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  1. I don't think you should even be able to buy armor/weapons in the tavern. If balanced properly, I dont see why not. I dislike buying from tavern having useful items when they randomly change every so often. I hate the idea of having to check every time I log in and just find crap 95% of the time and yet if I don't check I run the risk of missing an awesome item. It should be balanced well to help players with progression a little, but it should not have items that will be quite powerful some random small % of the time. That though, is for a new suggestion thread. I agree, I think there should be items that could help players to get to a certain difficulty level, but there should be no chance for a high end items. Like maybe no legendary items ever would be reasonable enough id say.
  2. I do like the general idea of this. The title for the player is nice, something like that would be kinda cool.
  3. I don't think you should even be able to buy armor/weapons in the tavern. If balanced properly, I dont see why not.
  4. I feel like the majority of cut scenes should be disablable via options and this should be one of them. Also, the item drops should be from a certain item power level range for respective difficulty, If a powerful (green) item cant have the power level that corresponds the difficulty then it should never be generated. For example: If you play Wyvern Den on Incursion Hard, you should not be getting a chest lower than Myth as the power level should be 130 + for that difficulty. ( I dont know if Epic (Blue) items are at such Power Level (or will be) )
  5. It levels the pet. If you go to the stable for the pets you can feed your pet.
  6. Its gear that does not drop anymore. Or I should say, passive combinations for items that dont generate anymore.
  7. I feel like this is a good idea, but dont think that this should be in the actual game. I would prefer this as a plugin/mod for the game for those who want it. If its in the game then it should be something that is more like a tool people can enable/disable via options rather than having it as something to trade or even earn slots for. You either have it as it is or you dont have it at all. The way Trendy is going about purchasing the extra storage space and cosmetics is a brilliant system and it works really well as it doesnt influence the game mechanics. I feel that if this type of feature would start influencing the games economy, the game would become closer to pay to win rather than pay to look cool. That something to be careful of. None the less, the Idea is brilliant and I would love to see this available in some form that does not require for you to spend money on it.
  8. I also agree with this, Just as there is a Pet bag, there should be one for eggs and pet food. Stacking pet food is almost a must, I feel. Specially due to the quantity you need.
  9. This is definitely a bug, after reading this I started to pay attention to this and did try to put one up. I was successful. I was not able to sell it afterwards though, it was too far for me to interact :D I also see more and more people doing this.
  10. Yeah they do drop. but kinda rare. Ive only gotten the Bow so far. However I have not played nearly enough to say that I have been unlucky or anything. Maybe 1 - 4 runs of the map per day for the last week or so. I would say, if you play regularly enough, you will get the drops eventually. Just keep on farming ;)
  11. Ah, ok. Wasnt sure myself. Thanks for the help :)
  12. 4 hats? Actually dunno about the hats, but I mean the little back piece for apprentice and the pants for monk and so on. Am I confusing it with something else?
  13. I think I have the cosmetics and I did not get any codes for them. I did buy the game when it just became available for purchase, but I did not use the forums much then so the account I had created did not exist anymore and I had to make a new one which was made from my steam account. Its been a while since I purchased the game, so I cannot recall how I even got it on steam cause I dont think it was on steam back then. I am just a little confused now thats all and wondering if I should inform trendy about this.
  14. Ar the in game defense council cosmetics related to the forum badge or can you get the cosmetics even if you are not in defense council?
  15. Now we have spheres that modify stats for the hero or an uber sphere that modifies a tower. Why stop there? Perhaps Items could have sockets which you can fill with item spheres that could be drops. Equipping this sphere would add something to the item allowing players to almost shape the item to their liking. You would have to grind for both the item you want and a sphere that you want for that item. Then perhaps youd have to use a goblin forge or something to socket the item. To make this experience more challenging and still exciting could boil down to the fact that you may have to craft the item with some materials that would create the socket in the item. Perhaps something rare would be required (maybe purchasable for wyvern tokens) to create the socket in the item. The spheres could also have multiple tiers similarly to gear, depending on the quality (such as mythical) and item power you would get the stat roll appropriate for the level. The sphere could also be enhanceable like the items are now. I think 3 sphere tiers would be good enough: Tier 1: adds single stat to the item Tier 2: adds 2 stats to the item Tier 3: adds 2 stats but at much higher roll (3 extra stats to a legendary would be a little much i feel) Spheres could also be enhancable. For example, you might have a legendary drop and it is a speed sphere. The speed sphere could have 2 stats, 1 to increase your tower defense speed by 10% and a random second stat, lets say defense crit dmg by 8%. (dunno what numbers should go there but its just a rough example) Base speed + equipment inc speed = new speed. 500 + (10 + 8 +16)% = 500 + 34% = 670 Now, lets say that was the base for the item and you can enhance the sphere to be at level 16. Each level point would increase the % value by 0.5 allowing you to get your new speed value to 18% increasing your overall speed to 710 (by 40). A cool limitation would be that the Spheres and items have to mach in some way, like: - Tier 3 spheres could only be socketed into a legendary quality Item. Tier 2 could be socketed into legendary and mythical item only. etc.. - Items can only have sockets created once they have been fully enhanced and the item is of quality Epic or higher. - Creating socketed items would be another gold sink. I think something like this could add certain complexity to the game and some control as well. This would allow players to keep improving their gear beyond just grinding maps for a lucky drop on the legendary youre waiting for. Although I do not hate this way of grinding, it can get a little boring. At least with crafting you can inch forward. Now that we are expecting critical damage on towers and possibly more variety in the secondary stats, i feel like this could give the players a way to combine them easier into something meaningful. This can also allow for some cool stuff like applying elemental damage to your weapon, dmg return to a shield, dmg block(flat dmg block, like 300 incoming dmg is not even considered for physical or magical reduction before dmg is dealt to the hero) on armor.... so on and on. What do you guys think of this?
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