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  1. Yes i feel your pain, i my self have bought DD2 dlc's and stuff to support them but they keep releasing money grab patches and it seems like this game will have mostly negative reviews on steam because of not being F2P friendly.. but i hope they understand their mistake and be more friendly with their community that supports them lol. right now the patches are somehow good and bad :) in example, ascension reset have no reason to exist in the game and material vault shouldn't cost 15 euros xD... tilted ;o although i really enjoy the game the past month and i will still support it because i hav
  2. DPS Steins;gate or Clannad? EDIT: it seems that we are stucked here let me try again :) . Sword or Katana?
  3. Well, it's good to know that she is op ungeared I guess ^^ ty for informing us :p.
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