we used a Nimbus to fly over the spawn and attack it. It took 15 minutes... Jeebus, this is getting silly. If mobs get stuck in the spawn, if it be a boss or not, they should automatically die after x amount of minutes of not moving...
  9. Frostguard cause it reminds me of my ex's cold dead heart.
  10. Great, it's easy, now how is it easy? I'm using Abyss Lord, I can't do ***. And since I can't do ***, I don't get shards so I can't progress.
  11. I do not believe that people can win. I can't do *** at C3, I barely scrape by in C2. How does people do it?
  12. You mean blockades? Even with Blocades they get stunned sometimes. Do I just place the traps far away then?
  13. Do you spam bees or nimbus? Also why does the Dryad defenses keep getting stars above them, as if stunned? Shouldn't they just decrease in % like a trap?
  14. I was playing my Mystic, chaos 2 trials on the Ramparts(?) map and I switched to my Abyss Lord then back to my Mystic and my Mystic got shrunk and reached up to a normal player model's knee. Then I wanted to try and do it again so I did it again and now I got shrunk to the size of a pinkietoe. I screenshot it but I cannot post pictures on these forums for some reason anymore..
  15. This also works with the main objectives, if objectives takes damage or get destroyed, Does that decrease the shards we get? Cause sometimes I get 3 shards and sometimes only 2. Anyone knows if it's random or something?
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