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  1. ^^ Yes. Especially with their weak spots still so tiny.
  2. I was wondering about those. They may have rejected it because they already have an open bug (although usually something like that would be marked as a duplicate - I am not sure how Trendy does their bugs, though). Or they know about it internally in another fashion. If they seem unbalanced, they may explain why later after they put out all the fires. I'll check mine when I'm able to get on and add to your list. I think I have a couple not in there.
  3. Ok, I checked with the Offspring Unit. What @Valthejean and @ROK103 said was what he was doing (it was the only mention of Trials that he could find, so he went with it).. which is when he was getting the double rollers and being unable to clear the map because of them, so no new shards for him yet. His Abyss Lord and Dryad did hardly any damage to them, and he said he tried his Monk and he didn't have much of an effect, either. Neither of us have a Mystic. While I'm tempted to get one to help us through this, I feel like doing so should not be necessary to beat maps. And I had thought the hit boxes and spawn rate were supposed to be fixed - perhaps that is something they are working to fix on top of the other issues that showed up after the patch went live. We'll wait and see after the next patch and see if the rollers have been adjusted. I don't know what shards I have yet, but his were crap so we definitely need some drops like everyone else seemingly. Upgrading them as much as he could didn't help. I'm not ready to hang Trendy out to dry, yet. Their hearts are in the right place, I think, and they are most likely well aware of all the grumping here (and on Steam? anyone seen reaction there?), so they have a good idea what's really broken and what isn't and what needs to be patched (ROLLERS *cough*) and what is working as designed. I'm PRAYING that solo artists will not need to handle more than one of those #&%!ing things per map and that their weak pixel is enlarged slightly so that more characters can hit it. I'm also pretty sure there are bigger problems that are affecting more people so it may have to wait a patch or two. In the meantime, good luck to everyone! And thanks for the help. Maybe we could start posting what IS working and we can compile a master list of things that work to get us to the Victory chests, rather than things that don't? It may help some people.. just an idea
  4. Indeed! I guess we don't have to be quite so literal.. lol.. thank you both :)
  5. That's.. odd. This is what the notes said: In the Trials, the Knight Commander assigns you to a defense commensurate with your power. Survive enough Trials at a specific difficulty, and you will earn the experience, gear, and resources needed to survive more dangerous fronts. So we DON'T talk to him? We just pick a map, 1 out of the 5?
  6. We are having a bit of confusion over here about Chaos and Trials. The update notes said that the Knight Commander will say which Trial we need to go to, yes? That's where we will find the best loot, etc. Problem is, Sir Knight Commander only wants to chat and doesn't say squat about any Trials. Nobody does. My son has talked to every NPC in the private tavern and the majority in the public one, and nobody says anything about it. On top of the 2 absolutely huggable steam rollers he gets soloing in Chaos maps, and no reward for playing since none of them are actually Trial ones.. well. If anyone knows where this elusive maestro of the Trials Orchestra is, I'll be grateful and we'll have somewhere to start besides Frustration Alley. Perhaps this is also others' trouble.
  7. Flamethrower.. (the old one, even with its tiny range - haven't played the new patch yet so I don't know how they fared)
  8. A note about trading: Too many times to count, my kids or I have gotten a piece of armor or a weapon that the other character could use. Like.. I prefer playing my DPS Apprentice and my son always gets the good staffs - with excellent stats and desired effects. I get the gear he's looking for. Funny part is he doesn't even have an apprentice in his stack of characters. So we keep things for later, just in case trading gets implemented (they've said it's coming, but that was a while ago so they might have changed their minds). But it would be soooo nice to drop that item so that someone else could pick it up as in DD1, or direct trading to give your mate the item they can use and you cannot. It's a team effort so you should be able to trade amongst the team, at the very least. Most games have a way to trade. Sure, you'll hear/see people "begging" - this has been blissfully absent in this game, and I will not lie: it's NICE - but the good would outweigh the bad, I think. As for the host being able to boot anyone, I think there was a problem with trolling hosts before. Being unable to boot the host, though, should definitely be put in - most of them build and there have been issues with 2 or more others coming in, letting the host finish building, then booting him out. If the game ever gets to the point where players can host their own server then they should definitely be able to boot anyone they please. Anyone trolling by that point would make a name for themselves and be avoided. If you go into a map and there is a level 1 doing that, just leave. Obviously that map and team are going to be a train wreck so go find another. I'm not sure what the problem is with people idling in town. Sometimes people like to go through their inventory or whatever - they shouldn't be booted just because they're not joining right up again after each map. Many also play solo so they wouldn't be helping you anyway. You can talk in town - try asking around for anyone to join up with you if that's what you're wanting to do.
  9. I find it strange that you are able to justify that post, considering that you haven't played it in so long and have not kept up with the changes along the way. It would be like walking into a restaurant and complaining to the manager about how bad everything on the menu is, when you only know the menu from 2 years ago and haven't looked at the changes made in all that time. So your complaints about no steak and too many salads were addressed nearly a year ago - but that's cool, hopefully you were just having a bad day and all those grudges held about the terrible menu just finally had to come out because you couldn't hold them in anymore. The manager, whose time you just completely wasted, will understand. DD2 is the perfect example of an Early Access game. The devs have been changing and adding things the entire time. Were some of those additions new characters to purchase? Yes. (The characters can also be had for free with a bit of medal farming.) Were many of the changes new features or bug fixes (or additions..:))? Yes. There were hero-specific weapons/armor added, new incursions, the ability to add stats, and a Terraria crossover, just to name a very few. The game is not finished. Therefore it is perfectly able to stay in Early Access, no matter how much attention they have given to changing some random text in the game's definition on Steam. The only answer is for you to play the current game, rather than harp on things you may or may not even remember correctly from years ago. Better yet, wait until the 28th when one of the biggest updates in the game's history hits. If you wish to bash the game after playing how it is currently, at least that post would have a bit of credibility.
  10. Thanks for the explanation, and I agree. The reason I had asked was because your answer seemed so specific, so I was wondering if you had insider information
  11. Those were some pretty funny questions and answers ;) I have only one question for you.. mostly regarding this: quote:Do you think there are aliens? They exist but just not what we expect like in films. My question: How do you know?
  12. Sen


    I might have to get one just to watch her do that :)
  13. Sen


    Thanks for the pointers. I'll see if I can give them a go. I'm kind of surprised the glitches with the monk and gunwitch have survived this long. Those may have a fix in the upcoming superpatch.
  14. I did think it was strange that they said they're going to give gold to replace the medals spent - but it says to me that they think gold will have more value in the context where the medals were initially spent. Let me explain: You bought spheres with your medals. They are replacing spheres with another item. This new item takes gold to upgrade, and might be able to be upgraded with an unknown number of medals each time. (They may not have been showing the final code in their dev stream - medal upgrading could cost a lot more, or be completely gone by the time they are finished with their changes. They did recently put the change in to be able to upgrade with them but they could just as easily be taking it out.) So in order to keep you able to make those upgrades to the item that is similar to what you originally purchased, they are giving you what you need to be able to do that. And they think gold will be the better option. They are in a much better position to be able to know this, right now at least. I do understand those who would rather have their medals back - that's a lot of farming. Maybe they will tweak their original plan now that they know the desire is out there.
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