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  1. I wouldn't say laggy, since I have a good pc. 60 FPS in High settings.
  2. So, while I was playing with my friend he changed class from Huntress to Apprentice and this happend...
  3. This is worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZXPP7qMSz4
  4. I don't specifically know, but I guess its a matter of profession, since not every one likes or is able to play good with one class.
  5. Well I'm impressed by the graphics and the actual game. however in the beta I spent so much time getting legendary stuff, and now it reset. Overall the game is great.
  6. The costumes are really good looking and well designed but they can't really be much extended like the original ones, But mainly they are suitable for use. The only thing I would add is an opportunity to dye the clothes because it would be much colourful around. Overall what you should add is more costumes. :)
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