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  1. I personally think loot drops are perfect right now. I started at C1 and can now do C4 pretty easily. I can probably do C5 and progress but I wanna savor the fun I'm having at lower level before beating the game. I don't know if you do this or not, but the key to my smooth progression was using the next Chaos level blues/greens 60ups that were clearly upgrades from my previous chaos level mythics/legendaries.
  2. Yup that one. Would make for a great C5 shard if it isn't already one. Would they keep that one though with the removal of lane resistances?
  3. Love the post. I started playing Dungeon Defenders when it was still an app on the phones. A lot of the things you said made me feel nostalgic(waiting for those god damn spiders to finish spawning). I believe DD2 can be better. The Chaos Trials are very enjoyable, except for shard rng. I believe it's just a matter of a couple of patches until they get it right. +1 to Your siege roller post, I never realized it until you mentioned it but it is kinda tedious and pointless right now. It would be much more interesting if it had a lower health pool and lower defenses but it would do ALOT of d
  4. The scaling is fine if the rewards were better, but going that way would require people to play MP to get better loot faster. So it would be better if you tune it down.
  5. There was a solution to this mentioned a few days ago and is actually being taken into consideration by the team. It was that selling an upgraded item would give you back 50 - 70% of your gold cost for upgrading that item.
  6. Kind of like the early days of DD1. I remember having discussions like: "Who has good cannons? You can cover that lane! Ill take this lane, since i have good traps." Man, those were the days.
  7. Great idea by the OP and the others here. I completely agree with the fundamental ideas. Especially with themes and not restricting enemies to a specific Chaos level only. Also with the Bonus with the continuation of the maps, which in itself is another way of progression. We wouldn't want it to be too easy or restricting now do we. My only suggestion would be that Trendy should balance towers in such a way that every hero should have a tower or two that could deal with each Themed combination of enemy spawns. This would also make it so that players do not HAVE TO HAVE X hero or Y hero t
  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with the current system. Progression is smooth, and one of the biggest problems that DD has, especially with the removal of the ipower requirement/server browser in Chaos trials, which is finishing content faster than you should by piggybacking or getting carried in higher level maps. I think the frustration comes from the vagueness of the system. If you properly explained the system, and how it affects us, most of, or at least my frustration will be abated. Even the loot drops are good IMO. We shouldn't be able to finish the hardest content in the ga
  9. How about letting us fuse shards so farming multiples of them won't be pointless. Fusing shards will enable us to enhance the effect. Similar to how we upgrade towers, let us upgrade the shards.
  10. You're not fooling anyone. WE KNOW YOU'RE USING TRAPS AND AURAS SOMEHOW!!!
  11. This is most probably the first of many patches. Maybe they just stated with the nerfs to get it over with. I would bet some medallions that the next few patches will be changes to make other towers viable. And if that's the case, I welcome nerfing some towers to make all towers viable.
  12. Dem nerfs........ Que over-reaction. Hoping this is just the first of many updates that will eventually make the game better.
  13. Do ramsters hit Geodes? I haven't tried.
  14. I agree. I feel like the progression is very smooth. I have playing my way from steamrolling C2, to only killing bosses in C3, and now I can do some C4 maps with DPS Hero participation.
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