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  1. Agree completely. The walking forward and pushing enemies thing is terrible for his attacks.
  2. Its a full gear wipe. It renders all gear useless, its a wipe.
  3. I don't wan't my hero damage scaled down just so some people can have the lazy option of doing whatever they want wherever they want on their dps hero. Next up is complaints of how a fireball tower can't hurt phys resist monsters and it makes your apprentice cry. Tell me how this argument is any different than forcing an apprentice to only build certain lanes? Oh no! Trendy didn't make my fireballs do special bypass damage so now I have to load a tower squire into my hero deck too! Lets rethink a bit about whats been said here. Yes, the apprentice has some issues but those issues are with his
  4. Yep without resistances certain dps would just stomp all over the hardest maps. Dps heroes would become a requirement since they would do so much better than towers. I'd support certain characters like apprentice getting more variation (not huntress as argued previously). Sadly that's not what this whole thread is about. Its about bad solution to something that is hardly a problem.
  5. To dps enemies. Just need to stop being a moron and targeting the wrong ones with the wrong attacks. Its called playing the game. Quit being dense. You want easy mode dps for NM mode. That's all this is about.
  6. Nobody is forcing you to read what they post. Get over it.
  7. Supposedly none since pet rarity can be purchased. They will not be making anything pay to win including pets. Rarity only refers to its look in game.
  8. So this is what it really comes down to. You don't enjoy having to think about things. You want dps heroes to be easy mode. You want to run around one shotting everything because it feels good. Of course if we get the game re-balanced this way then dps heroes will be massively abused. NM modes are supposed to be about challenging players to play better. Part of playing better is using your attacks and abilities smarter. Redline said it right, every dps hero has a huge advantage in any lane even if its the wrong type for their abilities. I would even add that apprentice may be magic damage on
  9. My huntress can mow down an entire lane of NM4 enemies with 120k damage phoenix. Everyone would just be slaughtering entire maps with AP heroes if magic damage worked on everything. If a lane is resistant to something then you either use a different attack type or move to another lane. Most people would call that sorta thing, "skill." If this is true then why complain about needing more hero damage? Go back to your solo play. You clearly know nothing about how good AP damage can be. If you do poor damage while on a builder its because that character is a builder.
  10. Yes I've reported this on Wyvern's Den as well and its for sure when they are walking down a slope. The walls are not tall enough for such a large enemy. There are also bugs with enemies not keeping agro on walls to compound the issues. Trendy isn't very interested in fixing bugs atm.
  11. They cause enemies killed by the trap to not drop loot so who cares.
  12. I used to log on for the dailys before the wipe. Now that dailys aren't worth jack it seems that logging on once a month will be the new thing. I feel little to no motivation to farm any gear with the game in such a broken state.
  13. Its going to be nearly impossible to get the right class passives once they are all added in. Also, with the already existing range passives which for some unknown reason are different for every class in the game... its going to be improbable to ever find anything with the right stuff on it. The way things are headed now its going to take a good month to find the right item for any one slot and another month to actually farm enough gold and items to feed into it to max it out. Go ahead and multiply that by how many characters you want to have x6 (or 7 for squire) slots of equipment. Once you d
  14. With most lanes having 75% resistance a big problem with huntress charged shot is apparent. When attacking a physical resist lane the huntress has -75% on all attacks until she gets 15% lucky and makes a double damage charged shot. Example damage: Assuming base damage of 100 per shot, over 10 shots... charged shots damage in bold 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 200 = 425 damage, 42.5 dps, more than half of base dps lost When attacking a magical resist lane the huntress might hit for 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 50 = 95 dps, with -5dps coming from the charged shot So
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