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  1. For some reason the video embed did that to the post. I am unable to edit it out.
  2. Hello, Just bringing this to attention. I had lost a game and the crystal shards that went all over the place started doing this. DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-09-45 AM.mp4 DDS-Win64-Shipping 9-13-2020 4-02-10 AM.mp4
  3. Your explanations are actually helpful. I was not aware of Sirenes ability to make physical attacks ineffective. That definitely makes the elemental traps more useful. I also agree that the inferno trap is very good, but i personally find the electric aura indeed slightly better. The Poison trap also doesn't affect spiders.... so would Darkness trap even affect them? They both use this tag "weaker monsters" int heir description.
  4. I am also wondering if there is a point on having only 4 heroes in the quick select if you can switch them out anyways? Why not have a full least at all times to select your hero?
  5. DD1 was great and I still played it recently. I may not have thousands of hours but I played it a good bit. DD2 was good at 1 point in time, but since its changed so much and the mechanics and balance for the game has been changing frequently. Its hard to enjoy it for me. Doesnt feel right. On top of tall that, doesn't work well on UltraWide screens while DD1 and DDA run just fine. DDA so far encompasses everything DD1 was and hopefully will do more than DD1 eventually.
  6. @ DDA Dev Team Oh and please work on a different way to show defense levels. Was working on a Huntress build and I realized that its kinda hard to see what level your traps are at when this many are overlapping. Just a suggestion.... Something already may be in the works so I am not too worried about it, but if not please think about it. My eyessssss...
  7. Hello, Since I didn't really play much with Huntress even in DD 1 era, I am not completely sure how her defenses work. Some of them... seem utterly pointless and unusable to me, but I may be wrong. So i am hoping people can help me with my questions and doubts. Explosive Trap I personally think this is her best trap available. It does good damage, is element neutral and trigger area against effective area make sense. Its feature to trigger the same type traps is a cool feature that when used right can help you do a lot of damage in one go. I am mostly OK with how this trap functions and to me, it makes sense. That said, I do have a question about the way its damage is reduced. Does anyone know the mathematical formula used to determine how much the damage is reduced by the distance from the center? Poison Trap This in my opinion is the second trap from huntress that's very good. I find it to be more situational and wont fit in as seamlessly as Explosive Traps would but its still a very useful and powerful trap. The specs on it makes sense just as they do for the Explosive Trap. My only beef with this trap or rather its description is the denotation of "weaker" monsters. I found a list of them in the DDA wiki and that's all well and good... but is that like a denotation monsters have? Are there types of them such as: weaker, stronger, boss ? Is huntress the only one that has limitations like that on her defenses? (Mind you that I am not saying her poison trap should affect all monsters, cause that would be way overpowered. I am only confused with the denotation of "weaker" monster as its not super clear to me what that means.) Inferno Trap This trap reminds me of Monks Electric Aura but in Fire element. Overall I am OK with how it functions. I think it has plenty potential and usability. I just haven't used it as much. I am having hard time to pick it over Monks Electric Aura though its lower DU cost compared to Monks Electric Aura could make it more appealing since they both suffer from the fact that enemies with their respective elements will ignore them outright. So you would still need to combine them with Monks Strength Drain Aura, Apprentices Elemental Blockade or Huntresses own Darkness Trap. I suppose it would depend on which fits for your build better. But I digress. My first question is: Is this traps Trigger area the same as its Effective area? Although it appears to be the same as all the other traps with both Effective Area and Trigger Area (Activation Range), it just seems to activate when a monster walks into its Effective Area. Even the Tool-tip Card is not mentioning the Activation Range there. Second question: Does this trap do a mini-stun effect? I think it only happened with goblins as far as i could see, but they outright stopped moving during the time they took damage. I am not sure that the Monks Electric Aura does the same thing. To be fair, I didn't investigate this particular bit in much detail, its just something I noticed and am now wondering about. (I might test it at some point.) Darkness Trap Again, similarly to Inferno Trap, I am comparing this one to one of Monks Defenses, the Strength Drain Aura. Seems like a good alternative overall to me. Its even cheaper in terms of DU than the Monks counterpart. What confuses me though is this "weaker" monster tag. Does it mean that it only affects these "weaker" monsters? Does it mean that only "weaker" monsters can have elements? (This is something I can test, but I only thought of it now that I'm writing this, so I will pose the question here too - is elemental attunement stripped permanently by this trap or only during the time the enemy is within it?) What does "blind" mean in this context? Thunder Spike Trap This is the one trap I don't understand the purpose for. Yes, it does a lot of damage, but its single target with a very long reset time. Almost feels like the separation between Trigger Area and Effective Area is a further weakness of this trap. It doesn't even compare to the Explosive trap damage wise when it comes to how much DPS it does and how many enemies it affects at each trigger. Maybe someone here can elaborate to me what this trap is good for. What does "Skewers a single enemy" mean here? Is it like a root or is the wording just there to sound nice? I cant gauge in my testing as it just one shots the monsters that get hit by it. Note: I am attaching screenshots of the Tool-tips for each trap here for reference.
  8. Thats a very nice explanation. Thank You! Youre doing great team.
  9. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed it ( I assume they have), but I think the math here is a bit wrong. It shows 206.7k DPS (in this instance) but if you do the math... 401.6k / 1.29s you should get 311.3k DPS To have half the dps then you should eb doing a shot every 2 seconds.... I believe this is just a visual bug? It feels like 1.29 speed is about right in the actual game and the damage per shot is correct... I also did some math on other towers and they seem correct.... seems a bit odd to me that this one tower would show the wrong number??? This may be already a known issue and may have already been reported, and if thats the case, I apologize for duplication. I also understand that this isnt a very important thing :D But if someone has some time on a Friday maybe they can do something lite and look into it ;)
  10. I don't think you should even be able to buy armor/weapons in the tavern. If balanced properly, I dont see why not. I dislike buying from tavern having useful items when they randomly change every so often. I hate the idea of having to check every time I log in and just find crap 95% of the time and yet if I don't check I run the risk of missing an awesome item. It should be balanced well to help players with progression a little, but it should not have items that will be quite powerful some random small % of the time. That though, is for a new suggestion thread. I agree, I think there should be items that could help players to get to a certain difficulty level, but there should be no chance for a high end items. Like maybe no legendary items ever would be reasonable enough id say.
  11. I do like the general idea of this. The title for the player is nice, something like that would be kinda cool.
  12. I don't think you should even be able to buy armor/weapons in the tavern. If balanced properly, I dont see why not.
  13. I feel like the majority of cut scenes should be disablable via options and this should be one of them. Also, the item drops should be from a certain item power level range for respective difficulty, If a powerful (green) item cant have the power level that corresponds the difficulty then it should never be generated. For example: If you play Wyvern Den on Incursion Hard, you should not be getting a chest lower than Myth as the power level should be 130 + for that difficulty. ( I dont know if Epic (Blue) items are at such Power Level (or will be) )
  14. It levels the pet. If you go to the stable for the pets you can feed your pet.
  15. Its gear that does not drop anymore. Or I should say, passive combinations for items that dont generate anymore.
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