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  1. Out of curiosity, is it similar to this? Maybe I was overthinking it regarding the sirens causing it... maybe some mobs simply get invulnerable randomly? My aura stacks in that example were Ensnare, Electric and Strength Drain. I also had DSTs in the back and those didn't target them either. Though I could kill them manually ....
  2. Yeah, but no other defense is this under powered... you can see the lighting spike trap doing significantly more damage. Granted its single target with triple the refresh rate but the dmg is also like 30 times more per second. Instead of using fire traps, just use fire towers and you get way more dmg out of them. Its like night and day. I honestly don't see where you would ever use it O.O Or am i really missing something here?
  3. Hello, I am not sure when this happened, but right now, Huntresses Inferno trap is so weak I don't see anyone ever using it. Or am I missing something here? Here's what I mean: Huntresses stats: Inferno Trap this huntress produces: Err... 7.6k dps? Thats it? I recall, and I even posted a screenshot of this back in 2020, this trap was one of the better ones and had 0.18s attack rate. (in my screenshot) It could actually do some damage... My huntress had very low stats back then as I wasn't even in massacre yet. (I cant recall what the stats were exactly but i w
  4. Hello, Today, after updating the game to the latest patch and after making a bit of an error in my overall strategy by including only a single elemental tower type besides the typeless, I noticed that sirens seemed to make some enemies either immune to that element or un-targetable. I can't tell which. I'm not even 100% sure its sirens but they seem to be the most common factor I've noticed. This also didn't seem to happen for all of them or in all situations. Here's what I figure happens: The sirens elemental resistance stacks with the original affinity resistance/ immunity of the m
  5. 1. Some missing words in sentences. Here's the pictures for it. I believe you meant to say, "As you battle stronger enemies..." or " As you face against stronger enemies...". This ones not that big of a deal and not that noticeable. 2. One of the tutorial windows seems to have shown itself at the wrong trigger point perhaps? It popped in as I deterred the inventory here. 3. New Health bars for the defenses float on top of other tooltips. This may have been an intentional decision, but I feel like they should be underneath the main huds. (I do actually l
  6. For some reason the video embed did that to the post. I am unable to edit it out.
  7. Hello, Just bringing this to attention. I had lost a game and the crystal shards that went all over the place started doing this. DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-09-45 AM.mp4 DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-02-10 AM.mp4
  8. Your explanations are actually helpful. I was not aware of Sirenes ability to make physical attacks ineffective. That definitely makes the elemental traps more useful. I also agree that the inferno trap is very good, but i personally find the electric aura indeed slightly better. The Poison trap also doesn't affect spiders.... so would Darkness trap even affect them? They both use this tag "weaker monsters" int heir description.
  9. I am also wondering if there is a point on having only 4 heroes in the quick select if you can switch them out anyways? Why not have a full least at all times to select your hero?
  10. DD1 was great and I still played it recently. I may not have thousands of hours but I played it a good bit. DD2 was good at 1 point in time, but since its changed so much and the mechanics and balance for the game has been changing frequently. Its hard to enjoy it for me. Doesnt feel right. On top of tall that, doesn't work well on UltraWide screens while DD1 and DDA run just fine. DDA so far encompasses everything DD1 was and hopefully will do more than DD1 eventually.
  11. @ DDA Dev Team Oh and please work on a different way to show defense levels. Was working on a Huntress build and I realized that its kinda hard to see what level your traps are at when this many are overlapping. Just a suggestion.... Something already may be in the works so I am not too worried about it, but if not please think about it. My eyessssss...
  12. Hello, Since I didn't really play much with Huntress even in DD 1 era, I am not completely sure how her defenses work. Some of them... seem utterly pointless and unusable to me, but I may be wrong. So i am hoping people can help me with my questions and doubts. Explosive Trap I personally think this is her best trap available. It does good damage, is element neutral and trigger area against effective area make sense. Its feature to trigger the same type traps is a cool feature that when used right can help you do a lot of damage in one go. I am mostly OK with how this tra
  13. Thats a very nice explanation. Thank You! Youre doing great team.
  14. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed it ( I assume they have), but I think the math here is a bit wrong. It shows 206.7k DPS (in this instance) but if you do the math... 401.6k / 1.29s you should get 311.3k DPS To have half the dps then you should eb doing a shot every 2 seconds.... I believe this is just a visual bug? It feels like 1.29 speed is about right in the actual game and the damage per shot is correct... I also did some math on other towers and they seem correct.... seems a bit odd to me that this one tower would show the wrong number??? This may be alrea
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